What Does Mazda Sport Mode Do? | Eich Mazda | St. Cloud, MN

What Does Mazda Sport Mode Do? | Eich Mazda | St. Cloud, MN

Hey there guys, this is Jeff from Eich Mazda
in St. Cloud. I just wanted to show you what sport mode
does in a CX-5. So, switch right here next to your shift nob
is going to put you into sport mode, and what it does is it holds you at a higher RMP, downshifts
a little bit, gives you a little bit more pickup as you can hear when I step on the
gas versus when I am in normal drive which I am in right now. You get a lot more engine noise out of the
car but you do get a lot more pickup. It's nice for when you're traveling on a two-way
highway and you need to pass somebody. Or, if you're getting onto the interstate
and you need to accelerate a little more quickly to get in front of some cars. That is the main use for it. I wouldn't recommend driving in it all the
time because it will kill your gas mileage, but it is a nice feature to have in those
certain situations you need to use it in. And that is what sport mode is all about.

15 thoughts on “What Does Mazda Sport Mode Do? | Eich Mazda | St. Cloud, MN

  • If you putt more atention, you can feal a stiffer handling and firmer suspension, and the brake pedal is more sensible.
    Have a good day

  • Do we have to put it back to normal by hand or does it come back to normal mode when you hit the break please.!?

  • Throttle response is changed too. For example if you hold the throttle steady around 40 mph and turn sport mode on, you can feel it pull harder. Makes the gas pedal less linear. Also sport mode cannot be engaged in corners for this reason. Say you are going through a corner and decide you want to turn on sport mode, it won’t cause of the change in throttle response. In wet and especially icy conditions it could cause loss of control from the extra power it’s handing you in the corner so it denies engaging into sport mode in corners

  • Can you post a quick tutorial on how to use it? Do i push the button down or up only once to activate? Thanks!

  • This is simple and very helpful. Many vids explaining how it works but never show what it does. Thanks mate!

  • Do I have to manually shift, or will it go into 4th gear automatically….? Because mine never gets to 4th gear without me shifting into it.

  • Can you use it whenever? Like if I am on the highway can I turn it on at anytime and if I am leaving the driveway at 5mph can I turn it on then?

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