Tips for Ranking Up in Competitive Season 5

Tips for Ranking Up in Competitive Season 5

yo what does go on my guardians and welcome back to another destiny to gameplay video hey in this video you are going to hear me very raspily talk about competitive specifically how to rank up in season 5 the season of the forge now I do apologize about my voice I know it sounds pretty horrendous sounds like I've been smoking a pack a day I sound like a freaking 40 year old hooker what do you want let's I apologize for that getting over a cold that I picked up from my brother's children at a Thanksgiving dinner so I know actually for a fact that one of my subs is in his small group of church so if you don't mind just laying on the Gilby like a the lack of TV uploads is cuz of you so get your crap together Chris anyway it's neither here nor there so I want to talk about comp season of the forge how to rank up what's this season looking like what's the meta like and I really want to break down my tips we're talking about exotic armor subclasses weapon loadouts etc so first we're gonna start with exotic armors plays a pretty crucial role in your build in the way that you approach your engagements so let's think about titans first quite honestly one-eyed masks is the thing you want to have one-eyed mask if you're gonna be taking comps seriously this season one-eyed mask is just it's so much better than any other alternative I mean there's other good Titan exotics but this one is it's the cream of the crop by far so if you really want to take comp seriously and you're a Titan main you want one on mask go hunting for that thing keep grinding out on your Titan get this thing to drop there's several ways to farm exotics in this game so definitely want to get your hands on one of those hunters have tons of options I mean hundreds always have you know here I hear a lot of hunters complained they don't have good exotics I mean you have some of the best exotics in the game I mean I've been doing comp this season on my hunter and it's it's a ton of fun and I've got so many different choices the way that I want to approach the game a lot of guys run stomp ease because comp is all about your neutral game it really is you are gonna be spending a lot of time in your neutral game trying to outperform the other guy yeah you know sliding shotgunning things like that and stomp these are so good for that or jumping and being doorways stomp ease again so good for that so that's a great choice dragon shadow is another good choice the Wraith metal perk that you get when you do your dodge reloads both of your weapons and then you get basically improved dexterity really those sweets etc on your guns it's so nice for comp neutral game you know I I use this a lot in comp dragon shadows when I go to you dodge to initiate an engagement and then you use that Wraith internal buff basically to just out shotgun the other guy because you can pull it up faster so that is a great option I've also been running a lot of sixth coyote in comp because of just the utility that you get in your engagements that you're outnumbered and you have to double dodge it's just I mean it's so good I had an instance where out of one v4 inside tram at the arm point on countdown on fosroc one before in that same room as a known team of competitive players and haha I was I double dodged and I have four paragon mods so a Dodgers once had a third perspective view of the layout kind of killed dodged again got a kill ran out and did a circle around it and dodged in again to get a third kill as the guy was going for revive I mean it's just it's so fun to use six coyote is a great choice you've also got shards of gallon or if you are running blade barrage and you also have the quiz invest which is currently bugged and therefore a cheesy but really effective option as well warlocks warlocks don't really have a ton of great comp choices for exotic armor more likes having a lot of exotic armor that's great for quick play but not so much for comp if you're in comp as a warlock I highly recommend a fitting aspects just because the the neutral game edge that that's gonna give you with pulling up and readying your shotgun or even your sniper rifle basically gives you just fantastic like enhanced steady on whatever weapon you have equipped and increased out reload speeds as well so that is your best bet if you're planning on over warp some people run those racks us in a person I think affinity and aspects is your best bet as a warlock so let's talk about weapons weapon loadouts we'll start with kinetics in your kinetics lot the number one choice is the dust rock blues shotgun it has a high impact high range it's highly farmable you can pretty easily just spend some you know a few hours in a day farming and get a god rolled one of these things it's really not that difficult to get hands on one you want accurized rounds full choke you want to throw on a Icarus mod on it it is by far your best choice in comp is to have an acres model on your shotgun and you're gonna want to look for arrangement or handling master work those are your best two bets bygones is another good choice the vendor version is pretty solid it just depends on what your other what your special weapon is gonna be or your energy weapon slots gonna be occupied by some guys will run by guns as well does struck like I said by far the more popular choice silicone aroma is also if you're gonna be sniping a great a great choice or by to the Fox you really don't want more than one sniper on your team unless you have like two of the best snipers in the world on your team so other than that you know maybe one sniper on your team that person should be using silicon or or by the Fox any energy slot mainly Lunas Lunas Hal or not forgotten those are your best bets I mean I I match at this point I match exclusively teams running not