The Ronline Report with Sergio Oliva Jr. | Update & Competition Plans

The Ronline Report with Sergio Oliva Jr. | Update & Competition Plans

everybody welcome to the wrong line report today's guests they have not spoken to in a while it's about time to catch up with the man well he's not from Cuba exactly but he was 1 1984 and he is the son of the most famous Cuban bodybuilder of all time shirt you'll leave a junior how are you sir what's out Ron I'm good I realized last last Thursday a week ago was your dad's birthday July 4th yeah yeah it's a it's wild he's there I used to tell us at the fireworks you for him well I mean how crazy is it that he always dreamed of going to America and he was born on Independence Day random right I know yeah he got me in a lot of our units at school when I would the art thing people they don't know what they're talking about oh man that's cool yeah so uh jeez I can't I came and remember the last time we spoke in one of these it's been so long I don't think we even talked about the Olympia so yeah yeah yeah I kind of I kind of disappeared after the Olympia I needed a little break it was a rough year so yeah so what happened you know you'll it was like Olympia experience like I know it's been almost a day in the year now but I haven't talked to you about it what was the Olympia like for your first Olympia it was really cool I think because I just know going into the Olympia you're not gonna it unless you're Phil Heath there's not gonna be another Phil Heath anymore and I say this all the time there's not gonna be any more people that qualify for the Olympia their first time and they're in the first call-out it's gonna be another Ronnie Coleman that's gonna come out maybe in the future hopefully by the time I'm retired before we'll ever see somebody doing something like that so I think going into it I it was probably the first time I didn't have any pressure and after Chicago having the most pressure I've ever had in my life and in Tampa for that pressure to get that qualification it was almost just like a it was fun it really was and I said it at the press conference which was really cool I got picked to be one of the 11 or whatever it was open guys so there were some guys from pass Olympia's that placed that didn't get to get picked on that that was really cool because I know I was picked for that and had nothing to do with my dad so yeah and I said that at the press conference that I really was just I felt like I had a the best backstage pass possible and I got to hang out with these guys and it was really cool to see like who's in what cliques and who hangs out backstage and who doesn't like each other and I really was just getting off on that and just the experience about it but having said that that would probably be the last time I'll ever feel like that from every time after I will be going to try and place and kill it and I'm sure the pressures will come with it but it was cool it was cooler at the pros meeting you know with the boots so many people were coming up to me saying that they even only came for the Olympia to see me because they had seen my dad on stage when they were younger and they just wanted to say they did that so there was just a bunch of stuff that had nothing to really do with me that I was just getting off on just being a part of that I'm bummed that you're not in it this year you know for many reasons but the press conference was was hilarious with you and Nathan – going at each other I mean I was I was on my I was getting like cramps from laughing so hard you guys yeah people people talked about that press conference more than anything I did the whole year it was pretty ridiculous but I loved it and and and and everyone hates Nathan I think because people don't know how to handle him but I think as long as you're not taking things to a personal level in the open you're only you're only creating more buzz for bodybuilding and it's only helping all of us as a whole so I never have a problem with him and I'm not ever gonna tell anybody like behind back stage this guy's the one coming up to me asking me what I think about his physique and stuff like that so he's he's not who he pretends to be I'll say that he's well he's well more tamed than he puts off but yeah it was really cool it was it was awesome that that was the highlight you know besides that you are comment which was probably the highlight of the conference would they that was someone called shawn rhoden year was a full youth called him that right yeah you that came back to haunt him the next night didn't it Wow yeah yeah it was Wow and exactly I was able to be there for history you know it was cool that yeah I was making history on my own but I was also able to be there and watch and Sean as a mentor of mine Sean's helped me for a long time I don't know if I would have won New York if he didn't show up to the gym one day and make me train with him and Charles every day leading up to that show so that was really cool and then I get to see him and then I that's why I spent the time with that a night with I was with him after so that was really cool see since he's a friend of yours and he's helped you out and everything does it bother you that I wouldn't say he's gotten a lot of hate but he hasn't gotten a lot of love from the fans you know he does have fans obviously got a million app followers on IG but man people have been brutal to him especially you know the cook the guest posing obviously I knew once I saw this picture like oh my god everyone's kind of a field day with this and we all did but uh does it does it bother you that he hasn't gotten the respect the the admiration that you would expect him a reigning mr. Olympia to get well I've been saying this for a while that Jay and Ronnie he lucked out because they were ending in the beginning of the social media phase and that's just what it is and that's what I mean look phil phil has a lot of qualities that i have myself where you got to where you are and none of these people helped you so really at the end of the day he doesn't care and that and now it throws people off like because they don't care about he doesn't care about their opinion now all of a sudden Phil's a dick he's the worst mr. Lee ever and I still got it more worse than anybody I mean he's gonna I say it all time he's the LeBron of bodybuilding and he will still win and he'll still get haters but I think it's more like we're not realizing it's just the age of social media and it's gonna continue to be like that um and Shawn I don't think Shawn's ever actually had any hate his whole career you know I mean he's won shows but other times most of the time he's always the guy who got screwed he should've won he had the best shake he lost the Dennis wolf with the Arnold you know there were so many shows where you never really gave people an opportunity to hate him because he never was just uh nominate I would say and so I think this is new for him to have people hating on him in general but now we need to all know and every ultra bodybuilder for the future needs to know this is what comes with being mr. Olympia and