World Cup Magic Tricks – How Zach King would Win the FIFA World Cup

Is it called soccer or is it called football where you’re from? I have no idea because in America this is a football. Comment down below which is the correct way of saying it. Football or soccer? And let me know what you think. fYI I’m gonna call it soccer in this video so don’t […]

Best wishes for Bangladesh Cricket Team/ICC World Cup 2019

Best wishes for Bangladesh Cricket Team/ICC World Cup 2019

FIFA World Cup 2018™ Team of the Tournament

This team has been selected according to several rules. Firstly, there can only be one player per nation. Secondly, the team has been selected as one that could actually play together, and within the formation selected. This stops the team being overloaded with strikers and attacking midfielders: they may catch the eye, but many could […]

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Henry Takes 3 In Big Win | New Zealand vs Sri Lanka – Match Highlights | ICC Cricket World Cup 2019

we're in the welsh capital for this one the stadium flanked to one side by the picture of Butte Park and the river tap a few cricket balls have been fished out of that Sri Lanka there's been a lot of changes there their captain has come in recently New Zealand and one of the […]

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The Final Review LIVE – New Zealand v England | ICC Cricket World Cup 2019

what a day we've had here at the Lord's look at the champions lift the trophy with pride and every benefit very well deserved they entered a spirit the Arab people [Applause] excruciating for the Kiwis but let me tell you that click it was up 2019 wouldn't've asked for a better finish it has […]