WWE Superstars OUTRAGED with New Evidence From Saudi Arabia Situation! WWE Releases Statement

Hey guys, welcome back to wrestling world! This has been one of the most all over the place and hard to follow stories with wwe, but there is once again another update to the Saudi Arabia situation After reports came out that the wwe and Saudi Arabia travel issues were related to payment issues… Everyone […]

WWE Was Lying!?! The Actual Story Why WWE Superstars Weren’t Allowed To Leave Saudi Arabia

It’s very unfortunate news that no one wanted to hear, but majority of the wwe roster that traveled to Saudi Arabia ended up being stranded there and weren’t able to leave The wwe roster had just finished the crown jewel event and were getting ready to jump on a 14 hour flight back to the […]

WWE COVERING UP DISAGREEMENT?! Superstars FURIOUS At Vince McMahon & NEW Title TEASED – The Round Up

what is up guys welcome back to another roundup episode keeping you up-to-date on all the latest news in pro wrestling coming up in this episode we are talking a lot of backstage news pertaining to WWE Superstar being delay in Saudi Arabia talent reportedly feeling deserted and many of them calling out to WWE […]