it's gonna be like that and unless you're somehow able to be like mr. kumbaya with everybody which Shawn is almost you know he's the most like monotone mr. Olympia ever and he still got so much hate but with the guest posing the guest posing is really crazy for me because I had the same exact experience the same thing I won I won nationals and then I was asked to do that guest posing and during that time was going through a really hard phase in my life I actually stopped training I was really depressed and I didn't want to do the guest posting and Shawn is the one who told me to do it he was telling me that look not a lot of people get picked for that that's like a very special event especially as me being pretty much an amateur I haven't done approach though by then and he told me to go do it because I need to you know be honored that I'm gonna do that and you don't you don't turn down Jimani at the last minute for that show that's just a it's not a good career move so I did it and yeah I looked worse than Shawn I assure you way worse and of course everybody came out of the woodwork so boss how I wanted I'm never gonna win a show and every Nationals with a flop Shawn ray did like 16 different specials on how how shitty I was and and and so when I saw Shawn going through it it just reminded me that that's kind of what I went through and he did the same thing he he's like me we are bodybuilders and we do it for a living and we do the sport we're not we're not one of these 24/7 365 bodybuilders I do want to spend a certain part of my life not being that guy because when I take that break I'm excited to get back and excited to kill the gym I'm excited to get back on my diet and also we do have a life outside of body but in him having a kid which is the first mr. Olympia to win our first mission we're gonna win while having a baby in his house there's no one has ever done that before I think Dax had like an older child and Ronnie had like seven young and you remember Lee Haney had a baby now so I say this long time look Lee Haney does not count for anything you have to put an asterisk next to Lee Haney because you can literally say Lee Haney did or didn't do every category he doesn't count and he definitely don't have a baby in his house while he was doing it though I'm sure this guy I'm sure this guy wanted to just spend some time with his family and work on that because it was a long year he's supposed to do the Arnold and then got sick he was in the hospital and then he had to keep going you know so that was that's a toll on the people in your life so either way him doing that and getting a lot of shit it's really crazy and just shows how kind of fucked up this industry is now because back in the day somebody could be like Lee Priest or Dorian and they look I mean Lee Priest transformation is always gonna be the most insane ever he look like a glazed donut in the office those overalls were but people say people don't know and that's the problem and I've been saying this about a lot of the even pros that are pros today they've been following bodybuilding for maybe five years they're the first mr. Limpy that can remembers Jay Cutler and it's really hard for people to understand that this is part of it and it happens but as long as on the day of the show he's gonna be on point who cares but wasn't it back in the day where if somebody did something and then they were like the champ didn't that mean like you would have to do that too to be the champ you know like I would think if Sean look like that and he's mr. Olympia that means to me as I'm like an old-school fan I should take a break and I should look like that too or now it's like the opposite it's like you can literally be the best and obviously what you're doing it works whatever you're doing is obviously number one in the world who is anyone to say that maybe this isn't what we all should be doing maybe and that's what I'm saying it just doesn't make sense how we're picking and choosing what open pros do stuff that is stuff we should do and stuff that's a no-no hmm well I talked about this Sean with Sean Ray the other day I just wonder is it a bad look when mr. Olympia is basically saying it's not healthy for me to look the way you guys want me to look year-round and I'm not going to do that I'm only going to look like that for a couple months before the show and that's it because you know I'm for em in my 40s I have a kid I'm concerned about my health and longevity so but reading between the lines it says looking like that looking the way I look is not good for you but it but isn't that true yeah I mean who who's done a show before and says that being that 45% is all year-round it's gonna be healthy it's he's not he's not lying and I think again that gets back to social media is that some people don't want to know the truth you have all these ebook and all these Instagram people who are in shape and they do the same thing they're in shape for like six months out of the year and they take a gazillion pictures and they post that for the whole year now they're in shape all year when really they're not because they don't show up to expose and they're not in the limelight and and I just feel like it's just we're comparing line and number two we have to remember he's an open pro bodybuilder to compete with the biggest people in the world you have to do certain things that classic men's physique and even to 12 don't have to do to 12 in the offseason I thought they're spending more of their time and classic as well any classes that have weight limits I feel like they're spending so much time like figuring out weight just distribution you know and there I'll see if they're like oh I gotta take this muscle for my back and put it into my legs or whatever us it's just you need to eat as many calories to the console game and right you need to get so god-awful fat and that's what I say all the time if you look good in the offseason you're gonna look small on stage and it's a fact every time no one looks good in the offseason it looks big on stage it's just it's just not it's not happening and you want to bring up Sean ray there is a completely different bodybuilding back in his day and what day that could you end there's plenty of guest postings for Sean great look like a fucking donut so the fact that he is always the first one to do it is so disrespectful but I promise you every day Sean Ray loses more credibility because when he doesn't ever give anyone any positive input ever everything he says is kind of just like bullshit anyway and no one really cares they don't and that's how it is and that's all a general amount of the open Prost feel about Sean ran his opinion it's when people say it he sent something it's just like yes I'm right everybody says that it doesn't matter anymore and that anisha he needs to wake up and realize at least throw in a couple compliments here and there and that was brought it up too and he got all mad when Dallas brought her not to but he said a lot of facts and I think everybody should wait and watch and see when's the next time Sean Ray gives anyone a compliment and actually