forgotten and there are very very very few exceptions to that every now and then you see illumise how but it's almost exclusively Luna and not forgotten some guys are used to last oh it's a great choice I know it's I hate playing it still I still absolutely hate it but it's a really good weapon and a lot of guys choose to use that in comp and comp it's all about winning you don't need to be a hipster in comp I don't I don't choose to be a hipster and comp I want it I want to help my team I don't want to be a detriment so I'm gonna use what I need to use in order to compete in the competitive playlist that's sort of the point of that environment mind benders ambition is one of the best shotguns in the game it's in the energy slot that one's also highly farmable and a lot of guys will only use that depending on what's in their kinetic slot and if you're looking for a sniper rifle to use in your special special ammo slot I'm sorry your energy slot The Long Goodbye is a great choice if you get a good roll on it if you've got a great roll again a snap shot roll on a Long Goodbye oh my gosh that thing is nasty in the heavy slot almost exclusively worth cliff coil I know some guys are gonna rerun in colony because they're trying to get their multi kills in comp colony once you get into the immediate halfway through comp colonies darn near useless you're a detriment to your team if you're picking up colony ammo if you're that high in comp you really want someone with forklift coil a single individual secured guaranteed kill especially on someone mid sewer is just so much more valuable than anything colony could potentially do people know how to outplay colony at that at that at that tier that caliber player so you want work with coils three or four of them on your team the only exception you might want to have one tractor cannon for suppressing roaming supers like Sentinel shields and Nova warps and arcs riders have people on the other team have lots of roaming supers it might be advantageous to have one person running a tractor cannon let's talk about subclasses if you're a warlock your best bet by far as Nova warp most people playing warlock and complementing Nova warp bottom tree Don blade is also some somewhat popular choice just because that that subclass has such a good super that super is so underrated the ability to I mean the thing is the thing about that super is you can't kind it you can kinda a nova warp you can escape an oval you can get away from the board but people can't turn the backs and run away from a Don blade because the thing it flies if freaky it's a jet plane you know you can't outrun it they can chase someone down and say I would guarantee I will secure this kill maybe another one I've seen guys get 5 kills in comp with a single use of bottom tree Don plane I play with rhythm he's on my comp team and and that's really his utility he's so good in that super he can he can secure so many kills in that super this is a great choice you have a lot of options blade barrage is probably the most common choice the play dodge super is just so easy to use you just kind of turn the camera in the general direction and you know hit the super button and you get a kill great for shutting down nova warps and other roaming supers way of the current is also a popular choice that supers are so good really is again for securing kills if you are spawn trapping and communicating with your team to cut off the enemy routes out of the spawn right so if you're for example on endless veil and you're pushing down the middle Gap saying I need one got to go right and two guys cover toilet bulla escape I'm gonna go down the center lane will pinch these guys I'll pop my super then you can that's super just you do some work with it way of the Wraith is after the buff it's really good it is it's really good I can actually in good faith recommend that you use way of the Wraith income it is so good now Titans Sentinel is the most popular choice here so I can go to the aggressor or Co the commander both are good choices that is by far your best choice as Titan some guys can get away with using code of the missile for the shutdown potential and breaking through you know choke points that are locked down by team fire and that can have some really utility to it but for the most part the Sentinel shield super is the best way to go as a Titan having good team comp is important as well you want to diversify yourselves based on what your opponents might be using like I said three were cliff coils in one traffic and it might be good team comp you don't want to be all I see a lot of all hunter teams I think you are doing yourself a disservice I think you want three and one or two and two you can get by definitely with three hundreds as well maybe two blade barrage is and one roaming super like a way of the Wraith or way the current so anyways those are some of my tips best way to rank up & comp utilizing those things those are the best strategies right now and you know we've got the black armory about to drop and so it's gonna take a while people to get these new guns it's gonna take a while for those guns to really find their place in the current Mehta in season five so I think for the time being these tips these weapons they will stand the minute it's not going to be shaken up too much until you know several several weeks from now when things start to really settle and we start to find out where these new weapons that came with black armory might fit into the new meta so I hope you found this helpful best of luck to you and your comp grind I hope that you are able to grind up all the way to fabled and beyond hopefully and get whatever it is you're chasin maybe even hit legend getting your unbroken title in the game thanks so much for watching appreciate all y'all be warm and well fed my friends I'll catch you in the crucible

