WWE Wrestlers Refusing to Return Revealed! WWE’s Major Saudi Cover Up Exposed! Wrestling News!

WWE Wrestlers Refusing to Return Revealed! WWE’s Major Saudi Cover Up Exposed! Wrestling News!

. Here is your news for
November 4, 2019 We’re kicking off with some big
news from WWE’s recent
Crown Jewel event, as though the men and women
involved are finally back in the
United States after some travel issues, this
story is far from over According to the company them
selves, a mechanical problem
with the plane that was meant to take the
Superstars and crew home
was behind the delay but according to Hugo
Savinovich, this is just a cover. The former Spanish
commentator who still has
links in WWE, is now claiming that Vince McMahon hasn’t
been paid by the Saudis for
the past two shows that have taken place in the
country, and was so irate at
this, that he reportedly cut off the live feed for Crown
Jewel for Saudi Arabian fans
watching at home. According to Savinovich, the
Saudi Crown Prince
Mohammad Bin Salman who has been a key figure in
the WWE’s deal with the
nation, responded by by ordering the entire crew off
of the Atlas Air flight moments
before departure with the mechanical issues
being a cover story for what
really happened. Though we can’t say for certain
what happened in Riyadh, the
legendary commentator did bring up the fact that with
his wealth and resources,
Vince could have charted another flight
immediately if the delay was
due to mechanical issues, which Savinovich is claiming as proof
that there are issues between the Chairman of the board
and the Saudi Royal Family. More news from Crown Jewel
now, as given the delay that
caused many Superstars to miss the SmackDown taping
the next day, as well as the
reported issues with McMahon, the Wrestling
Observer is reporting that
many Superstars are extremely unhappy with
the company. This unhappiness seems to
have stemmed from a statement
WWE made about the delay where they claimed that some
Superstars were so worried
about missing SmackDown that they chartered
their own flights back to the U.S.,
and whilst this does make some un-named
Superstars look good, it
seems to have made the rest of the roster who were
left stuck seem unmotivated
and lazy. On his Instagram page, Luke
Harper sarcastically claimed he he quote “didn’t want it enough
to pay for my own charter”,
and included the hashtag #NotTop20, referring
to those who were left behind. In the comments, other WWE
employees shared their frustration,
with Tyson Kidd suggesting they pool their money together,instead
of being lazy, whilst Scot Dawson
merely commented “#poor” In the latest episode of Wrestling
Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer
noted that several stars told McMahon that they were
never going back to Saudi
Arabia, and that there are others that can’t wait to
leave the company when
they have the chance. Since the decade long deal with
the country launched last year,
only a select handful of top talent has been able to veto
going, including John Cena,
Daniel Bryan, and Kevin Owens. In that same report, Meltzer
said that the Superstars in
Riyadh were made to feel like quote “hostages and
pawns”, thanks to the presence
of military police that escorted them off the plane,
and that nobody bought the
mechanical fault story. Regarding McMahon’s missing
money, the Observer said that
it’s true that WWE hadn’t received any payments
for the shows as of September
30th, but during Crown Jewel, the company
received an unspecified 60
million dollar payment. Meltzer’s co-host Bryan Alverez
also brought up the fact that
though the Superstars were delayed, McMahon had
already left Saudi Arabia
before all the problems occurred, speculating that the
Chairman of the Board knew
what was going to happen, though other sources have said
Vince wouldn’t have left if he
knew the gravity of the situation. The pair also mentioned that in
order to provide star power to
SmackDown, WWE Champion Brock Lesnar
was called upon to appear and
that his quitting of the blue brand in favor of
RAW was supposed to
happen the week after. The WWE’s deal with Saudi
Arabia is no stranger to controversy, with the company
receiving backlash after going
ahead with last year’s Crown Jewel after the murder
of journalist Jamal Khashoggi,
but with every Pay Per View hosted there involving a scandal,
we can’t help but wonder just