talks good because unless you look like Sean ray or have Sean Ray's ABS or Sean Ray's flattop hair you're you're not as good as him and that's how it's always gonna be with him so who cares what he has to say about someone who won a title he never won and I and and Sean Ray told someone that Shawn Rhoden was a one-hit wonder so I think he was a little off line there so we'll find out 9 weeks but you know I mean who knows but it doesn't matter no matter what none of us should have a say and how somebody looks and if because he's saying the truth that it is unhealthy to be lean all year round then it's true and why are we getting mad why are we getting mad at the sky for saying the truth spending time with his family and he's got one of the best midsections up in on the Olympia stage so who cares at the end of the day enough about Shawn Rhoden it's time to get back to surgery leave a junior so you were living were you still living in LA at the time of the Olympia I was yeah yeah I prepped for the Olympia in LA and then I moved well actually right if you like that one to Australia I I left yeah I left immediately and I just got on a plane I left and I was there for a while I just I just needed a break and and I loved it I need it and I was very excited to get back and then as soon as I got back I moved to San Diego and it's literally been the best decision of my life yeah why San Diego what was wrong with LA what do you like better about saying you know let's put it that way oddly I mean everything the people the gym the weather but the main thing for me is I needed to get away from a lot of bad memories in LA and a lot of things that kind of just made me not happy and here I have no bad memories and the gym here it's called the gym San Diego it's this it's just so everyone's so supportive and there's no hate those gyms riddled with hate you have people that are instagramers fighting with actual real athletes and it's just and I can I miss train with Shawn and I miss training with Dex but in retrospect that's it that's all that's all la hats and that spends a lot of time in Jacksonville and and Shawn just goes to the gym he leaves he's never really hanging out so if that's the only thing good about LA then that means that I'm not supposed to be there wow I mean there's a lot of drama so that that gym itself you know I was lucky enough to be there when it was still Gold's Venice and still had tons of pros and you know it was a bodybuilding it was the most hardcore but well on it was most hardcore but it was the body doing gym in the world everybody wanted to go there really was the mecca you know everybody from around the world would spend like a week in Venice every course that's why I lived there yeah so I mean for you was it did you have that experience with it was there still some of that magic there when you were training there now yeah I always said when I was a kid if I win my pro card I'm gonna literally get in the car and drive to the mecca and move to LA and I did and it was stupid it was like of course as soon as I got there dealing with rents and money issues and of course then I got dropped by a sponsor then I was really screwed but everything happens for a reason and when I first got there it was cool the nostalgia of it was really great and it was cool to see like some people that I'm you know really big fans of training just watching them and just the pictures on the wall but you can already tell the respect is killed just alone my dad's picture has a CrossFit bar across it blocking it CrossFit bar yeah who's who's who's doing who's gonna go to gym for CrossFit bar but the the general manager does CrossFit and that's what it is and now not only is my dad's name spelled wrong in on the gold rim wall so is Franco Columbu to people don't see people don't care damn I gotta hear another Smith spelled Serge Oliva always the wrong way Olivia you kidding me I actually you ever seen it just spelled regular properly so either way there's just a lot of things in me I'm just such a big body willing fan those things can't not bother me so it was cool being there I've met great people I wouldn't have won New York if I wasn't in that gym and again like I said earlier there I'll never forget it was a day that I I was like kind of thinking man did I make the mistake of moving to goal or moving to LA and all for just one gym and I remember sitting in the front by myself like fuck what I'm gonna do and Sean is just leaving and he happens to stop and it's like hey what's up I'm like yeah you know I'm just you know I'm just gonna figure out what I'm gonna train and he's like well if you show up at two o'clock every day you can train with me and Charles and I learned showed up 150 every single day so it's just what I wouldn't have been able to have been sitting there for him to have offered that if I wasn't in that atmosphere so so there's there's plenty of good and there's plenty of that I just do better when I'm away and I can just eat sleep and train and that's it a lot of bodybuilders like the attention they like taking their shirt off and doing photo shoots and just being being a body builder and that's completely okay I'm completely opposite I just want to Dorian Yates it and disappear show up for my show and do my work and then go back home so how long had you been in San Diego before you started training with Eddie bracamontes not long we I had already talked to a mother before I moved there that was kind of the plan as I was I was really moving for that gym the gym shits on ghost gym it is it's one of the Kony's gym yeah exactly well used to be World Gym and it's actually masters gym that's the gym that Nasser somebody´s – Wow trainer so just the amount of machines they have in there like Gold's Gym they have not put a new machine in there in years every other month this place is taking new stuff out and putting crime machines in there and they also have Nautilus in there and that's that's the kind of bodybuilder I feel like I am I say this all the time I'm like old-school and new-school put together so I need that kind of gym to counter that so I told Eddie that I was planning moving down we were in the train together because I don't know if a lot of people know me and Eddie went against each other Nationals 20 50 was runner up to you yeah right exactly you're actually won against each other a USA is prior and I remember being so worried about I can never remember this guy's name either because he won and he tied the Bob took her off for the most tries to get a pro card oh god what's his name you should know ah he won USA's many lost to Cody he won the Super's and lost to Cody in the overall so I just remember being so worried about him – Eddie almost beat me at USA's I'm gonna be like what who is this guy I couldn't tell if it was like Hispanic Native American like he just had this look and I used Eddie and then I stand after that show I left fair and went to Osito for Nationals and then I knew Eddie was gonna be my competition for Nationals and I would just follow him over and over and over again and it made me be the best I ever had and I narrowly