47 thoughts on “Tips for Ranking Up in Competitive Season 5

  • I’ve been watching a couple people point out weapons in video’s, & they are only mentioned, yet it would be nice if the image of the weapon can posted in the video. As you mention items it would be helpful to see the things you mention with out pausing with captions on to recap what was said.

  • Would anyone like to help me out on comp been grinding for ever on ps4 Hellboy3312 that's my psn I'm on this channel all the time try to get better every day I'm not a carry I just play alone don't have much luck finding friends on d2. Sorry truevangard for doing this here

  • Don't tell us to use a gun you have to rank up in comp to get as the first choice for a gun you should be using to rank up. LH and NF are why I want to rank up. as soon as I get them or give my self a rage induced heart attack trying I wont be doing comp.

  • You maybe get the best weapons best gear best supers but there is one important thing you really need to rank up is a good team because I’m trying to get the Lunas Howl I had the best weapons gears and supers but i’ll keep getting the worst team on every round this is why I’m struggling to rank up to get the Lunas Howl

  • I give up, spent a fucking months playing same fucking shit over and over only for tokens,fuck you bungie

  • I’m grinding for Luna’s now. I’m planning on using Last Word and I’m decent with a sniper but not sure if that’s competitive enough for comp.

  • great advice dude. for energy slot use lunas or NF. I think people who got those two aren't watching your shitty tips, its the people who are trying to get them….

  • I actually run bottom tree sentinel with doom fang and grenade and super mods and max resilience. I'm actually in my super for a long time and I usually throw 6 shields on average since my super lasts much longer while using the bottom tree. I personally love it. Top tree just gets shut down more often than not by blade barrage. 🙁

  • Competitive is just pure ass now everything about it ass

    Teammates = ass

    logic = super ass

    ranking = ass

    Luna's howl quest = ass (not worth going through all this stress)

    Crucible overall = ass

  • Here’s a tip… don’t bother! How can people compete properly with peer to peer? It’s garbage and the multiplayer can’t be taken seriously, it’s a joke so please don’t be biased, point out the obvious and tell the truth

  • Hunters which are the supposed “mobility and evasion” character should not need Stomp-ee5 or Dragons Shadow to make them actually mobile and evasive. Titans and warlocks are both faster in practical applications. Warlocks have transversive steps or ohpidian aspects, both top tier and titans have OEM. Hunters have Stomp-ee3 or dragons shadow but you absolutely need one or the other or it’s not worth running hunter.

  • If you shotgun ape on titen we literally have an exotic that reflects all damage. No more trades lol also it can reflect ranged supers.

  • If you are a console player here is how you rank up

    1) be a hunter golden gun middle tree or night stalker middle tree
    2) use dust rock blues
    3) jump over heads and shoot down

  • Comp tips: use broken shit lul. In all seriousness I wish bungie would just start Luna and forgetting users at 2100 and not let them fall below for a whole season because even if I have crispy aim so don't those guys but since their ttk is lower I get mashed. Really not fun especially when I'm at 1200 and other players on my team aren't as…"seasoned" as I am.

