VW T-ROC Sport FULL REVIEW – the “Golf SUV” Volkswagen TRoc – Autogefühl

VW T-ROC Sport FULL REVIEW - the “Golf SUV” Volkswagen TRoc - Autogefühl

this is a full review of the Volkswagen T Rock today was Thomas from how to fuel your number one resource fair enough calories and in number one community to this gas cars well this one year exterior interior and the driving experience today in our program and you have asked me some questions for example how does it relate to the Gulf the normal compact hatch how does it relate to the sea at Atika a comparable compact SUV and when you decide between this one the t rock and the bigger Tiguan which one should be your choice we will dig deeper into those questions and also go with full HD full screen and phalanx let's go [Applause] [Applause] in the front that Europe makes a very strong impression therefore also the name like with this rock yeah let's rock it or like a rock strong as a rock well it's not strong as a rock but we can see very interesting shapes in the front grille the headlamps start with halogen and then optional the full LED package and you can see the LED daytime running lights are always placed in a lower part to give you know a very significant shape and overall it's actually quite daring for Volkswagen so they're also stepping up the game year into a little bit less conservative direction by the way if you want though my voice a little bit dark today no I have not joined to the dark side I was still lighting me just in sore throat it's getting better I hope you can still join the review here maybe it's even a little bit better for ASMR what do you think let's continue with the side profile the lengths of 4 meters 23 or 13 foot 9 and let's próxima the length of a normal compact hatch like a golf and 25 centimeters shorter than the folks on Tiguan the bigger SUV brother and also talk more about that later how that differs from driving from a golf at acre and the Tiguan if that's you know relevant for you if you're in the market there are two different styling cycle just next to the base you start with a normal base package and then you can go style or sport and this one is a sport trim level with some more sporty elements also the interior there you can pick this optional contrasting roof in the style figures you have to pick it but here optional that in black and well this one is something between serve and wide and it's indeed called white silver funny right and rim try and Stan was self-assess sorry 16 inch start and up to 19 inch this one your good pick with the 18 inch not the biggest one so I'm still good in riding comfort and the color here is called adamantium grey so yes that's the one that roller wheel has inside his mates pretty cool right you know his contrasting red brake callipers the rest of a sudden you can see here there's a design line above the door handle the Venice classic golf style golf platform see shape with a c-pillar so it shows some more daring design especially with a contrasting color but overall still a rather classic setup I think they found a good mix there by the way the contrasting roof can be bought in white black brown and red this one here obviously the black contrasting roof and then to the rear which looks pretty much Tiguan alike with a modern signature shape here also with the LED real lights and it's an interesting design and just here with we're just cutting it right there you see you a littl little bit limited in height there at the very rear of the trunk if someone is using it in this case to give some design approach to it but also here I think they get a good compromise between some of new styling elements and keeping the rather conservative base structure I can just say we can all agree that those fake exhaust elements I mean they could just leave it it would have been also maybe more seamless without it certainly no hydraulics draughts what the engine lineup will be I have a 2-liter TDI with 115 one at 50 at 9000 spa and then petrissage turbo petrol one leader with 115 while 1.5 liter with one at fifty or two liter with one at 90 horsepower that's the one we have here today 7.2 seconds the acceleration figure to 100 kilometers or 62 mats an hour and the top engines are always combined and with all way Drive and the DSG dual-clutch transmission the midstream and then just you can pick and the base engines usually start them with front-wheel drive and manual transmission let's take a look at the interior together here on the top part of the doors we have heart touch to the stake that is like in the polo for example so that's not really golf like what's good that you have a lot of room for bigger bottles for example then you can see decoy elements styling wise it's rather subtle here in the sports on man it's rather with grey inlets but you can also get for example black or more colorful yellow orange blue or brown in those surroundings here but this one as I said the more subtle choice but the seats are a little bit more extroverted so you have base for exceeds then you have comfort seats for example you can get in the skyline and here in the sport line your little sporty seats you see they have a little bit more support in the lower and also in this side area so well executed with fabric and red contrasts on the inside and some white leather red part on the outside so overall very well done so let's get inside with a shoe tip and they have left the manual seats here just because I can say then let's pump it up your butt when I put it in the lowest position actually Mahmoud is 86 or six foot one plenty of headroom especially when you don't have any panoramic roof or something then you have most at home I usually prop the seat a little bit up your so a little bit more comfortable to drive and in that respect but I have you know reasonable room it feels really like in the Volkswagen Golf and compact hatch also you know the space we have available for example but as you sit a little bit more