The Top 10 Most Common Sports Myths – EXPLAINED!

The Top 10 Most Common Sports Myths – EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains, the Top 10 Most Common Sporting Myths. 1. Ice Hockey was invented by Canadians.
– Ice hockey is actually a Scottish sport, as it was played by British soldiers during
wintertime. When these soldiers were stationed in Canada,
they brought the game over and the Canadians adopted it as their own.
2. Basketball was invented by the Americans. – In a strange twist of fate, whilst Basketball
is considered to be an American sport, it was actually invented by Dr James Naismith
in 1891 … who was a Canadian! 3. In the Grand National – the favourites
never win. – The Grand National is the biggest horse
race in the world, with anywhere up to 50 runners and riders.
Because of such a huge number of horses, it’s generally assumed that the favourites never
win because they’ve only got a 1 in 50 (2%) chance of winning.
But they’re called favourites for a reason. And during the last 44 years, 7 favourites
have actually won the national – that’s a 16% success rate.
4. William Webb Ellis invented Rugby. – In 1823 the Rugby School pupil supposedly
picked up a ball and began running with it during a football game. When this was investigated
in 1895, pupils who had attended the school after William Webb Ellis remembered that handling
the ball was still forbidden during their years. Therefore, he couldn’t have invented
the game – but it’s generally accepted that Rugby school did.
5. The English invented Football (Soccer) – Believe it or not, football was invented
by the Chinese in the 1st century BC. The Ancient Greeks also played a similar game,
but the closest to modern day soccer is the Chinese version.
6. The distance for the marathon should be 26 miles and 385 yards.
– 26 miles 385 yards is supposedly the distance between Marathon and Athens in Greece.
The actual distance is less than 25 miles. The reason why the Marathon distance is what
it is today is because of the 1908 London Olympics.
It is the exact distance between Windsor Castle to White City Stadium plus one lap of the
track. The distance has been that way ever since.
7. The Americans invented Baseball. – Once again, this is another sport invented
by the British – who invented a form of baseball in the 1700’s and was invented
around the same time as cricket and rounders. 8. Michael Jordan was the greatest basketball
player of all time and the Chicago Bulls have won the most NBA Championships.
– Whilst Michael Jordan may be the greatest basketball player of all time, the Chicago
Bulls have certainly not won the most championships. The Boston Celtics actually hold the record
with 17, followed closely by the Lakers with 16. Chicago is third on the table with 6,
but nowhere near the 17 championships of the Celtics.
9. Rugby League and Rugby Union are virtually the same sport.
– You could not be more wrong. Due to the difference in the rules of Rugby League, these
are completely different sports. Check out my video for an exact description of the difference.
10. In American Football, punting the ball away on fourth down is the best play.
– In every statistical study ever done on the subject, it has shown that playing the
ball on fourth down yielded the best chance of scoring and therefore the best chance of
winning the game. Punting the ball away may be the safest play,
but as far as ‘playing the percentages’, this is a complete sham. Ninh Ly,, @NinhLyUK

100 thoughts on “The Top 10 Most Common Sports Myths – EXPLAINED!

  • Naismith was born in canada but I believe he was a US citizen and worked for a college in the US by the time he created the sport of basketball.

    he was also a Vet of the United States Army.

  • actually basketball and American Football are Canadian. Originally American Football used soccer Ball until they Played McGill (Canada) then adapted to an oval shape ball, touchdowns, punts. But they didn't take the miss kick point.

  • the 4th down myth is kinda silly. american football is very situational since we stop every play and each team has time to analyze the situation. the stat might be misleading due to the fact that when someone does play on 4th down they ought to have a lot to gain thus the higher scoring

  • Didn't Canadians invent Baseball? and I am starting a sport named roasting. Ninh if you have a buisness email i can email you the list of rules if you want me to so you might be able to make a video.

  • playing the fourth down will depend on your field position, how close you are to the first down line, your offensive potential against the defence that you are playing against and how much your team is leading or behind.

  • You could argue that modern hockey was invented in Canada as many different nations in Europe had different games resembling hockey like games either on ice or on ground including the Scottish.

    And in Canada these games intermingled and gave way to the slandered ice hockey we know today.

  • What about "icing" the kicker in American football? The belief is that when the other team is about to kick a potentially game winning feild goal, calling a time-out just before the ball in snapped will cause the kicker to lose concentration and miss. Or the belief that in association football you should NEVER call for a substitution on an opposition corner (I've only heard this one a handful of times, so I'm not sure what the reasoning behind this is).

  • Just a quick thing, you said that rugby union was not invented by William Web-Ellis and showed a photo of a Rugby League match with Jonathan Thurston. There's a difference you know…

  • i think people credit england for inventing football because the modern game was born there, variations of football have been played all around the world for centuries, but the modern rules were created in england and the oldest football club in the world plays in sheffield, england

  • Both the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers won their Championships at a time when not only was the league structured in a way that supported dynasties but there was no where near the parody in the league that there was when MJ came into the NBA thus making it way more difficult to accomplish winning the number of Championships they did.

  • But the actually game called baseball with the modern rules was created by Abner Doubleday in the The British created Cricket a completely different game

  • Punting the ball on 4th down has probably stayed in by way of old habit that dies hard. Originally, it was the best idea, back at a time when defenses were more dominant, and it was safer to get a 14 point lead and rely on your defense to win the game for you. As offenses became more pass oriented in the 80s, 4th down becomes less risky.

