(Weekly Idol EP.324) GOT7 JB vs JINYOUNG Sole Wrestle no.1 [JB VS 진영 ‘발바닥 격투기 1’]

(JB and Jinyoung) (Jackson and Mark) (Youngjae and Yugyeom) Are we fighting against each other? Two poet’s rendezvous Which player will be the winner? OK, let’s go Ready, set Go Jinyoung is strong He is not physically weak Jinyoung is deceptively strong Yes, he is (lifting him) (Jinyoung looks so masculine) (competitive) Did you guys […]

(Weekly Idol EP.324) GOT7 YOUNGJAE vs YUGYEOM Sole Wrestle no.3 [마크 VS 잭슨 ‘발바닥 격투기 3’]

Doni: Ready, start! (Position: Don’t come near to my feet) (Position: Whoever sees it knows that feet has writings) {Real battle} Doni: Oh it started BamBam: Jackson hyung’s thighs are strong Coni: Oh! Wahh Jackson {No one have expected the move} {Athlete mode on} {Previous Hong Kong’s national athlete representative, Wang Jackson} Doni: Oh, what […]

(Weekly Idol EP.320) Foreign language tournament hosted by weekly idol [도연이의 아무말 외국어 대잔치]

Sleamat siang ssaya Golden Child Jangjun. (He keeps saying ‘ssa’) (He can’t continue to speak without saying ‘ssa’) How can you say that’s Indonesian? Golden Child Jangjun. I don’t know Indonesian, but I understood what you said. Did you learn Indonesian? I briefly stayed in Indonesia. For how long? For about a month. Can we […]

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Mark McMorris going for the triple did they have enough time I cannot believe my backside triple cork 1440 or full rotations the first ever truth triple cork in the contest what a night for snowboarding first-ever triple cork knit then when we see something that's never ever been on [Applause] as Chuck goes for […]

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