beat him and we had been friends since that day so we talked all the time so I was really excited to train with him and we're really alike to Eddie is the kind of the same thing prodigal there he's not very attention grabbing and it's just really forum oriented and he's really serious about his workouts and the more boring your life is the better and that's kind of how we both live so it was perfect and it's been the best is Lilly but he's the best workout partner I've ever had in it and it's been really cool to now be on the other side watching him do shows now that I'm taking the year off I've never done that before I've never watched someone I know do a show and I never realized that it's it's a wreck I don't know how people do it with me yeah dude I don't know when you when did you decide what your plans are gonna be did you decide after you Olympia that you were gonna take 20 19 off or did that come that decision come after you got back from Australia or when did you figure all this up no I wanted to keep doing the Olympia I can I wanted to be able to say every time I get on stage I qualified for the Olympian and I think I have and that's really cool and I want to still do that but I was thinking I took a break off after you limpia and then once I got back from Australia and I got back into it I was thinking let's show what I have enough time to prep for and it was just gonna be probably Tampa or Chicago again and I don't know I don't know if I'm gonna do another Chicago show for a while until I can fix my time clock this is something I talked about after Chicago and if you say anything after you lose you're like destroyed and people don't even listen to me but I was trying to explain is that I'm a night owl I sleep I go to bed at like 3 4 a.m. and I wake up really late so the Tim Gardner shows are the earliest starting shows the night show the night show started at 4 o'clock and and the open pros were the last on stage and prejudging so we're last in prejudging and first so my body needs time to dry out and I do I'm just not even awake and look at New York New York I was I'm staying to like 9 o'clock at night I was I was peeled so I need to fix and that's not on anyone else but myself that's just me I need to I need to turn my body into a regular bodybuilder and get up early and be ready in a wake for prejudging so it'll be a while I'll go to bed so late that's ridiculous 3:00 to 4:00 a.m. I have my whole life I've always been working like night shifts or night security or whatever my whole life yeah I have been probably been to bed before two o'clock in probably 10 years Wow you know what you know I also love the team because I'm like I go to the gym twice a day so then I go back at 10 o'clock and nobody's there I love it that's the best time to train so but I'll fix that all so either way until then I can't do another Tim Gardner show I just I just can't they just aren't for my body right now so it was gonna be maybe Tampa and I can maybe pull it together and I had talked to Dex in March about him doing it and he said he for sure was doing it so there's no point I wasn't gonna die at the whole entire year when this guy is maybe on his way out and this might be his last show and I'm gonna buy it the whole year for a second place and then do not yeah I would rather I'd rather just for the first time I left one overdose before I've never had an off season in my entire career it's always another show yeah we're always like fuck up my life and then I have to barely get it together right before a show but I've never had just time where I'm just growing and nothing's really destroying my life so I'm sure to see because I actually was the worst year of my life and I still made it to be top 60 in the world so now I'm thinking to myself what could I do if I actually just had a proper offseason some time to actually grow and eat so I made that decision when Dexter told me was gonna do Tampa so I was always gonna take the year off yeah I mean smart choice because you know you know I don't bullshit so when I saw you both I saw you win the New York Pro X I said I've seen you at all your pro shows I believe and structure and shape awesome I said I it's hard to say that a guy who's too secure but you were about 260 on stage last year right no I was – 72 – 72 okay so let me back it up because now it's gonna sound even more ridiculous when I say it Sergio needs to be bigger he needs to fill out more 272 pounds you would think oh my god that's like that's that that was Dorian that his biggest that was you know Ronnie when he was Jay that was that's about as big as any human needs to possibly be but you need to be bigger than you were last year yeah and I know and I know that – I was the only one person out rating at the Olympia and that and I can I tell people that Randy because I thought I want yeah damn damn you Ronnie and I do what I say that cuz I want people to be educated understand that weight means nothing it means absolutely nothing on stage and you know more than anybody you can lose weight and look bigger so so just because I weighed that amount that seems like a lot but exactly look that's not even that's not even third call-out so I'll and that's the other thing that I took from you limpia the experience was amazing but they put me between big Ronnie and Phil Heath on purpose they absolutely did that there was no reason when I was a member your number was between their numbers that's why I came out I was in the call-out with Romney and and and Phil I don't remember who was in the other on the other side Wow but I'm literally in between them in between both of them and means isn't that an honor don't you want to be next to mr. Lee I promise you if I was a typical bodybuilder I would have hated it now you lose followers you look small you look like shit me I love it I love feeling like shit I love feeling small and I love because because again I'm not a typical body blow so I'm out in public I hate the stairs I hate that you're big because I know I'm not so it's such a gratifying feeling when you're reminded how fucking small you really are so I love that actually but it also did remind me that if I only had about three or four months before I started dyeing again I would just look the same and that's what's happening with a lot of these guys they kind of look a little bit better each year and then it takes them ten years before they can actually get to something maybe like the first call in Olympia I'd rather just take the air out gain the amount of weight I would have in the next three years of doing can you know consistent shows and just and and this way I can say I did I tried mmm because before this I can't say what I would look like with an off season so when did this offseason like officially start right before the Arnold so maybe end of end of February I really got on it and yeah my weights skyrocketed ah I feel really good I'm I'm fixing the lagging body parts that I needed to fix so I'm I'm a you posted a picture said it was a I don't know if it was a current Chuck because you like to troll us yeah yeah oh you said three oh five and the