How GTA Open Wheel F1 Races Work – GTA 5 Discussion #128

Hello everyone I’m Broughy1322 and this is going to be a quick video explaining how open wheel races work, in addition to talking a little bit about the new Progen PR4 and Ocelot R88. So first of all, and it’s kind of amazing after covering racing in this game for almost 7 years to say […]

NHL 20 | HUT Team of the Year

[XBOX SOUND] [MUSIC] Passes in… What a shot! Buckle up, everybody, we’re not done yet! I don’t know how he pulls this off! He’s in! He scored! That’s a scored goal right there. One final score! In this last calendar year there has been nobody better than this team! This is the team of the […]

Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 review

Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC Last year’s Pro Evo was a big disappointment, so much so that I didn’t play it once after I finished reviewing it. FIFA was my footy game of choice last year so what can Pro Evo do this time to win my affections […]

✔ Minecraft: How to make a Tennis Court

Minecraft: How to make a Soccer/Football Field make sure that u have wide open space to make a soccer/football field like soccer? (or do you prefer football?)to […]

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Online tournament to win prizes!

what’s up y’all this is your boy grade the game of Harlech and today I want to announce some updates but for those people who don’t know again I give away consoles absolutely for free to sign up for any of the free console giveaways the link is in the description below or if you […]

Rage Quit – Virtua Tennis 3 | Rooster Teeth

*Achievement Hunter and Rage Quit intro* We gonna do men or women? We gonna do dicks? We got dicks and balls and we got titties and va jay jay’s. We’re going dicks. All right, Pecker, we’re gonna toughen you up. We’re gonna give you a whole new look. We’re gonna give you a new head, […]

FIFA 20 | Copa Libertadores Reveal Trailer

It’s like nothing else. Some of the greatest players ever have played here. A rich history filled with drama. You haven’t felt passion like this. The greatest teams across South America come together. And so do the people. Football matters more here. Welcome to the Copa Libertadores.