The Fiend confronts Demon Kane in main event shocker: Raw, Sept. 16, 2019

This one could be over.>>Rollins able to block and then slip underneath and he has got Robert Roode up high into a buckle bomb. Wow, kick, stomp.>>Good night Robert, cover by Rollins and Ziggler breaking things up. The official’s gotta call for the bell. [MUSIC] Things have just gone from bad to worse for Rollins, […]

Braun Strowman unveils throwback NXT photo: NXT Exclusive, Sept. 18, 2019

Braun Strowman, I know you spent a lot of time at the WWE Performance Center in Florida, but you were not featured that much on NXT TV, so what brings you back here?>>Just coming out to show some support for these guys doing amazing things, representing WWE in our new show on USA Network. I […]

Velveteen Dream promises to shine at TakeOver: Brooklyn

[SOUND] Ambience. [MUSIC] Atmosphere. [MUSIC] Illumination. [MUSIC] Experience. [MUSIC] Can you hear it? [MUSIC] The Dream can hear it. The Dream can still hear the people buzzing. Buzzing. About what the next experience is gonna be. TakeOver: War Games, the world said the Dream’s name. Dream. [MUSIC]>>Enjoy infamy, Velveteen Dream.>>[APPLAUSE] [MUSIC] TakeOver: Philadelphia, well, the […]

Bayley on the run after retaining SmackDown Women’s Title: WWE Exclusive, Sept. 15, 2019

Bayley, you retained your SmackDown Women’s Title, however you’re really doing whatever you can. Are you proud of this?>>Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’m doing whatever I can. Like I said I wanna make this title the most prized possession in all of sports entertainment, so that’s what I’m doing, and I gotta do what I gotta […]

Top 10 Horsewomen brawls: WWE Top 10, Sept. 14, 2019

[MUSIC] Guys, it’s been a long time coming. It has been a long time coming, but it is somewhat refreshing to see Bayley embrace this side of herself.>>I tell you, I’m loving it, can this dream come true, this dream since she was 12 years old? All she ever wanted to be was to be […]

Superstars show support for Roman Reigns following his emotional announcement: Oct. 22, 2018

[MUSIC] My real name is Joe And I’ve been living with leukemia for 11 years.>>[INAUDIBLE] >>And unfortunately it’s back.>>[INAUDIBLE] >>And because the leukemia is back I>>Cannot fulfiull my role. I can’t be the fighting champion adn I’m gonna have to relinquish the universal standard challenge.>>You’re not alone.>>We got to work. We got work to do. […]

Cedric Alexander has dream night earning the Raw main event win: Raw Exclusive, Sept. 9, 2019

Cedric Alexander, what a major night for you here in New York City, getting that win, and then moments later Stone Cold Steve Austin’s music hitting? How would a younger Cedric Alexander feel about what just went down?>>Words don’t explain, words don’t explain.>>[LAUGH] >>What kid in a million years thought they will actually share a […]

The Undertaker emerges from the darkness to accept John Cena’s challenge: WrestleMania 34

[MUSIC] You know, John Cena. Wait for this, leave it to Cena. That John Cena brought the Undertaker back. Nobody else. [MUSIC] The question is, which Undertaker did John Cena bring back? Was it last year’s Undertaker? [MUSIC] And the point Corey was making was the Undertaker of last year in a performance against Roman […]

Top 16 Disappointing WWE Wrestlers from 1990

Today we present you 16 disappointing supertars from 1990 16) Kerry Von Erich – 1992 The Von Erichs are one of wrestling’s first families, with a dozen members representing the family inside the squared circle. But out of this dirty dozen, only Kerry Von Erich ever competed in the WWF, though wrestled as the Texas […]

WWE stands with Dayton and El Paso: Raw, August 5, 2019

[APPLAUSE] >>Ladies and gentlemen in remembrance of the horrific tragedies in El Paso and Dayton, we ask that you stand in honor of the victims, they’re families and loved ones. [SOUND]