six one nine so yeah were you actually three oh five that day and that was the picture of you at 3:05 yeah that day yeah yeah yeah you just said you need to get fat you weren't fat in that picture at all no that's just good lighting that everyone takes that same picture that that spot and go at the gym in San Diego it's got that cross line it makes everybody look good it's really that there's no lighting in the world that's gonna help you do that it was if it was like a front double or front last bread maybe it was a most muscular I can hide a lot of this Trump but yeah you're right so I trust me that that's what I'm trying to do is push as many calories and try to eat 10,000 calories a day and just I want to try and get so fucking unhealthy fat and then and I won't be able to say I didn't I didn't do it right I didn't have a good offseason because I mean I guess is there a Ron and be exclusive I'm gonna do the Arnold is my next show yes praised besides all the the mystique that is with that show it's a huge thing for me to even want to do that show that means I feel like I'm obviously doing pretty well but that also means I'm done have to bring my best I mean literally Arnold's watching so I would if I was if I was in charge of the Arnold and who gets into the show I would absolutely want sir do you leave a junior in my own class are you kidding me yeah I've got the nomination every year I've been a pro I just I just feel like when people step on certain stages and they're not that quality it's disrespectful I thought there's a lot of people that have done the Arnold but again that's just me I'm just such a historian of the sport and I feel like the person who was who barely beat John dela Rosa at New York doesn't have any business being at an Arnold I just don't that would have been a second or third column I mean I've all but they try to make it a very international show so there's always one or two guys you've never heard of I'm not gonna say the countries like Russia but it's always like you know they're not bad bodybuilders but in that lineup you like they just they don't really belong up there with the dexter's and the bond acts and Roly Winkler's I mean that's it's an elite level it's it's almost the same level as the Olympia competitor wise you should be pretty damn awesome if you're up there at the Arnold Classic right exactly I say that all the time I promise you I would rather take a Luke or Raphael placing being in a first quarter at an Arnold then beating who I beat at New York and taking a first place which sounds nuts New York is the third best show in the world I love this ring it is literally the best thing I've ever achieved in my entire life but I'm also I'm very aware of where I am and where bodybuilding is and I say I said this the day after I won New York the year before I won New York it was Dexter Rowley Nathan who closed that line up he's insane and if I had won that show that's completely different that's a that's a Night of Champions lineup and that would never over be overseen by any second or third place and an Arnold but me I would way rather take a first call out at the Arnold then going and winning Chicago I really would I'm I want to be mr. Olympia one day and I want to win the Arnold Classic champion so winning local shows it's just not something that I'm willing to my whole career for and kind of even lose muscle and tear my body down just to what say I did it we don't call the local shows let's just call them second-tier shows you know but so you were 305 back in May can I ask what you're pushing the scales at right now uh yeah stop weigh myself I'm really bad don't use I need Udrih myself because Lucido wanted to know he just really big on weight but I mean it's I gotta be 310 I would imagine I've gained 5 pounds since then but I would I wouldn't know until I start dieting I won't weigh myself again yeah so I'm all about the body parts I was knocking the shit out of you last year were chest and back so what's going on with your chest and back that's it exactly right yeah because from the front you know I want you to be as thick from the side as you are from the front the back that's that's an awesome body builder and I didn't see that with you last year that was the mist that's the key that's the missing ingredient that front to back thickness when you have that yikes look the fucker sir that's absolutely what i've been doing i've been doing trust and back twice a week every week and i've been killing it and and yeah i mean no matter what i'm gonna be different but that's the thing that's rep insane and every pro should want to be drastically different between each show it shouldn't just be oh i improved and you have to put pictures next to each other we can barely tell I want to walk out and people are like that is completely different gonna be yeah Wednesday yeah that's my pet peeve is when guys say improve this and that and I look at them I say dude you look exactly the same as you did last year I know what the fuck you're looking at you know and they get all mad but I'm like if it was that obvious people would be able to tell you wouldn't have to tell people they'd be like holy shit look at him now exactly yeah you remember that feel when he walked out in one of those elympios that walk I want to have that I want to have that walk where you walk out and it's just like well shit who second well that's the first don't the first Olympia the one he when he took second to Jay the last year Jay one when he walked out it was like that and I had him winning that show the 22 yeah but that was like all my god everyone was like everyone just like looked at each other and laughs like look at that that is like about is that's about as good as a bodybuilder can look right and look and then he wins and everybody hates something Tony it's how it is and I got and I'm gonna be ready for that but I no one's been more hated than me even just where I'm at to my points so I'm ready yeah you can never you'll never be able to name another amateur and pro that's been more hated than me from the beginning of their career all I've heard is you're not you're never from the day I lifted a weight even when I just even started getting into the gym when I was like 145 pounds people are like well when are you gonna start listing like fuck everything listed for years shit what do you don't look like your dad that's what I hear and that's really what it comes down to is no matter what I always say this no matter what call on I'm in there's always imaginary guy standing next to me that I'm also as well getting compared to and it used to bother me he really did used to bother me a lot and I actually didn't realize how much it bothered me but once I won New York I actually it doesn't bother me more it doesn't faze me anymore and I think because deep down I kind of believed it maybe I didn't deserve to be where I was but now I've done shit that has nothing to do with my dad and now it's just kind of like I think it's funny I think it's funny how I can literally write every time I step onstage I qualify for the Olympia every time I step onstage I