Cricket Loom: Advancing Loom, Yarn & Tips: Lesson 7

And welcome back to The Crochet Crowd. I’m your host Mikey. Today I’m gonna show you how to use the Cricket 15″ loom by Schacht. There’s also a 10″ tabletop loom as well and this is actually really fun and simple and you’ll be very surprised on how quick it takes in order to make […]

Clash Royale: Touchdown Tournament Teaser!

(CLASH ROYALE: TOUCHDOWN TOURNAMENT) [LIVESTREAM] SEPTEMBER 30th at 8pm GMT [Ash] Hey guys, I am Ash, from CWA mobile gaming, joined here by my handsome co-host: Woody from Reddit Alpha™ I am super excited to announce a stream: Coming soon, “highlighting” a brand new game mode for Clash Royale™ Coming in the next update, this […]

Clash Royale | New Custom Tournament & Challenge Mode

Mmm it’s a Orange Juice Hey everyone this is yarn from Orange Juice Like all sneak peeks All the information contained in this video may not accurately reflect the final update and are subject to change at any time The legacy tournaments are getting slightly revamped They’re now called custom tournaments They’ll still have the […]

Clash Royale: Touchdown Tournament RECAP!

[Applause] [Music] howdy everyone and welcome to the arena my name’s woody some reddit outflow and I’m here today with ash from CWA mobile gaming we are introducing you to the clash royale touchdown update stream we’re gonna be showcasing this new game-mode with eight of the greatest content creators from around the world representing […]

Clash Royale: Touchdown Tournament – Behind the Scenes

Indistinct chatter* That’s right woody will be giving away half a million gems to you guys Indistinct chatter* Despacito? No, no. BOOM. Take out the… Indistinct chatter and clapping* Woah, woah Indistinct chatter* Indistinct chatter* Try to put your focus outside yourself You’ve just known your buddy Indistinct chatter* Clapping* OOOHHHHHH Indistinct chatter* I just […]