upright a little bit higher it is little bit more comfortable especially now on longtime run that's also maybe a little bit less sporty yeah but we'll check out that in the driving rule it's a golf Steven really as well you could also very well control it in and out and you know some of the region height as well and the seeds as I said manual control that they are also and then this turning knob here which I don't always like because you always have to watch you watches watch your watches that you don't damage them here at the at the b-pillar but although no it's a positive seating feeling and I think you know it's it's a very modern taste that you have a little bit more you know here a little bit more upright and also easier to get in and out into you all of you you can see you can get optional those digital gauges on the left and also the biggest GPS screen then all is dark and pretty seamlessly integrated here again the the great decoy element for the Sport trim and here the top part is again hard plastic that's where they saved some money you can argue about it do you really need it who does touch it you know in real life while driving or whatever but then again you can also see it somehow then let's turn on the ignition and you can see that both of those screens come alive and I'll show more to you so that you could see carplay is also available right there we can soon show that as well as the main menu and then first let's continue with the main overview here that separate climate knob still I like that just you know easy control works pretty fast and optionally you can also get that seat heating and this is also in this case combined also with the steering wheel heating but you have to always even if it just want the steering heating press that one and maybe go off with a with the rest button just activate the steering wheel heating a little bit complicated but that way you only need one knob in the lower part and two USB slots but one mount at the moment but lower part is also suitable than before some for inductive charging if you have the option automatic gear shifter here for the DSG the wall part we have a selector for the driving modes if you have then also picked the d CC the dynamic chassis control and falling further down cupholders but they're not adaptive so very shallow I'm not sure if those bottles will hold very well in their electric handbrake and that's as armours we just fixed lea attached but you need very little room in there well those digital gauges also have a full map function here for the GPS that's nice but you can also have some different information in there so you're pretty flexible with those that is you know I'm actually the the big advantage of those digital gauges also here with this view for speed and RPM so you can play around with it it's cool somehow but you will also be fine with analog gauges it's not exactly a must-have I would say well there's still this problem that you can only have the map left in the digital gauges all right here in the center gauges that's different with the active intra display of the t go on the golf or the Passat this one here with less CPU power but they promised to fix that at a later stage because you see the rest is very responsive if you have you know the map right there that looks pretty cool also this glass screen makes it good quality impression by the way you can still zoom in out like this that's also possible and the main menu that looks like this but you can see always some fingerprints are being collected and you can either connect your phone we are loo twos that's possible all and also use the car play or the Android auto that's also possible and you know that's just unlock it and here we go with that one so I'm mobile I think it's one of the best infotainment system because it's very intuitive and now to the rear well you said a little bit more upright but you do not gain any more legroom if you compared to a normal folks wagon golf so I don't have plenty of legroom here when I am also sitting as a tall in the front so I need maybe I mean it directly works that way maybe not a long-term one but if I would then ask a driver to step a little bit more fun then it would be okay but a reelect room is not the specialty of this vehicle it's also not that long but you can compare it with most of the other competitors there are some others which a little bit longer and if some more like chromium Headroom by the way is quo that works also for tall people and we have the same nice design with the white leather reti also the outside parts and the seat itself is pretty soft from the fabric so the seating area is very comfortable let's say four times 180 in meters or four times five foot nine that's done perfectly fine that's a cool ride that's another line well you have to rewind that and play it again is any wicked believe this party of the seats the hours well I can show some show you later talked about behind it either fix in the front and we also have an armrest was to cap all are starting right the middle seat does exist by the way but you can see it's more setup for four people overall it is allowed to sit in the middle but then I'm also the middle tunnel here for the hallway drive is also pretty huge for for small castle it's not really that comfortable to sit in the middle part and there's also a 12-volt power socket for the rear passengers and you know with an adapter you could also make it then to two USB slots now to the trunk area that's also like in the compact hatch you see we have this floor bottom you can also remove that we here got some you know sound system equipment you can also get a replacement tire if you want so square I mention it's just a hide a little bit limited as I shown you and the exterior overview not even also flip those seeds as I've shown you earlier like this then even also the possibility of this sketch if you just want to have this middle part you opened but of course you can also