look better I improved drastically each time I mean my timing with my condition and water was off for a little bit Chicago but but the muscle difference was completely different so then who cares it doesn't matter and I'm in this for 10 years I'm in this for my tenure and I don't plan on going anywhere so it just it doesn't faze me anymore but it really does come down to that I will always IDO said it best if I win a show people are like oh yeah he's heard your song alright if I lose it see I told you he's never gonna be live up to it his dad was this is that with that and that's what's gonna be forever and if I win the Olympia I think I would win the Olympia and literally retire onstage I would never give people that chance to turn into where I'm the bad guy Wow yeah I mean Leveroni always said that and and I I believe him now cuz he said it so many times with with conviction he said if he ever won the Olympia that would have been his last show ever but no question I'm done he would have dropped the mic yeah I think I think you'd change I have to think standing there with the trophy and all it could it could sway your opinion about for sure you're right yeah yeah but I actually don't even think about that I really I think more about the Arnold than I do anything else I don't think except for Phil and Shawn no one's ever really won the Olympia without winning you're out anyway so thinking about something later on is it's just really pointless I think Ronnie won the Arnold after he what he did yeah yeah so besides him usually yeah that's that's the you're next in line yeah I mean that's when Flex won all those Arnold's it was like well he's definitely got to be mr. Olympia didn't happen Yeah right and that's the other thing I say to you you'll see my fans every now and then they'll they'll write in my route my real friends I always say say I'm not gonna win the Olympia and that that helps me more than saying you're gonna be this because one it means you don't know me because I don't I don't like that kind of attention but to even if you just know the sport only Phil Heath is the only person who's ever won the Olympia that was said he was gonna win in the beginning of his career mm-hmm no one's ever said to any one of the 14 people you're gonna be mr. Olympia one day and they and they wanted there was always they won't even some of they were talking about it's all that Sean Ray's Chris premieres couple of Rowan's flex wheeler brought uh all those second places were the ones that you're gonna be the next mr. Olympia and you never do so if anything to me I think it's a curse and I say that all the time so really you're cursing people when you say you're a future mr. Olympia and if you really care about me say you're never going to because because the last fourteen guys or thirteen besides Phil we're told they were never gonna win ronnie was never gonna win I mean that people everyone should watch that flex wheeler documentary and it really shows how Ronnie was picked on he was kind of like a joke nobody really even cared about him where they were travel take that last yeah you know there's just so many people nobody no one thought she was gonna be Ronnie it did it no no I mean I thought ronnie was gonna win that thing till till I was 100 years old I thought he was gonna win Penn Ferrari absolutely I want to give you a chance to talk about the sponsor you do have right now Titan Grimlock did you yeah you bring a couple to show to the camera do you happen right there yeah buddy yeah no it's actually I used like bunch of different grips before in the past and that's probably one thing that I am thankful that I don't have to really stress about is my forearms and training them it's it's that's probably the one thing I would admit I got for sure for my dad and and but so I never really use any of those grips and stuff like that but tying grips is completely different because it like changes how you work out it has nothing to do with your forearms at all even though our workouts are all through our hands it doesn't implement your forearms or train them whatsoever it's really good for pros and amateurs so it's really good for pros because sometimes we want to make sure a perfect example is back that's the biggest muscle in the body you can be doing underhand movements which is which is lower back and still be doing your upper back you can do certain movements that are only supposed to work certain areas and you're really not so by the way that they're angled they make it where you're pooling with the right fingers and it makes you drive your elbows in or out it's just a natural movement and its really good for amateurs too who maybe don't know how to work out or maybe have pain in their elbows when they're doing curls and stuff like that and it just it just snitches they angle a little bit so I thankfully I've been using these well every day and it's really helped me to fill in the gaps that I want to do I want to fill in any gaps even just for like the victory pose I still feel like I look like shit when I cut them I'm not I'm not satisfied with at all but there's a big difference of the top of your lats and the bottom your lats and you you can't just go in and say I'm doing lower lots that's something you have to completely focus on and make sure you're doing it right so I'm really thankful that Titan groups is really helped me out with that and they're sticking with me I'll always remember who was there for me when I wasn't you know at the top you're the only person who's reached out to me in this time where I'm you know taking a taking a break a break forgot about what I love that that's that quote you know and people think if you're not posting on social media that you're not doing anything and it's usually the opposite that's usually you get the most work done I mean the people that post constantly I don't know I don't know what they're getting done hey you know what you know what they're getting done they're taking all the sponsorships away from the actual open body builders go because there's people that have a million followers that have any want to show I'm not gonna name his name but there was there's a guy who has he does have a couple million followers he came to my gym a couple years ago and granted I think he'd had an injury or something so I'll give him I'll give him a pass but he looked nothing nothing like his pictures in fact everybody in that gym that I know and now of course I know all the meatheads everybody was bigger and better physique than this guy and this guy has made a shit ton of money off of social media and sponsorships and everything and I was just shaking my head cuz I was like talk about an illusion this is this is a perfect example out social media has nothing to do with real life this guy is not what you thought he was doesn't look like that it's all it's all an illusion I used to I used to I used to get so angry I used to bother you so much when I you know cuz I already don't want to write off my name you know so I try and work really hard and then I feel like if I can do this or work on this or fix this or even win a show