how much longer the Sports Entertainment
Juggernaut will continue to
work alongside the nation. Whilst the Superstars of WWE
definitely had a pretty bad
week, the same can’t be said for All Elite
Wrestling World Champion
Chris Jericho, who recently made his return
to New Japan Pro Wrestling. In a video appearance at New
Japan Power Struggle, Jericho
issued a challenge to Hiroshi Tanahashi for a
match at Wrestle Kindom 14
on January 5th next year. The first Wrestle Kindom event
to take place over two days,
Tanahashi promptly accepted the challenge,
though it doesn’t seem like
Jericho will be putting his AEW
Championship on the line In fact, the title doesn’t appear
at all in Jericho’s video, as it
seems New Japan doesn’t want to be seen
promoting another company,
or it’s top championship title. For those wondering, Jericho’s
deal with AEW still allows him
several New Japan Japan dates a year, as the 48
year old legend continues to
prove why he’s considered one of the busiest stars in all
of professional wrestling. More news from All Elite Wrestling
now, as despite Jericho’s deal to
work some dates for New Japan, AEW Executive
Vice President Nick Jackson
has once again shot down speculation of a
partnership between the two
companies. In case you missed this week’s
AEW Dynamite, Kenny Omega
teased Kota Ibushi coming to the company, but when asked on
Twitter, Jackson simply said a
crossover was not happening. Of course, some fans saw
Jackson’s comment as proof it was
happening, and that the Buck was trying to swerve fans, but Nick
followed up by saying he was
being honest, and after after being asked thousands
of times about a partnership,
there was a zero chance of AEW and
New Japan coming together. It seems like the speculated
partnership really isn’t happening,
despite what some fans believe, as AEW is still trying to build its
own brand, less than a year after
its big debut in January this year. Speaking of AEW, this coming
Wednesday’s edition of
Dynamite will be the sixth episode of the show on TNT, and there
has been plenty announced to
get fans tuning in. The go-home show for their
Full Gear Pay Per View,
Dynamite will feature the Inner Circle’s Chris Jericho and
Sammy Guevara battle Hang
man Page and Kenny Omega. In addition to that, Cody Rhodes,
who Jericho will face at Full Gear
on November 9th, is set to make some sort of career
announcement, but we don’t
know exactly what it will be. Since launching in early October,
Dynamite has continuously beat
WWE’s NXT in the Wednesday Night Wars,
but given the recent Invasion
storyline and the threat of retaliation by RAW and
SmackDown, it’ll be interesting
to see whether AEW can keep their
streak alive. Back to WWE now, and as
we’ve already mentioned,
WWE Champion Brock Lesnar shockingly quit SmackDown
last week, alongside his
advocate Paul Heyman. The advocate for the Beast
revealed that Lesnar’s
decision stems from wanting revenge on RAW’s Rey
Mysterio, who leveled Brock
with a Steel Chair at Crown Jewel after the
Beast’s decisive victory
over Cain Velasquez. With Lesnar and the WWE
Championship back on RAW,
many have wondered what is the fate of the Universal
Championship, and Dave
Meltzer has confirmed that the title will be exclusive to Smack
Down following the Fiend’s victory
over Seth Rollins in Riyadh. It’s still not clear if the red title will
receive a new look as part of the
Blue brand, but Wyatt did tease a custom belt
when he won the WWE Champion
ship in 2017. When the Universal title was
revealed at Summerslam 2016,
fans were quick to blast the look and red leather
on social media, and though fans
have seemingly cooled off in the three years
since, WWE should be careful
with their design process if they do change the title to
reflect its new home on Friday
Night SmackDown. Speaking of SmackDown, this
week’s show saw an invasion
of NXT Superstars lay waste to the remaining
roster of team blue, but it
wasn’t just the wrestlers who took
a beating during the show. With Michael Cole and Corey
Graves stranded in Saudi
Arabia, WWE Backstage host Renee Young was part of
the commentary team this
week but received a boot to the face courtesy of
NXT’s Tegan Knox and Smack
Down’s Sonya Deville. The accidental strike took place
during a tag match between
Nox and Rhea Ripley and Fire and Desire, when
Nox threw Deville into the
commentary table, with the Canadian
Commentator being
