The Best of Baseball – Tosh.0

Cute trick, now choke up and hit a sac fly, rook. Meet wiffle boy. The best wiffle ball pitcher in the world, which will open up zero doors for him in life. But I don’t give a crap how ridiculous those pitches are, I can take anyone deep. Nice to meet you wiffle boy. Actually, […]

Daniel Ricciardo talks F1 in 2017: Changes, Racing, Challenges and More

welcome Daniel thanks for the chat tell us about Formula One in 2017 – it’s a very different year for Formula One, you’ve had a chance to drive the RB13 for fans that haven’t seen it yet what’s different about the cars? D: They are going to be visually, it’s kinda like of like a […]

Giant REWIND Musical in REAL LIFE to TRAP Hacker! (Game Master Battle Royale) | Rebecca Zamolo

– This is it. This is the Zamfam rewind where we are going to take down Mr. X and we’re gonna stop the switch too. Are you guys ready? – I know what you guys are doing here. – No! – Oh no! – You okay? – She doesn’t know how to hack. Nothing else […]

Guess What’s Melting In Reverse (GAME)

– We’re melting some weird stuff. – Let’s talk about that. (upbeat music) – Good Mythical More… – Today we’re gonna watch things un-melt I.e. melt in reverse. It’s gonna make your face melt. – But, first we want to let you know that today’s episode, is sponsored by Skillshare, an online learning community that […]

Cheating in Videogames – Where is the Line Drawn? – Game Sack

(Game Sack Theme) – Hello and welcome to Game Sack. I thought I’d do a different episode this time and talk about cheating in video games. So what is cheating? Using an invincibility code is certainly cheating, but what about using a turbo controller with rapid fire? Or how about playing a game on an […]

How GTA Open Wheel F1 Races Work – GTA 5 Discussion #128

Hello everyone I’m Broughy1322 and this is going to be a quick video explaining how open wheel races work, in addition to talking a little bit about the new Progen PR4 and Ocelot R88. So first of all, and it’s kind of amazing after covering racing in this game for almost 7 years to say […]

Cricket Gully Gully Ki | Ashish Chanchlani

I didn’t know that cheaters like you would be playing too. I came on seeing you. Come on, don’t bug me. Toss the coin. Has anyone got a coin? Wait. Take this. What’s this? – It’s a packet. If its heads you win and if its tails I win. How could you rely on this? […]

Burka Avenger Vs Match Fixing (Cricket Episode w/ English subtitles)

This is Halwapur My city, my home. A tragic incident left me orphaned as a child A kind man and his wife gave me a loving home. He became my mentor. And he taught me the ancient art of… Takht Kabaddi! The art of fighting with books, pens and advanced acrobatics. Now, I use my […]

Baseball Positions & Roles : How to be a Pitcher

The pitcher’s primary responsibility is to get the batter out. That can come in the form of a strike out, a ground out, a pop out, any number of different ways of getting the batter out. But primarily, your responsibility is to record outs. Now you’d think that the pitcher would always want to get […]

How to Use a Water Bottle For Baseball Pitching Drills

What’s up baseball players! Today I’m gonna cover water bottle or towel drill okay so again today we’re gonna cover should you use a water bottle or a towel in your throwing drills so I personally use the water bottle and today I’m going to show you why so if you’re new to the channel […]