2019-20 William & Mary Men’s Basketball Head Coach Dane Fischer Post Game at Fairfield

I thought this was a really tough game for us just giving it was the it’s the end of the semester for us, it’s tough travel up here against a really good opponent, really, really well-coached team. They’re super disciplined on both ends of the floor, and I was just really happy with our effort. […]

The History of Babolat, the World’s Oldest Tennis Brand: Babolat Brandography by Tennis Warehouse

When you think about the history of tennis you must consider the brand Babolat. They’ve been involved since the game’s inception, and what a fitting place for them to be located here in the beautifully historic city of Lyon. I think the most thing people don’t know about Babolat is that it is a family […]

Nothing can beat BULLET CLUB’s family chemistry! #njwtl

What was that? What happened? なんだあれは? That was 2 on 1! あれは2対1だろ! There were 3 of them! It was 3 on 1! いや3対1だ! It was just too much for us to handle. あの状況でまともに闘えるわけがない 3 vs 2 doesn’t make any damn sense. 3対2なんて不公平もいいところだ Jado, why did you get in the ring. I thought this was a […]

How To Manage Your Entire Tennis Facility In One Place | Burbank Public Tennis Center

I’m Steve Starleaf I’m the founder and owner of the Burbank Tennis Center. We started in 1992 and the idea what the Burbank Tennis Center was to be a kind of a public tennis center, public country club. To have a beautiful plant and facility but open to all. I was born and raised six […]

“My Dream Team” | Knut Reinhardt’s BVB Legends Line-Up

That long “Knuuuuuuuut!” has stayed with me, so that’s why I’ve picked myself. My Dream Team He started at the same time as me, 91-92. “Teddy” de Beer was still in goal – he got injured in a game once, he broke his hand, and Stefan came in and played as if he had always […]


( music playing )Woman:I was pretty young. It was my brother’s.I found it in a box in my basement.Man:I remember going to my cousin’s houseand I was like what is that? Man 2:It was a pretty revolutionary device.Slick, shiny, super sexy.It was the first system that made me love games. Man 3:It was the party […]

NYU Women’s Tennis Improves Dual Record to 3-0 (3-6-16)

Horace Choy: we’ve won the first couple of matches pretty easily this was not so easy and Horace: that was good. I think going into conference play and we play Brandice Horace: next week and upcoming matches against Case Western. Playing close matches are important. Vanessa Scott: Today went very well I think most of […]

Wine Tasting Goes Sour When Evelyn & OG Argue! | Basketball Wives

(intensifying hip-hop music) – What Shaunie brought up about latch key or whatever the case was, I didn’t say that (beep). – Oh okay, so I’m still a liar. – Oh, so we’re right back at square one. I knew it wasn’t authentic, I felt it when we were taking the (beep) pictures. And now […]

David Mitchell’s tennis match with a bumbling bee – Would I Lie to You? [HD][CC-EN,ET,NL]

Last summer, I lost a tennis match when a bee buzzed up the leg of my shorts at a crucial moment. Lee’s team. Right. What was the crucial moment? Match point. What was the score at that point, in sets? I’ll be honest – we only played one set. And what was the score in […]

Annual Cow Chop vs. Sugar Pine 7 Tennis-Off. 2017.

Steven (VO): He doesn’t know that. Anyway, it was time for the match. Steven: What Brett didn’t realize is that I actually played varsity tennis in high school. The team used to call me “Gotham”… ’cause of how much I was into Batman. Steven: The more CowChop thought we were bad at tennis, the easier […]