  • Hunters bitch way too much. They have easily the best crucible supers in the game. And they can have just as much resilience as a titan but also have the ability to dodge out of danger. Titans supers are underwhelming in crucible and can easily be shut down. There needs to be a rebalance to make the game fair. Just go into mayhem and warlocks and hunters destroy titans with no effort

  • for Warlocks how could you miss Trans Steps? They are the best imo. Faster movement and auto insta reload of weapons is insanely good

  • I think the reason most of us hunter mains complain about our exotics is because alot of the things our exotics give us are different from the things other classes exotics give them. Like….a good example is the titan exotic that buffs melee damage for melee kills. In fact both the titan and the warlock have really really solid exotics that increase some form of damage or another or give overshields/healing perks. The hunters get like….double knife charges at best…..we want something that gives us a solid healing perk….we used to have one…but..that got nerfed……we want something that buffs our damage considerably….we have 1 helmet that gives us a damage buff against players who are already close to death…….not really good compared to an exotic that buffs melee everytime you get a melee kill….i mean….alot of our exotics i guess just feel very generic and innefective to us….extra long lasting invis? Half the time invis isnt even useful in pvp. Double dodge exotic is great for sure i wont argue that. Double knife is only useful for one class…..alot of hunters hate that by the way…..class specific exotics……i mean…we already have considerably less armor…..we already dont get oversheild on our supers anymore…..other classes still have 1 hit melee while our throwable melee cant even two hit most of the time…..they nerfed our tripmines into oblivion….used to 1 hit… they get you what? A little under half health? Not to mention the lack of double nade charges…..and they took away the double melee charge from ahamkaras so no more double smokes…..which would be wonderful…..voidwall got nerfed… did the arc sticky nade…..most other classes nades can kill you super fast..half of ours are either low damage or super low explosion radius….i mean…..the hunters been taken from the top tier class it was in destiny 1 to easily the most destroyable class in d2 ever……i love my hunter….and i still hold a 1.56 k/d with the poor guy and i spend quite alot of time in comp. But i feel he is just so weak compared to everything else in the game…..half the time i get 2 tapped as im backing into cover because i either have to choose between running 1 or 2 resi. Or 1 or 2 recovery and that sucks so badly when i feel like i can die from being breathed on sometimes….i mean….im not saying we need to buff hunter or hunter exotics so high nothing can compete anymore….im simply saying that it would be nice if our exotics catered a tiny bit more too our lack of overall health compared to other classes and either allowed us to heal up a bit faster, put out a bit more damage, or at least give us a way to move considerably faster than normal for a sort time or something……im running the highest speed and recovery i can on my hunter and i still feel like there are times where i can peek a corner hurry up and back into cover and die before i even have a chance due to another classes abilities…..i mean….maybe im doing something wrong….maybe the way im playing hunter doesnt work like it used too back in the day but these days my hunter just feels so easily demolished that i cant even peek a corner sometimes in pvp.

  • I feel like this video came out like a week too early because of the new forge weapon sniper w/ kill clip. Also curious how gemini jesters stacks up in comp this season.

  • “You wanna go ahead and run a Luna’s or Not Forgotten”….. well if I could go ahead and get one that’d be great, from people quitting matches to getting booted and points removed…. this quest to just make the rank is soooooo frustrating….and definitely taking the “fun” outa comp.

  • Rule #1 wait a month or two because bungie has no, and I mean NO skill based matchmaking. No type of system where the last season will effect who you go against the next season. Therefore you go against, at 0 elo, a 4 stack of not forgotten's and you get level 20's on your team. Its VERY SAD that bungie doesnt fix crap like this.

    Hey at least they nerf a whole section of weapons and buffs another until the community complains about that then what will they do? You got it 🙂


  • I got my God Roll Dust Rock like a Month ago (Full Choke with all those range perks + Slideshot Rampage) but it feels strange playing something like Custom Games i really feel the potential of its range but in comp its something else it feels way more unreliable i have clips of it One Hitting on like 9 metres but sometimes it doesn't one hit at 3 metres + nearly everyone in Pvp gets me at a higher range while their shotgun has nothing near to my range

  • You used the same clip at 00:30 and 11:03.
    Very disappointing TV.

    Jk, thank you for the video, it helped out a lot with my loadouts.

  • Ophidian Aspects, Transversive Steps, and Contraverse Hold are my favourite warlock exotics to use in comp

  • Question wardcliff , I've been having an issue where I fire it and either they are rushing me and too close or I'm not aiming down sites ? Not sure … Sometimes I get the kill sometimes it like I'm hitting air ? Is there a proper range or way of aiming a billion rockets so that they actually hit ?

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