Virtual 2013 U.S. Open Golf Highlights – Championship

6 thoughts on “Virtual 2013 U.S. Open Golf Highlights – Championship

  • The first double eagle is ridiculous, seriously must be 430+ yrd drive, I know the new driver is ridiculous but that is bullshit ridiculous.

  • on the double eagle ( 2 on a par 5, 1 on a par 4 ). He only had and hit it 85 yds ? How freaking much over 400 was his drive ? In 30 days, my longest is 272.

  • I don't understand how or when to aim. When I aim left the distance changes ridiculously. Does your aim on the magnified view ( 2nd in R hand corner of screen ) count or only the first view ? I would like to see some of the settings / aims of those great shots shown here, and where the they hit it on the swing meter, on the button or early or late. How does early or late affect distance on putts ?

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