Welcome This is the first episode of hopefully a beautiful, glorious, amazing relationship with YouTube and social media on my new show. I’ve decided to go with ‘World-Beater Wrestling’ so I do apologise to everyone on Twitter who came out with some tremendous puns. I’m gonna keep it simple. This is episode zero, I’m not […]

Football Footwork Drills | Agility Training | How to improve your footwork in Soccer (Eng Subs)

Hi Friends I am Rona Ill be showing you how footwork related workout is done for football. Footwork drill increases agility which allows players to move in all directions quickly This is the main motive of this workout session. It’s important not to skip this workout. After this workout, warm down exercise has to be […]

FULL Stretching Routine for Soccer & Football Players ⚽️ Increase Your Flexibility

Hey guys here we are again. Today we’re gonna do a little bit of stretching. So you just need a space in your home, a little space and yeah, it will be cool. I hope you enjoy. So you can do this before your training or maybe when you finish your training as well, okay. […]

Brazilian Soccer: Not just for straight guys!

Easy Soccer Workout Routine

(upbeat music) – Hey guys! – Hey guys! – I’m Marissa. – I’m Brookie. – And today we’re going to be showing you guys our soccer workout routine. – If you guys are new to this channel make sure to subscribe down below. – Yes. – And hit that notification bell so you can be […]

Soccer Defending with Strong Shoulders and Balance Training

Ben Torres, ATC takes you through a training exercise using the stability ball and a Si Board balance board. Strong shoulders are important for soccer athletes as they run, cut and hold their position against a defender who is pressing into them. Standing on the Si Board increases lower body strength and coordination because it […]

⚽ Effective Conditioning,Warm-up and Fitness Drills for Soccer/ Football Players – Movement Preps

Let’s now focus onto the dynamic warm-up. Spvgg. Unterhaching represents modern football, warming up should be as modern as well. The exercises are called “Movement Preps”, which prepare us for the actual game itself. That’s why we here don’t want to use static but dynamic motions to raise our body temperature, as well as to […]

Basketball | LA Fitness Club Tour

Our full length basketball courts are open for free play every day and can also double as a volleyball court. Want to play or practice but left your ball at home? Don’t worry, we provide basketballs and volleyballs for you, just in case. Now if you’re looking for something a little more organized than just […]

Entire Basketball Team Surprises and Thanks Coach

– Hi, I’m Mister Belou, Coach Belou. – My name is Misses Hall. – My name is Mister Smith. (speaking Spanish) – My name is Miss Kooy. – You’d never turn it off. We become a family, and they are my kids. – I’ve been called a lot of things from the mouths of 10, […]