The "Secret" to being good at league and getting higher ranks

The "Secret" to being good at league and getting higher ranks

what is up guys this video is kinda more real talk than anything we're going to talk about probably the most important thing to climbing the kind of secret I guess the thing basically every other educators dream or whatever doesn't retorque about if you end up liking this video then throw it alike dislike it if you didn't and let me know what you guys think the real secret is actually just time actual time spent playing the game experience with the league this is something most people just don't talk about and it might be because it's not making them look very good I'm not trying to be a dick here I'm not trying to make anyone else seem like a dick but if I say to you hey look at all these things I do that let me climb to Diamond it makes me look better than if I say hey look I just paid way too much League and now I'm really good at it it's a dumb way to approach this so I'm going to dispel this myth and really show you what it takes to get challenger or whatever you want from League I'm not just spouting this out of my ass I was a TLP and diamond won season 3 before master tier existed that was basically pro level and honestly it's partly because I played so much and I tried hard almost every game I put a lot of time into getting good at League I watched the best players I tried to improve I put the time into practice when I wanted to avoid studying I'm gonna give you a few examples and I'm gonna start with me I think that's only fair season 2 was the first season I played a ranked in I paid about 500 games with my top 10 champions and about a thousand total in season 3 I played pretty much the same 504 games with my top ten again about a thousand total in season four I played on a semi competitive kind of serious team so I spent more time in ranked 5s and I refined to my champion pulled down more I played 577 games with my top ten champs and just under a thousand total in season five so last season I spent way more time with YouTube and I only played 245 games with my top 10 and 385 total but I did play a lot on my other accounts so probably like seven hundred eight hundred total now let's look at someone else and let me just preface this by saying Knight blue is an amazing streamer and educator he does a really good job of teaching people and I honestly recommend him I love using this example because it shows you exactly what I'm talking about and people look up to him and they should so in season two he played 1465 games with his top ten champions around 2,000 games total in season three he played one thousand six hundred and thirty six games with his top ten champs around 2,500 total games in season four he played one thousand five hundred and thirty games with his top ten champs and around 2,000 games total and finally in season five he played one thousand two games with his top ten champs around 1,400 total remember that he is a big streamer he plays his game for a living so he will play more and in season five is a little bit lower because he did a lot more unranked to Diamond stuff my point is that night Blue has 8,000 games played just in rank just on that one account he put an absolute ton of practice in to become an amazing player the truth is this is how most people are he isn't a god neither am i very few challenger players are naturally amazing to start with he's played over double the games that I have if I had played 2,000 games a season instead of a thousand then I'd probably be challenger as well and that is the point if you put enough time into this game then you can achieve what you want from it you do have people who are just naturally really good at games to start with a lot of those will have also come from other games though before coming to league like me my brother both blade counter-strike a ton before we play league and I Percy think that helped a lot when starting the game out like Canada gave us an edge I guess general mouse controlling at least reactions to this isn't going to fit everyone okay but this is the majority of people you see if they're high-low they probably played an absolute ton of league it's not even just League anyways any game look at Counter Strike it's even more true they're almost all the professional players have been playing for years I like household names is the 1.6 days obviously some newer players are coming up and we get some rookies and stuff like that but the majority of pros you see have invested thousands of thousands of hours into the game this is the biggest thing it's great watching my videos right watching streamers but you have to put the practice in and apply what you've learned and play a lot if you want to climb properly not everyone has that kind of time to invest in League though we can't just sit here and play the game 24/7 and the game has been out for a few years now so you're kind of playing catch-up in a way we're going to go over some things that you can do to maximize your time spent so like getting more out of the practice that you have watching videos and streamers will help build a knowledge up and mean you don't have to figure things out for yourself this is probably the biggest thing of all the things I teach you guys you could learn and realize just by playing but instead you're using my experience to save you time and save you doing it yourself when you're watching gameplay especially you want to keep asking yourself why why does he base now why is he training now why does he build this item whatever it is some streamers like night bloomie Fox has Valkyrie and will often explain as we go so you don't need to figure it out for yourself but asking why we'll give you the reasoning behind something and allow you to apply it in your games this is actually quite a big deal we're moving away from copying a certain action in a certain situation to using that skill or reasoning we now have in a whole bunch of different situations being a try-hard is important it's kind of sad actually that when I say try hard everyone is going to instantly assume I mean a bad thing it's not a bad thing at all you should be trying your best you should be doing everything you can trading a lot concentrating on your CS not just sitting back and not doing much but this is a game and you obviously you have to find a balance between try hard and fun it's a little hard to explain so I'll tell you what I do when I want to take the game Bri seriously I trade all the time even if it's just an auto here and there even if it won't make a big difference I'm gonna do it anyway I concentrate on my CS if I die I think of ways I could still win a fight or what I'm gonna do now I call objectives I talk a lot in chat I give my jungler information like flashes so he might do something when I'm streaming and stuff like that playing with my friends I am way more relaxed I just farm I guess I trade if it's obvious I try to fight people but I don't do all of these little things really playing to improve not to win is actually a big deal if you set your sights on becoming a master level player then it doesn't really matter if you lose a few games along the way so it's not going to affect you as much you want to focus on what you can and what you could do figure out what you've learned from the game what you could do better or what you did well every time I die I try to work out what I could have done better normally when he died is because of a mistake in some way or another if there was anything I could do in the game or just accept that sometimes your team is too bad and you're not going to win it the idea with this is your see improvement faster in a fewer number of games which will mean that long term you'll actually climb higher with fewer games played now before we end this video I just want to mention a web like called Opinion Outpost calm you can own gift cards or cash a bunch of different things actually it's free to join a basically research companies will pay people to answer their surveys on a bunch of different stuff anyway you can go check them out link is down below and if you're ever bored or sitting in dynamic queue times champion select you can do one of these and earn something while you're sitting there that wraps up this video though I hope you guys enjoyed it remember to Like subscribe comment share but for now let's go to the robots