reach and then put the whole thing down like this and then you have the maximum loading setup and our famous children's safety test like this is a sensor whoa whoa whoa mmm the same one with Ichigo and the sensors little bit too strong should be small talk sensitive but it automatically goes up in those situations [Applause] and our – Thomas is driving lounge for today while driving hot in this review with folk funky rock and the 2-liter TSI the 2-liter 12 petrol engine 4-cylinder in the top horsepower spec 140 kilowatts or 190 horsepower all-wheel drive is then standard as well as the automatic transmission the DSG it's a dual clutch transmission by the way the real abbreviation DSG does not stand for dual clutch transmission not even not in German it's really called direct child containment which would be more direct shifting transmission that would be the direct direct translation but we always say do a transmission because it is one so one of the key questions boss how does it relate to a golf how does it relate to a say an attacker and also folks wanna take on for example is it already driving wise and SUV or is it rather crossover and I have to say it's somewhere in between so it goes more in the direction of a crossover because even in the same attacker I feel I would be sitting a little bit higher a little bit more SUV ish in control this one it comes closer to a golf and you feel you sit higher than in the Gulf that's that's for sure so it is thus more comfortable in the golf as this upright sitting position lets your pelvis stand upright that one is good for the long-term comforts you know that you don't get lower back fatigue in your lumbar area at the same time it doesn't drive that much different than a golfer a little less sporty because it's also a little tire but it's still you know somehow agile if you feel very much in control and also very much at home so there's also one advantage if you know have a vehicle from the whole folks from groups also howdy say it Porsche or whatever and you get this as a primary or new secondary vehicle you get along very well so especially for the city is really good because you know where the car is ending even if you wouldn't have the assistance systems but you know admits myths spectrum usually most of the buyers will pick but it's really easy to handle also when parking in and out the steering is very light so sometimes a little bit too light what I could do for example do is go to the individual mode and maybe that also that the suspension on a very comfort level of something but then leave the steering on a little bit harder level so I have a little bit more feedback then so the sports mode for the steering wheel I think it's a little bit better because it doesn't feel that loose then of course that's definitely personal taste we have the DCC here that I make chassis control that is the adaptive suspension 1000 euros extras hmm you'll also be fine with the base suspension if you want to save some money it always depends you know how much money do you really want to spend it's also good to get this vehicle at the very decent price so a DCC would be something I would say well that one is rolling back 50 buddy managed stuff so it is nice to have it's not necessarily a must-have good that the a EBV autonomous emergency brakes or the city brake if I you know may be having a heart attack and driving in the city and so I don't rush into the next vehicle the car ultimately breaks itself I do understand that and for me must have such the blind spot more at all later I think you're able to show you that later on the motorway we're also going to the motorway soon as soon as we escape some city traffic those guys are seriously rolling back and they manage that clutterworth okay well I'm easy for me here today because I have the automatic transmission I mean that's of course enough for traffic is really good also the ACC the adaptive cruise control or active cruise control how they call it so an adaptive cruise control which keeps the distance to the car in front of you it was equipped in this vehicle him this one also very good option to pick I think also must have and this one here can also be important the highest level and with a traffic jam assist I've recently now you know we've been testing that as well so the car automatically rates and brakes again very low speeds and you just let the car handle that the only thing I noticed there when it's automatically decelerating then just before it Kempster still stand still mmm the engine made the impression as it would be stalling you know like a little bit little strange noise and I guess in this case where we had that sometimes with dual classrooms what the hell this guy is throwing out the trash out of his window wasn't I mean love nature you know already I don't get it why can't interesting no keep the stuff in the can treasured properly later well some people you can't have anymore it seems what so get let's get back to more positive thoughts back to awesome more fun with the review we're beginning out any countryside and giving you you know some are riding so you know what the spot is you and like to set up a little bit more the car also behaves well in the course it's not as sporty as I said as a golf you lose some off utility by that it's still fun to drive it's a very relaxing and calming drive although we don't have the highest SUV seating position which again I think this said that tikka is already a little bit more SUV Asian this one here and the folks on take on you feel that it's a different segment there you're definitely in this true SUV segment you've seen in position wise more sovereign definitely here you do feel more golf resemblance and since they also took some interior parts from the new Polo you also have some more total resemblance and you know at some points so it seems to be some kind of mix there's engine by the way with the top horsepower spec stream good job 7.2 seconds to 100 