    Also, in a 4th and inches, the mental toll for a team is huge, on both sides of the ball. On defense, it'll feel like the shortest inch to stop, and on offense, the longest inch to pick up. For an offensive coach, it may feel easier to"play it safe" and punt.

  • #11 England invented cricket -honk,honk! the first documented game of cricket was played in…..FRANCE, in the 15th century.

    #12 England invented tennis -honk, honk! in fact, one can say they codified it as it is, but it is the english version of an almost similar game that took FRANCE by storm in the middle ages, with hundreds of courts in Paris alone, up to the 17th century, when it dwindled. In fact, "Tennis" is the english pronunciation of "Tenez" ("Hold", that is "Hold your racket tight"), which was the call the player with the ball would shout before serving.

    #13 England invented soccer and rugby codes -honk, honk! well, to be fair, yes, it codified them in their present form, but at least in France, (and certainly in other countries too), from as far as history goes, games pitting two populations of one village, for instance bachelors vs married men, and sometimes of different villages, for the possession of a ball symbolizing the sun, fertility and prosperity, were held. In France it was called the soule, particularly popular in Brittany up to the XIX century, when it was forbidden for its sometimes murderous violence.

  • Hockey was invented in Canada. Britain brought over ice polo a very similar game to hockey. And the Canadians kind of copied it with hockey. But these are two different sports

  • Myth: The QB in american/Canadian/arena football is the most important player on an american/canadian/arena Football team

  • The punting myth has so many factors, but obviously punting cannot yield any points for those punting and so obviously you would think playing on 4th down gives a team the best chance at scoring, but when you play on 4th down you can fumble, throw an interception/pick 6,and get a safety. Also on the other hand, the receiving team and run it back for a touchdown, or delflect the punt then run it back for six. So why not punt? Then when you need to make a play… go for it.

  • The only thing I'll dispute is the Baseball is an American sport thing. While the British did invent something similar to baseball (I believe what you're referring to is Stool Ball) the game that we're all familiar with today was invented in the mid 19th century in Cooperstown, NY by Abner Doubleday.

  • Biggest thing i get asked in soccer (im a goalie) is that why dont i run up the field with the ball in my hands and what the six yard box means and if people can shoot in it

  • The game of hockey was never truly "invented", it was evolved from a number of sports. The British soldiers did not invent the game but much rather brought over the basic starting points for it. When they arrived in Canada in the mid-1800s they were playing a form of shinty on ice or possibly even primitive bandy. The first official hockey game was played in Montreal on March 3rd 1873 at the Montreal skating rink. It was set up by a Canadian gentleman by the name of James "Jim" Creighton, who literally wrote the original rule book in the Montreal Gazette only 2 days before.

  • By the time James Naismith invented basketball he was an American citizen. So basketball technically was invented by Americans.

  • Baseball is an American invention. Yes, the precursors to baseball came from Britain, but true Baseball was invented here.

  • The Chinese played a game called Cuju which is similar to football. Various other cultures around the world also played games similar to football however modern football was invented in England when it was codified by the FA. Modern football's roots lie in the mob game played all over Western Europe especially England this region is where the main sources of modern football codes lie.

  • The Collingwood football club's entire supporter base are bogans who have lost every tooth, have tattoos and live on government money (Centrelink) and like Holdens over Fords. Collingwood
    is an AFL club and that is far from the truth.

  • Okay, in the last video i watched from you ya said " i prefer canadian football." so how to you know about 2:41?

  • Apparently, there are some people who think the Tour de France's yellow jersey is worn by the previous stage's winner…

  • I remember back in the day of the start of the FA in England. They heard legends of a game from the far east so the sent a man to bring back the rules for them to copy it. They new that they could not have invented such a game simple game without any inspiration.

  • I honestly don’t know anyone who thinks the bulls have won the most championships, I feel like most people would put the lakers but what do I know

  • I learned that the country of origin for most sports is not the country where the sport is the most popular.

    Origin: 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
    Most Popular:🇨🇦

    Origin: 🇨🇦
    Most Popular: 🇺🇸

    Most Popular:🇧🇷

  • Baskeball was invented in Springfield Massachusetts l wad born in wocester Massachusetts and l know that baskeball was invented in Springfield

  • My maternal grandmother played hockey in Paisley Scotland before moving to Canada. She always believed the Scots invented it and tried to prove it by playing ball hockey with my brother and our friends even into her late 60's.

  • I love how you said rugby was invented before "digital" cameras. Digital cameras aren't that old 😂

  • I think more people think that the Patriots have the most amount of Super Bowl championships at the time this video was released

  • Well no shit going for it on fourth down gives you the best chance of scoring, you’re giving away possession if you punt. But if I’m on my 20 and it’s fourth and 10 unless it’s the end of the game and I’m down by a significant amount I’m not going to go to go for it that would just be idiotic.

  • basketball was invented in the US by a scotsmen. Canadians cannot claim the sport no matter how much they bend the rules to do so.

  • Another myth is thinking that people ever believed that the bulls had the most NBA championships. I honestly dont know anyone who ever thought the Bulls had the most. Ive never even heard of someone who knows someone who met someone who read a story about someone who thought the Bulls led the NBA in championships. Completely made up myth.

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