WWE Superstars OUTRAGED with New Evidence From Saudi Arabia Situation! WWE Releases Statement

WWE Superstars OUTRAGED with New Evidence From Saudi Arabia Situation! WWE Releases Statement

Hey guys, welcome back to wrestling world! This has been one of the most all over the
place and hard to follow stories with wwe, but there is once again another update to
the Saudi Arabia situation After reports came out that the wwe and Saudi
Arabia travel issues were related to payment issues… Everyone started to question if wwe was lying
about the mechanical issues being the problem It was reported that the Saudi Arabia citizens
couldn’t see crown jewel live because Vince took it off the air due to Saudi Arabia owing
wwe money for super showdown As a result for taking it off air, the prince
decided to ground all the flights, holding them against their will, and even had the
military police escort everyone off the flight Superstars were beyond scared for their life
and had no idea what was going on Karl Anderson even tweeted that he’ll never
go back again no matter the pay Stars were furious with Vince McMahon for
abandoning them there and the locker room just fell apart That lead to Seth Rollins’ backstage locker
room meeting It was reported that Seth lead a locker room
meeting before the November fourth edition of raw Seth tried to unite the locker room and get
them back on the same page after the messy Saudi Arabia situation But reports claim that the speech completely
flopped and superstars there felt it was a bit too forced and awkward Wwe would later on release on official statement
regarding the drama and had this to say: “We have a good relationship with our partners,
and the feed issues were unrelated to anything of that nature [ referring to payment dispute]. We’ve been public with mechanical issues,
the charter company has as well” Now they confirmed that the feed of crown
jewel was taken off the air for Saudi Arabia, but wwe claims it was unrelated to anything
payment wise Another superstar who came out to tell their
side was aj styles According to aj, the problem was some missing
paperwork and fuel and by the time they got all that fixed, the pilots needed some sleep
so they ended up all staying the extra night. If Vince McMahon and Saudi Arabia did have
an argument like it was being reported, it seems that they have already fixed all their
issues Wwe went onto announce that they are extending
their partnership with the country throughout 2027 So that’s where everything stands right
now There’s so many different sides to this
story, but it seems that the relationship between wwe and Saudi Arabia is fine Only question is how many superstars will
actually be heading back to Saudi Arabia after all this What are your thoughts on this situation and
which story do you think is true? Leave your comments, don’t forget to subscribe
and leave a like if you enjoyed! Thanks for watching guys and we’ll see you
in the next one!

67 thoughts on “WWE Superstars OUTRAGED with New Evidence From Saudi Arabia Situation! WWE Releases Statement

  • So this story just continues to get more confusing and it still has a lot WWE superstars losing trust in WWE. Here is the latest update on the Saudi Arabia situation. Which story do you guys believe is true? Leave your comments, don't forget to Subscribe, and leave a like if you enjoyed! Thanks for watching guys! 😀

  • I'm thinking Vince probably pulled the feed after the Saudis stiffed him on payment. Then I'm thinking Vince skipped out and left most of the wrestlers and crew to fend for themselves. Otherwise, why would so many of them be upset? I am also thinking that Seth and AJ, being top guys, are being used / forced by Vince to put a positive spin on the story. I would never go to an unsafe country to work if it were me. There are 193 countries in the world. Why go to some backward country with 1000 year old rules / laws that does not respect human rights?

  • If anyone thinks that Vince or his Cronies are going to admit their fault in everyone’s having to remain in Saudi Arabia because of him are sadly mistaken!!! Vince takes care of Vince and to Hell with anyone else!! It’s time the wrestlers remember that because it will never change!!!

  • So here we go to AEW once their contracts run out except for Randy Orton he has signed another multi year contract

  • OH PLEASE! AJ Styles is NOW JUST a STOOGE for VKM. "There were paperwork problems and refueling issues THEN the pilots needed to rest SO we had to stay". REALLY? You had refueling issues and paperwork problems with TWO planes? The SECOND plane was FLOWN IN. They were the SAME model SO the "rested" FIRST crew could've taken the SECOND plane out.