kilometers or sixty two months now also got a very good acceleration the overdrive is always front plus rear so you first have just front wheel drive and on-demand also talk gets to over this Haldex clutch to the rear wheels you should check one of AJ's explanation of the Horlicks clutch because AJ is our technology expert and he had some very good explaining where you know I also for the first time really realized what they're doing there so to check out AJ's reviews especially about how the ex clutches you know it most of the time you don't need so much power in the city then so if you ask me can I save some money and also get a lower spec engine here mmm my advice would be food to pick like you know the 150 horsepower to lead wire for ribs and from the drive 150 horsepower but that was a DC as well that would be a good price performance pic and I think Stephen wise by the way and I like to stay in that sport mode and the funny thing is that although it's still pretty light it doesn't feel true and unnatural because they have men's also here to keep this progressive feeling in the series so you don't need to steer that much which makes it easier easily accessible for everyday driving I've but also sport at the same time that's really interesting and also counts for the driving fun this guy has it doesn't tilt too much to the sides so we as a good handling also with this short short wheelbase let's split to the sport mode completely now then the gears are turned up higher later shifting up earlier shifting down I should also know gets some more feedback more from suspension yeah it's a little bit stiffer now it's not as stiff as a sports car that you would get an uncomfortable ride I think they found a good setup you and it is actually fun to do some solemn with this vehicle so um I think they they have good position there market wise where I can say someone who wants to stay close to the golf segment also size wise but once a little bit more comfort than the golf but still doesn't want to lose so much riding fun and you know that's that's this money because when you drive act econ for example if you ask me you do you do a four-hour motorway right would you go for with taken off the tee rocky yes I would take them take the P rocky yeah that's cool I would pick that where I wouldn't pick the tee rock but the Tiguan for that purpose because it's definitely more comfortable a little bit more relaxed and that one but then if you ask me for the Seoul City purpose and packing parking lot and stuff and going to grocery stores and then this one is more suitable because you don't need to care so much about finding you know proper parking spot and it's just shorter so in the city this mean it does a very good job it's also fairly good than in the other respects now a little bit x-rays in the corner good on the gas that wasn't even full-throttle so I don't need to have my full throttle here with the 2-liter engine because I mean that's a hundred and that's also placed in the Golf GTI not at a very same horsepower spec of course that's definitely way more than enough for the vehicle also less horsepower will surely work so really a fun driving the vehicle and you know I could already give you a hint where they have exactly positioned it and in also driving miles I can understand why it's already pretty popular because people see things you know in the past times you know a compact hatch was especially in Europe these standard car to go if you you know didn't have like any special purposeful vehicle just went for comprehension now they said switched mirela to those compact crossovers or compact SUVs and you know some people say you know I generally hate SUVs and stuff and are you know talking about sustainability the only thing I can really see you know I can not to not really prove this may be pedestrian safety with very big SUVs with me on the flat front but this one you also won't make such a difference consumption wise also won't make such a big difference to a normal a compact hatch maybe just a little but not you know seriously so let's see at the moment we have an average consumption of about 8 liters of water kilometers and we score that with the golf as well yes also with the Golf GTI if you want so but this one here also is G or the men's division always you know getting some consumption and also adding weight and of course the overdrive is also we know at least let me know at half a liter we know with a holic see it's not as much as it would be with a permanent overdrive but half liter more of consumption something like that for sure I still think the consumption should be low up it's not a nervous tic on right now so it's not a very you know super high figure but I think it still should be lower but that's the same you know for for a lot of other other vehicles but performance wise I'm you know I'm totally happy with it by the way I can also go through it in ice mode or snow mode than the acceleration is being tampered with so slowly accelerate that you don't get them any slick turns and a flip mode is also available to give more talk to the rear wheels and also off remote with turning off the ESC again this car would probably not go off me offered so much AJ and Jonas in their initial review of the T Rock here from the driving event they had also some off-road parts so you should check at that when I was pretty amazing pictures they brought they even when the car lifted a wheel from the graphical it was really nice so now we're getting to some motorway yeah in the sport mode you also feel the you know the shifting difference is a little bit more than or more just a little bit it wasn't in now now it crews a little bit of the motorway so also can set the DCCC now on the left side of the steering wheel then this is to a card from the fees being kept and the front I can also have a map view and again a little bit more limited than it would be with the other digital cockpits can see I can also change