Basketball Tips for Women : Indoor vs. Outdoor Basketball Courts

I’m going to talk about the difference between an outdoor ball and indoor ball. You’re going to notice on an outdoor ball, it’s rubber based. It’s going to be a lot more durable, so it’s going to take the wear and tear of playing on concrete. You’re going to see there’s more grips on it. […]

N. Korean women’s soccer team to skip qualifying tournament for 2020 Tokyo Olympics

the North Korean women’s soccer team will not compete in an upcoming Olympic qualifying tournament in South Korea according to Yonhap news agency North Korea notified the Asian Football Confederation that the squad will not compete in the third round of Asian qualifying for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics it did not explain why the competition […]

In Good Company: Hoops Abuelas | Nike

They taught me that in English class. Oh yeah? That’s wonderful! Make sure you keep practicing. Coach Where’s my baby at? Hi! I see you’re doing well, and your son is a great coach. We love him a lot. My mole! That’s your trademark. What color did I give Conchita? Does anyone remember? Red Yellow: […]

Basketball Tips for Women : Rebounding Drills for Basketball

One of my favorite things to do in the game of basketball is rebounding. Not only because it’s really fun, but I was really good at it. Not to toot my own horn, but I was a 3 time rebounding champ in the big 10. No one’s ever done that, man or woman, but that’s […]

Basketball Tips for Women : Basketball Shooting Practice Tips

One of the ways to reinforce good form shooting is to start directly under the basket. Well, not directly under the basket, because then you’re going to be shooting through the rim. Just a little bit behind the basket. A lot of people what they do is they come out on the court and they […]

Ozzy Man Reviews: Soap Soccer

Okie Dokie. Welcome to Ozzie Mann’s dodgy as fuck world cup content. Today’s match is between Brazil. Annnd. Ye nah, Brazil. Yep. I am fairly confident both teams are representing Brazil, The game will be refereed by a lucky bastard who knows it. Ye hehe. He knows it. And here we go, there’s a kick […]

The U.S. Women’s World Cup Team Gets Slammed for Over-Celebrating | The Daily Show

In the past few years, there’s been a lot of talk about America losing its standing in the world economically, diplomatically, grammatically. But yesterday, the U.S. showed there’s at least one place they can still kick ass. It was a day of record-setting domination on the world stage for the U.S. women. As the Women’s […]

Gabriel Union

Hey let’s jump into it so Gabrielle union’s name has been buzzing around for the past week because she was fired from the show America’s Got Talent now at first no one really knew why she was fired the rumor was she was released because she spoke up about racism on the show well now […]