Halo Reach Tournament! Win a copy of Halo 4!!

what’s going on guys evils here and i’m just unilateral know that you and i are hosting a humorous sherman end celebration or preparation for hill four now this is hope we can be pretty big guns only live shame that i shouldn’t be a couple different days of stuff as can be done endangerment […]

Vegan Gains Vs. Bite Size Vegan: Arm Wrestle Showdown

Alright, let me catch up on comments for today’s video. Oh, here we go – I was totally going to go vegan and then I saw your face. Excellent. For every animal you don’t eat i’m going to eat five and i will live forever. Bacon, bacon, bacon, bacon…bacon. Did you hear what Vegan Gains […]

Animation vs. YouTube (original)

Second Coming: A TV and remote? Lets watch TV! Come here Green. ? SC: Come on! There we go. Green: (Grunts) Green: Ugh! OOF! Ah, ha ha Charlie! Charlie bit me! Man: Woah, that’s a full rainbow! All the way…. Double rainbow! Evolution of dance! Man on the stage: JUBAJABAJABA *audience cheering* *Rock music* Green: […]

What’s inside a Kookaburra Cricket Ball?

– [Dan] Sorry, little bird, but I’m gonna cut right through you. (dramatic music) I’m born to be a cricket bowler. – There’s a bird. – That’s a kookaburra. – It’s a funny word. – Does that mean anything or– – I think it’s an Aboriginal word. – Welcome back to What’s Inside, I’m Lincoln […]

Olive Oil Wrestling – Olympians vs Influencers | The Global Games

Previously, on Global Games, we took the action to the sky. Our Olympians and social Influencers competed in the fly-athon challenge, and soaring away with the gold, was Olympian Lolo and Influencer Hendo. This win finally got a gold on the board for Lolo, and let Hendo take the overall medal count lead away from […]

Wingsuit : un des sports les plus extrêmes (avec Ludo du Tatou et les Soul Flyers)

Hi, it’s Ludo from the “Le Tatou” channel. Today, I’m with Brut and we’re going to meet a team of professional athletes: the Soul Flyers. That’s them. And that’s also them. In short, as I’m sure you’ve understood, Soul Flyers are extreme sportsmen. So how does their discipline work? How do they train? With Brut, […]


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