kicked in the face. On Twitter, Young joked that
she was never going to do
commentary again and to be fair, this isn’t the first
time Young’s been attacked
since joining WWE, as she was slapped by
Maryse in January 2017, as
part of The Miz’s feud with then-WWE Superstar
Dean Ambrose. In a response to Young’s tweet,
Nox said that she will apologize
for the rest of her life as it seems the Welsh Warrior
will think twice before she
throws an opponent into the innocent
commentators next time. More news from Friday Night
SmackDown now, as this
week’s show garnered an average 2.54
million viewers, according to
Showbuzz Daily. Despite not having the majority
of its top stars, this week’s show
fared much better than last week’s abysmal 888,000, when
the blue brand had to move to
FS1 due to the World Series. Even looking at the last Smack
Down on FOX from two weeks
ago, this week’s show was a triumph, seeing a 14.3%
increase in viewers from the
October 18th show. In the crucial 18-49 demographic,
this past SmackDown gained a
0.8 rating making it the #1 program for
the night for this group. It’ll be interesting to see whether
WWE and SmackDown can continue this success in the
coming weeks, as with this
month’s Survivor Series seeing RAW, SmackDown and
NXT battle each other for the
first time ever, there may be plenty more invasions from
both the Gold and Red brands. We’ve got some action figure
news for you next, as Mattel
and WWE have given collectors their first look at the latest wave
of the toys, including the very
first figure of The Fiend. Though Bray Wyatt is no
stranger to being immortalized
in plastic, this new prototype shows off the new demonic
character, complete with
mask and sinister grin. The Fiend figure was just one of
many new figures previewed at the recent Ringside Fest
Convention, which also saw
figures for NXT Superstars Keith Lee and Matt Riddle, as
well as highly detailed Elite
figures of stars like Ricochet, AJ Styles, Finn Balor and
Sasha Banks, who will have
her first figure with blue hair since her return
and heel turn this past August. WWE and Mattel also revealed the
second wave of their Masters of the
Universe cross over figures with Rey Mysterio, Roman
Reigns, ‘Macho Man’ Randy
Savage and John Cena all battling it out for control
of Castle Greyskull. Speaking of the 16-time World
Champion,Cena has continued
focus on his growing career in Hollywood, though that doesn’t
mean that he can’t bring his
acting chops back to WWE. This week, WWE Superstar
Fandango included a picture of
himself and Cena, from the show Southpaw Regional Wrestling,
where the pair played the
comedic commentators for the the show and teased that a
third season of the show
could be coming back. In the captions, the Dancing
Superstar told fans to stay
tuned and used the hashtag #2020, indicating that a third
installment of the show may
be released next year. As a throwback to the pre-WWE
days of pro wrestling on TV,
Southpaw proved to be an instant hit with fans upon its
premiere in 2017, which saw
many Superstars break away from the characters
fans have seen on TV to showcase
their own comedic personalities. With that said, many stars who
helped create Southpaw
Regional Wrestling such as Chris Jericho and TJP,
are no longer with the company,
so it’ll be interesting to see what the future holds
for the fictitious promotion. And finally today we’re focussing
on former WWE Superstar
Lance Storm who is set to return to the
company backstage as a
producer. A veteran of the industry, Storm
started his career in 1990
alongside Chris Jericho and after being trained by the
legendary Hart family, would
work in ECW, WCW and eventually the WWE,
holding championship gold
wherever he went. At ECW One Night Stand 2005,
Storm competed in his
retirement match against Jericho, and broke the
news of his impending return
on Twitter this past week to his near
quarter of a million followers. Since retiring from the ring, the
former Intercontinental
Champion has led the Storm Wrestling Academy in Calgary,
but in August this year
announced that the school would be
closing at the end of 2019. As a champion of WWE, WCW
and ECW, Storm will bring 30
years of wrestling experience to the company
when he starts as a producer,
which will prove to be vital in training the next
generation of WWE Superstars.

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