Top Spanish Players in RTA [Incredible] – Summoners War

Top Spanish Players in RTA [Incredible] - Summoners War

[Laughter] you say I'm making this tragedy I'm a beautiful disaster a reckoning you wonder how I got this way you think I'm someone to peace someone to clean up and tame out some things never change you think of with the pretty on your arm once you cover on my bruises and battle scars but it always ends this get me the things I've had to face call you crying on your knees MP no a change which to me I stopped asking forgiveness because you should know only portrait worthy jokes fear to go but you keep trying save myself uh turning into stone so save you judgment cuz you just don't know but some things never change now they say you should feel guilty I didn't cheat always even Koopa parties in my wake swear I didn't mean to make them break but they're so dedicated so mundane and they keep coming like a moth to flame Oh some things never change never change it will break you but to make me feel change I'll try to tell the char the best fire sons I said coffee runs will I ever be another Oh [Applause] try to find the the jar the last night stop I'm gonna see I'm

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