that that should still bring something and then I have to constantly watch people who maybe even don't even do shows just are it's not even making more money than me they're like borderline rich and it's it's just hard just it was hard to swallow but I just now realize that's just part of the game now and that's been is part of it and if you met like in a magician and you found out magic wasn't real you can't get mad at them that they're fucking making people believe that what they're doing is real it's their fault for falling for it and but it is taking away from the actual real athletes that are helping and reaching out so nobody wants to prep with real coaches anymore you know because you can buy an e-book for $10 and you need to know right there that's it right so and it is it's slowly actually degrading and deteriorating the fitness industry as a whole and but I feel like one day Instagram is gonna end I feel like everything's and like stride I'm sure people were thinking Facebook was the future and myspace was the future in my space I thought they'd never go away so so I'm sure at some point the real people who are real will still be here one day and that's what I said is that no matter what this is all I want if I can get out of my career is that someone's talking about me or something I did 10 or 20 years from now I'm looking at where Instagram right now no one's no one's gonna okay so the Instagram everybody is no spaces all lowercase Sergio Oliva jr. 375 K followers that's not shabby at all at all I lost followers really yeah look and this what happens when you disappear a little Caroline they unfollowed just cuz you hadn't posted in a while yeah I mean it's but those means that those weren't real fans anyway those are like the ones that are just kind of really random and and and and if you're gonna talk about numbers of social media followers I can I can show you all my DMS throughout the day where people are sending me things to pay $500 for 10,000 so people don't I would never do that I also just don't even care to do that let alone even if most free but these people are they are buying followers they don't have these a million followers and they didn't do some sheisty shit in there this just if you got a million followers in your pictures average like 500 or a thousand likes that the math doesn't add up right so your followers don't like any of your pictures dude thankfully for what I want to do for a living yeah social media followers have nothing to do with it when I step on stage none of those followers are with me and I also say this all the time too that people need to understand the difference between a follower and a fan it's a big difference a followers are someone who literally clicks a button and and and it says follow on it a lot of times those are your haters majority of my followers are people who only want to keep up on me so they can be the first to say all he failed they're not usually your biggest fans fans are the ones who are communicating with you they're commenting or reaching out there you see them in person they buy your merch though those are those are real fans and they also stick with you and I see people on boards and tagging me saying you know like oh I did that show I would have won or where my abs and that means a lot it means a lot that people are thinking about me but I don't I just don't care about followers and I think that's probably why I get a lot of hate to because I literally tell someone for their face I don't care I'm just so old-school and I do have a lot of my dad in me I said this at the press conference he imagines my dad had social media he he he literally would look up people's addresses on his police scanner and crying them yeah I went away I went to his when I went to his funeral of course on now all the cops want to tell me about the story is when my dad was younger and stuff like that and yeah my dad was a little life I mean was not a bully but he did not mess around I mean there was a time where he literally there was one story they told me that this guy and sometimes he caused problems himself because he was so scary in that uniform that he pulled somebody over and he was asking for their license and they were so scared to roll the window down that they were kind of putting it through a little slot and he dropped it and my dad was like get out of the car and pick up your license and the guy was so scared he got on his car you didn't get out so my dad literally put his hands in the window push the window down took the guy out through the window held him by his ankles and told him to pick up the hiya and of course you know he got to spend any got in trouble but that was like in the 80s can you imagine today you know any of these guys Arnold Arnold is so social media savvy now he's like one of the best he's so funny but if it was when he was currently mr. Olympia and old Arnold oh my god he would be he'd be a Phil Heath fuck you you're already talking about he would we know it I think you've been too busy sending dick pics to girls to worry about man Sergio I I got a thank you for giving me the scoop on that I don't get too many exclusives so I'm gonna give you this gift you suck you will never be mr. Olympia thanks alright man you've been very generous with your time and I'm gonna let everyone know we spent about an hour and a half trying to get your skype going yesterday and you did not bail on me you kept trying and trying the support technology hates us I don't know what to say but we got it done thank God and awesome man thanks Ron okay and thanks I'm deed too because you guys are giving me my only covers and you've been really just supporting me even if cuz nowadays the sponsors pay for you to get magazines and it only makes sense you know you got to pay for these things to run and I and I get that and there was I got two covers with no sponsor and that's rare that is rare and I and I'll never forget that I'll never forget who was there from the beginning so thank you you're welcome and yes absolutely sponsors pay supplement companies play a bigger part in the magazines than they did when I was a young cub writer let me tell you that for sure so ok that's it man I'm gonna let you go appreciate your time and and I'm glad to hear you're doing the Arnall I've often wondered why doesn't Sergio do the Arnold to be a great show for him yeah I can tell you right now too and and if joseline our toilets is watching I'm gonna win that best bug poser award I will I will win that award every single year I do the Arnold unless unless Kai comes back and then he can have it but I will win back her and I'm coming for my first call out so we'll see Josh you heard at the gauntlet awesome I meant Sergio thank you so much thank you guys everybody for watching Ron line approach so did you leave a junior now you know what he's up to he's uh he's not disappeared off the face of the earth he's alive and well in San Diego training getting big and getting ready to win the 2020 Arnold Classic whoa that's a lot of presser ok well we hope we hope we'll take it alright thanks for watching we'll see you later

