The Only Player That Matters

38 thoughts on “The Only Player That Matters

  • People say he’s bad
    People say he’s small
    People say he’s not he best PG

    This video proves those statements wrong

  • “Embarrass lebron and the Cavs” LBJ rlly took the warriors to 6 games without kyrie and love… I’m dead

  • Ok I’m not a warriors fan. In fact fuck the warriors they make basketball kinda boring because there is no doubt in who is gonna win the finals as long as they are together. But I refuse to not recognize his amazing skill

  • Kobe and Ai was banging 3’s off the dribble firstbInlive Curry tho competed his 3 too another level

  • With the blurry vision, he probably was like, f*ck it that red thing looks like a rim. Lemme just chuck it up

  • I really respect steph and all but LeBrons stats this year were:

    27.5 PPG
    8.0 APG
    8.5 RPG
    51.4 FG%
    and the only player in NBA HISTORY to do this is Oscar Robertson in 1962 and this is apparently supposed to be a down year for him, highest standards ever 🐐 put some respect on his name

  • Curry only won 1 championship before KD got there and he wasn't the finals MVP that year either…

  • I'm not even a basketball fan, or even a sports fan, but I did like the video, and the Warriors. I dont know, I always just kinda get a Superman typa vibe from Stephen. He's like a symbol of the Bay Area.

  • People like LeBron cos they empathise with his ego. Much fewer people empathise with actually getting the job done…

  • Clevlend wins 75 percent of games with lebron, without him they win 2 percent quite a drop right😂

  • Steph Curry the type of guy to only listen to Logic and do un perfected backflips into an infinity edge pool and walk away like he nailed it

  • I’m an okc fan and curry is definitely the best PG in the league rn and the second best all time behind magic

  • People hate him because he destroys every team he plays against. Maybe not always, but most of the time. That includes me, I know how good he is, that's why I don't like him.

  • The fact that he just got contacts is mind blowing, those half/full court bombs without being able to fully see the rim is literally just leaves me speechless. He is THE greatest shooter to ever live. Also im not even a curry fan or warriors fan

  • People hate curry because Klay,Green,Durant,And Maybe Cousins
    are on the team if they whoudnt be on the team he whoud drop at least 40 Pts every game for like 5 years probably
    5 back to back MVP awards and he whoud be the top 5 greatest player in the history of the sport he has changed the league more than any player has jordan didnt even bring more than curry thats just how much he has to be apreciated
    If my english bad srry

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