the gauges stupid like to this one to see the rpm since we like the black to apologize I know this vehicle was may be deactivated and further information about them see about that I mean that's also something about the the ACC um the middle screen is always you know somewhat distracting and if you do something like this at least at the ACC set then you can you know can be a little bit some know a little bit more distracted at least Lane Assist can also be activated here for example let's see you no it doesn't seem like a bad fit my job and it's just yeah it's a just a turning indicator yeah so we don't have that here and this would be called what nine kilometres an hour super sign of the vehicle Wow I think this is also one of the biggest strengths and this has been carried over from the Volkswagen Golf the sound insulation is superb and probably if you think about other SUVs with this length here this is probably best in class in this respect so such a silent ride for a relatively small car and also that we sit a little bit higher in this crossover style has no negative effect on the very good sound insulation and now we have a good choice of detailing here yes here there as we said in the interior part maybe the hard plastics you can argue about that for sure but everything else has been that execute together with no very smooth shifting experience and then with a great noise insulation easy steering that makes really a really flawless ride so really confirming but it is somewhat a golf a soui because the golf is among the best in class if you think about how everything has been executed and this is only repeated and basically by the tea rock and makes it that's also in position among them now most popular SUVs to come here so say it's figures all also already look pretty good and I mean I really feel that this is here what a lot of people want at the moment you know not super super super super fancy stuff the tea rock that's something more you know here and there to play around a little bit also a little bit more joy from next era but on the interior it's still the rather conservative experience which again a lot of people appreciate and you know where you can control things also know still standard climate control here not some you know thank you not over-the-top and stuff so in every respect again the tea Rock presents herself as a very very good car and you really have to dig deep to find anything to criticize like you know with you traffic gem assist which almost feels like stalling the engine yes consumption should could be a little bit lower that's who that's are imagine all of the different different fields we have tested vehicle yeah very very solid and now to our conclusion for today with the Volkswagen T Rock it will definitely sell very well because those compact SUVs are vehicles that are being almost demanded most at the moment so they are researching in a segment and why is that the case well you've got a comparable driving feeling as a normal compact hatch this one here rather cross over star than a really big true SUV so um there's no big transition when you're coming from a normal compac hatch but yet you have more comfort you have this upright seating position it is more comfortable than a normal compac hatch and you're a little bit more versatile to get in and out maybe even think you know about transporting someone in the rear or getting a little bit older and seeking a little bit more comfort for example or even for the younger ones because the t Rokia also has a quite expressive styling for Volkswagen so this one here really a vehicle that you would see in all age groups by the way and I think there's also a very interesting fact about this vehicle interior yes we see some parts where they have saved some money you can argue about that how important that is buttressed is very well executed also the seats for example you also have reasonable room in the car and it drives very well so super silent good from the performance basically giving you all the strengths that also a normal golf as nearly the execution and the very smooth and flawless riding comfort so overall definitely among best in segment what do you think leave me your comments in our section and also tune in next time throughout of the field

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  • Again a very nice review ! You mentioned a weird comportement when using the ACC at low speeds, could you please provide the link to the referred review talking about this issue ?

  • Which one is better based on your driving experience, the troc or the suparu xv?, looking forward to hear from you (need an advice)


  • Thanks for review Thomas
    I just have small problem with the comparison this vw-roc to Vw golf.
    As you said this is Vw t roc 2.0 tsi dsg 190ps 4motion.I just think it will be a bit difficult to find golf with same speck.
    And the price of this particular car wow!!!!
    It will be great if somebody can compare for example Vw t roc 1.5 tsi 150ps evo dsg with Vw golf 1.5 tsi 150ps evo dsg.
    I think this will be proper comparison of comfort,driving,and noise insulation.
    Why I mentioned those two versions of the cars ? For only one reason.
    There are differences between this two cars even with the same speck ,especially if you talk about suspension.
    Vw golf have multilink suspension ,compared to Vw t roc torsion beam for example.
    Most petrolheads know how is this translated to ride comfort.
    Please is there anybody who can do proper comparasion?
    I am sure that heavy 4motion t roc with 2.0 tsi engine is a great car but is it affordable for people who will like to change from Vw golf?
    Surely most will go for for 1.5tsi evo dsg 150ps.
    So I have only one question.
    Why nobody want to do proper review of the version I mentioned above???
    I will love it.
    Especially full length in HD.Com on Autogefühl !!!

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