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  • Hey, just a question, Do I resume playing with "friends" who pretty much insult you every game because they have been playing league since season 3 and I just played league at s6. It didn't bother me sometimes but everyone has limits. Do I use it to get better or move on?

  • Been playing since Season 2.
    Hiatus at the end of season 3, came back mid season 4. Still playing during Season 7 as a G o l d IV Velkoz main.

    Ah the good life

  • I'm in bronze in my first season. I got really discouraged and still do get that way. This video really gave me hope. I've been actively playing and learning the game (seriously, goofed around in previous seasons while learning nothing) for season 7 only. I've always felt limited because it feels that I don't have that inate challenger skill level. But you saying that time put in could get me there feels incredible. My goal is currently Diamond but I may want to try to climb more off of that. I love this game so much and have put a lot of time into it. Thanks for redirecting my frustration and giving me a motive again. I'm new, I'm learning. It's a marathon not a sprint.

    You're the best. Keep up the good work my man! 🙂

  • all of your videos have so much click bait. But the 'secret' is that all of your videos are literally the same things with different titles. Bro I know your probably not asking for my opinion but get some new material.

  • I realized for over a year and a half total of playing League, and not being able to improve overtime, I guess I missed a lot of stuff while focusing on more unnecessary things while playing. I guess this "Secret" of yours will be of big help to me and the rest of the League Community…. Thanks 😀

  • nightblue3 is a douchebag faggot and should die. but not a homosexual.. maybe he is idk.. he's just a fucking piece of shit human being.. have you actually listened to him on stream? hope he dies

  • But, but… you were only diamond at that time

    (challenger players hate towards diamond players is real xD)

    EDIT: Wait, you still are diamond after all these years… gotta do what you preach man 😉
    Anyways, I like your vids, keep it up

  • I don't quite understand? I play for 5 years constantly and get nothing but bronze, I start spending more time on school and play like 2 days a week and now I'm a gold player ..?

  • 3400 games in 4 seasons? Damn..pretty sure i had 3500 ranked games in just season 3 and only achieved Plat V. Damn I suck. Season 3 is when I started actually playing LoL regularly. and I started that season off at 1200lp as everyone, and dropped as low as 650 elo before climbing back out to plat V. Didn't really start to climb until I realized maybe it isn't my team, maybe it's also me, and I should see what I can do to cover others mistakes. I hit Gold in season 4 and then stopped, and season 5/6 I barely played. Now I'm back for season 7 and slowly climbing back up, currently about to retake gold, but I still have to study pro players endlessly. I'm not a very good mechanical player, I have to use game sense to really get anywhere. Just my story.

  • in 25 seconds i learned the big SECRET, paused and disliked. The secret is TIME? Experience? Now that's a big secret :)))

  • It's nice to get that "real" talk from someone extremely experienced as you are… giving the right inspiration… practice is key.

  • Team composition, dodging skillshots, knowing priorities in tf, having a complete team not just one rol, knowing items, not to die often, think about your teammates, make good ganks, defend towers and kill dragons are better than player kills …emm that and luck to have a team that adapts well with each other and done

  • People want an "Easy Button". The magic bullet that is going to make their game jump to the next level instantly with little time or effort on their part.

    There is no quick answer. You have to play. And play. Then play some more. Then play even more.

    It really comes down to deciding how much of your life are you willing to invest in a video game. That's why I don't judge "casuals". They have made a decision that they aren't willing to invest heavily into a particular game. That is the only difference between them and the "hard-core" gamers.

  • I started on preseason of s6 and I have 1600 games on Normal but only a few on Ranked, like 50 games, and I'm Bronze 2, however I have 2 7 and 4 6. What should i do? Start playing Rankeds or keep playing normal? I'm afraid of Rankeds

  • hi Phy,,,i'm from roumania so my english is not so good ….is there an way to talk with you by emailo or something ? i wanna ask just some tips …

  • The thing is… Before being a carry yourself in bronze you have to play your champion much… Not like insane amounts but so you know the tricks decently + basic game knowledge… I mean you don't have to be a faker but if you don't know what objectives to go for etc.

  • Stuck on diamond 5 since season 4, a lot of people in PH server actually rent eloboosting and putting their owners to diamond 5, giving enough rage for those who were playing enough to be good and wanted to climb higher but we cant because of them.

  • I came from dota and I kept getting confused when people asked me to leash them, we don't have to leash in dota so I kept dying over and over when I would jungle

  • I played a lot of cs as well, took me a 1000 hours and A LOT of practice to get LEM (started silver II)

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