The Best of Baseball – Tosh.0

Cute trick, now choke up and hit a sac fly, rook. Meet wiffle boy. The best wiffle ball pitcher in the world, which will open up zero doors for him in life. But I don’t give a crap how ridiculous those pitches are, I can take anyone deep. Nice to meet you wiffle boy. Actually, […]

Unified Wiffle Ball Tournament | The JP4 Foundation

We’re here at the first ever unified wiffle ball tournament. What you’ll see is you’ll see a lot of smiles, a lot of high fives, and a lot of home runs. But what you won’t see, which is happening, is the life enrichment youth development, the relationships and community that is being built between two […]

The World's Greatest Wiffle Ball Tournament

you may know Staten Island for the ferry the accent or as the birthplace of the wu-tang clan but for one weekend last summer it was the home to the best wiffle ball tournament on the planet risers nut loose curves that would make your head spin all on display on a collection of Little […]