    VKM got OUT of the country TWO hours EARLIER to avoid the fallout. Brock Lesnar took his PRIVATE Jet out because he INSISTS on performing FIRST SO he can arrive at the venue JUST before he goes on THEN LEAVES as soon as he's done! Hogan and Flair had similar situations.

    VKM is becoming, in essence, Paul Heyman NOW. You KNOW he's lying because his LIPS are moving!

    The State Department of the US government got involved. Since WHEN does it get involved when there are refueling issues and paperwork problems? IF you believe VKM, I've got a bridge in Brooklyn NY for sale to you!

  • The dumb internet fans are bitching over this more than the wrestlers how about stfu already and get over it most of them confirmed they stayed an extra night and was put in a 5 star hotel travel issues will happen cry baby’s

  • I feel first off that its wrong to treat the superstars the way wwe does no one really cares how much work and time they train as a fan I feel that vince doesn't care anymore about there well being to take off leaving them behind in another country anything could have happened to them, they are fathers ,mothers, sisters and brothers, husbands and wives, vince should be proud of them recognize there talent before some other company does just saying

  • Vince lies in his sleep, quite telling that people like Rusev were tweeting send us your prayers and others said they’ll never go back, but they expect us to believe everything is okay, don’t buy it.

  • Does anyone know where my socks are? Sometimes I take them off and put them in my pockets, but not in that place. Not sure where to look next.

  • I think the stories are a cover up of whatever really happened and if the U.S. State Department issued a statement about not being of assistance in the future obviously something went wrong. I feel that many superstars will not return and should stand their ground and not return. Me personally I would be very upset not only about the situation but the company is getting billions of dollars for these pay per view and what about the talent? Are they getting additional monies for this because Vince McMahon is famous for being a cheap bastard when it comes to contracts.

  • Seth Rollins says he DID NOT lead any meeting at all. Why show all the Raw pics and lead off with Saudi news. I wouldn't go back if it were me, Vince should never have left his wrestlers to begin with. He insists on this going to a country that's basically in the middle of war zones. He should "man up" and show he's got those "grapefruits" he's always blathering on about. He's an absentee leader at best.👎👎👎👎👎👎

  • Yeah, right, a fuel problem in one of the top oil producing countries in the world….keep thinking that we are all marks WWE’s brass

  • If you all go back to saudi arabia watch your backs and make sure u get paid like right away. Vince had a quarrel with the Prince about pymt oweing to wwe did not get it held you wrestlers as hostages until the money showed up to vince Think twice before you go again you might not be this lucky in leaving

  • What doesn't add up to me is WWE extending the Saudi Arabia deal, right after having all this trouble not even a week ago.Not worth it for any amount of money, especially if it puts lives in danger.

  • Saudi Arabia had its first international fishing comp with no problems. FYI USA came second ..
    But then you add Vince's ego and there's problems.

  • Aj wtf you just changed your story bro that just made you a liar.wwe didn't extend contract a 10 year deal was sign already in 2017 that means 2027.Vince is dumb

  • It must be great being Alexa Bliss……. you get your pictures put up on channels every week …..even if the stories have nothing to do with you…….lol.

  • I've been a fan of AJ since he was in WCW,if all this were true he wouldn't say anything and just not go back. For him to say all that it must be true. He isn't a butt kisser or a sh*t stirrer.

  • No way would I go back! There isn’t enough money. The Saudis decide you messed up they will put you in prison and forget you’re there.

  • I believe Styles on his story about. I really don't think he would have put up with it and would've asked questions. Same with Lacey Evans.

  • Why?! Did Vince sign a 10 year deal with Saudi Arabia in the first place. The hole wwe locker room has to come together and have a stoke with Vince abou this.

  • This guy is such a liar they were not escorted by military and they were not held hostage at all natalya corey graves and aj styles said they were some mechanical issues with the plane and they stayed in a 5 star hotel for the night aj even said he had the best sleep in a while

  • It's all a LIE!! WWE IS LYING, you don't have your superstars tweeting like they were doing ,and then all of a sudden it's a "mechanical problem"! Vince cut the feed, and left them there, taking only his top 20! 🖕Vince!!

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