29 thoughts on “The Ronline Report with Sergio Oliva Jr. | Update & Competition Plans

  • I don't have a problem with Shawn Rhoden or any other bodybuilder getting fat in the off season. But if you're fat, stay off the stage because nobody wants to see 👀 that. Why would anyone want to pay to see that? If you're going to guest pose, be presentable.

    I've seen, Phil Hill, Bronstin Austin, Tim Belknap, Bob Birdsong, Samir Bannout, and Sergio Oliva Sr. to make a few, give posing exhibitions and they were all in good shape and and did not disappoint.

    To say it doesn't matter if Shawn shows up fat for exhibitions because he will be in shape for the Olympia, is disrespectful to the fans who came to see him. Most fans can't afford to go to the Olympia. Those exhibitions may be the only time they will get to see you. Give them something positive to remember.

    The bodybuilders I mentioned above that I saw give exhibitions, I will always remember how great they looked and how they inspired me. I couldn't wait to get in the gym after seeing those guys.

    So my message is that if you can't be in presentable shape, don't agree to do posing exhibitions. Give a seminar or something. Don't disappoint the fans because you won't get them back.

    If you think it doesn't matter what shape you show up in, I guarantee you won't have fans for very long or posing gigs.

  • I hate to be the one to break it to you Sergio, the only reason they picked you for the press conference was because of your name (i.e. your dad).

  • Sergio Jr., is not worthy of an IFBB pro card. He’s been riding his father’s name for too long. I really don’t think he can add any size or density to compete in Open. If anything he should drop down to Classic.

  • You gotta like Sergio Olivia Jr. one of the best interviews in the IFBB. Honest, open and no bs. Most pros have the personality of a boiled potato in interviews not Sergio Jr. He’s entertaining and full of life. The IFBB needs more competitors like him.

  • He should be interviewed all the time. He does not shy from questions and is usually 100% on point.

  • SO Jr is one of my favorite pros today. He is not shy to speak the truth. He was 100% on point when he spoke about Shawn Ray. I do agree with most of what Shaw Ray says. However, he slams people. Almost no positive comment. I hope Sergio wins the O in the future. I think he can be in the top 5 within the next 2-3 years.

  • Sergio u need a psychologist. Where do I begin. You look great bro. Slow down and enjoy the ride and stop being so hard on yourself. You have muscle dysmorphia. 300lbs plus with abs. Beast mode

  • Nice hearing someone say Shawn Ray is a cunt. Not a likable guy. Who gives a shit how good he was he’s a asshole

  • Really hope sergio makes some serious improvements, can't believe he was that heavy at the Olympia.Would be great to see him come in looking like a beast

  • nice interview …a lot of compliment ..but why not do MD Sponsor Him ..Go give a shot sponsor the guy help him grow…agree or not agree?

  • I've appreciated Shawn Ray's views in the past but Sergio has a good point about him. He's always negative and I never hear any pros speak highly of him, even the ones he doesn't criticize.

  • Stay up Sergio!! I like your style bro Keep doing you buddy💪💪 I'm a brand new fan but a Pro in another Federation but overall -wish you the best S.O.✌💪💪

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