The night Brock destroyed John Cena

[MUSIC] [SOUND] >>It’s for the WWE World heavyweight Championship. Cena, Lesnar, the biggest fight this summer.>>[MUSIC]>>Lesnar’s got him up. And five, and five, and five.>>I don’t think John Cena has ever been dominated like that before in his entire WWE career. SummerSlam 2014 was where Suplex City was started. Lesnar is manhandling Cena, and another […]

10 Times Jobbers Surprisingly Beat Top-Level WWE Stars

For every top WWE superstar that wins every match, there is one lower level wrestler who constantly loses, and those guys are known as jobbers. Of course, these guys are never supposed to win matches against higher level opponents, but on a few occasions they have done the impossible. These are 10 times jobbers defeated […]

Wrestle and Flow – Ep. 3 – Finn Balor

Yeah, yeah, yeah! Underrated, overlooked, and under-represented Highly valued, the one the people keep recommending I ain’t gotta be the biggest, but I’m best for business My career gon’ be 100, that’s from start to finish Coming face-to-face with me? I wouldn’t recommend it That title is mine, I can’t wait ’till I defend it […]

5 Wrestlers Who Will Never Be Inducted Into The WWE Hall of Fame

Some people are unsure what to think of the WWE Hall of Fame. To those that are inducted, it can be the stamp of approval for all of their time spent in the squared circle, but not everyone feels this way, which is great because some of those might never get inducted. My name is […]

13 Times WWE Superstars Dressed Up To Mock Other WWE Superstars (Wrestling Impersonations)

13 Times WWE Superstars Dressed Up To Mock Other WWE Superstars (Wrestling Impersonations) 13. Kurt Angle as John Cena The Miz may have played a hilarious John Cena in 2017, but years before the A-Lister ever step foot in the WWE, Kurt Angle was showing off his own acting chops. During a feud between the […]

Character Preview: Edge "Rated-R Superstar" 4SS Gameplay / WWE Champions 😺

welcome everybody I'm Corey graves I'm happy to introduce you to the biggest and best channel on YouTube for WWE champions Gerson's gaming the champ is here let me repeat that one more time I say the champ is here hello champions we are going to do to character preview for edge door rated R […]


what's up guys here we are for a special episode of game bang this Sunday we have Wrestlemania as you can see we've substituted some of the casting for us some of our new friends we have Seth Rollins Xavier woods Brian yeah I'm a little scared she's I find out that I'm bad and […]