Titans Season 2 Teaser – Superboy and Justice League Scene Easter Eggs Breakdown

anybody seen the bus keys where'd you leave them for 45 minutes right here another girl that's real irresponsible Vic I bet Aquaman never loses his keys two more minutes Rita then I'm taking it off the hinges damn what did you do Larry I didn't do anything it was him it well could you […]

JUSTICE LEAGUE Trailer 4 (2017)

[Música] [Música] ah aunque perdiese ring [Música] [Música] investiguen del rojo [Música] vitoria es más se está por ser muchos años fui a la chingada [Música] con esa madre [Música] aceite cuándo marino fui a comer [Música] [Música] ah [Música] a [Música]

Why Justice League Failed

[Applause] even under the very best circumstances making a Justice League film that introduces multiple new characters while also acting as a sequel to Batman V Superman was going to be really difficult and as most of you probably know Justice League was definitely not made under the best circumstances the product of multiple writers […]

Titans Justice League Scene – Donna Troy Episode Easter Eggs

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Justice League Action – "Play Date" Clip 1

shall we play okay first we have to give our Superman Superman hey not bad fine come on Batman doesn't have any powers not that he needs any it's deep truth justice and the American Way what did I say [Applause] I am back gasps kidding you to the button I don't think I can […]

The Avengers vs The Justice League | MCU vs DCEU

what's going on everybody Garrick here with key issues and this whole video is from our podcast where Nick and I did a deep dive into who would win the DC extended universe Justice League versus the Marvel Cinematic Universe Avengers we're going to be doing a lot more vs. videos in the future we've […]

Justice League WONDER WOMAN Cake!

like what I got thanks to one of my boys for sponsoring this video they sent me just one a Roman toy for free and asked me to make into a cake challenge accepted I'm Laurie and you're watching micing artist you guys can be the first to learn about all things Justice League by […]

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