Meet the Crimson Coaches: Sanam Singh, Men’s Tennis

Hi My Name Is Sanam Singh and I’m From Chandigarh India And I Am The Assistant Coach For Harvard Men’s Tennis. So I Started Playing Tennis When I Was Eight Years Old In My Home Town Of Chandigarh And There Is No Real Reason That I Started. It Was Just Kinda A Random Thing Where […]

WWE Stars SHOOT On Lana Lashley Wedding! WWE Raw Dec. 30, 2019 Review! | WrestleTalk News Dec. 2019

Randy Orton fakes an injury! Drew McIntyre has a sexy body! And stop the presses, a wrestling wedding doesn’t quite go to plan. I am as shocked as you are. I am Luke Owen, press the thumbs up and subscribe buttons, and get ready to watch me review the 30th of December 2019 edition of […]

‘Moments Of Quality’ – Brendan Rodgers | Leicester City 2 Wigan Athletic 0

Brendan, a thoroughly professional performance and into the fourth round of the FA Cup. Yes, I think that was the key for us. We were also very process-driven and we looked to play well also in our performance. I didn’t think we played particularly well, to be honest. I thought it was too bitty and […]

Jobbers Related to Popular WWE Wrestlers

– [Zach] Jobbers or local competitors are usually wrestlers whose names don’t carry any star power. This isn’t always the case, though. Some of those random performers who appear for one night just to get beaten up are actually related to hugely popular wrestlers. Let’s dig through the archives and take a look! After saving […]

The History of Basketball

On the morning of December 21, 1891 Dr. James Naismith emerged from his office with an idea. He had spent two weeks searching for an indoor athletic activity to occupy his physical education class during the cold winter months. Naismith tried indoor adaptations of soccer, lacrosse and football but each only led to people getting […]

1996 Soccer Reunion Video

[TV channels changing] [The 1996 Gee-Gees soccer team in action] [Sports commentator] Go, go, go! [Commentator in French] It doesn’t look as quick on camera. [Fan cheering] Come on Ottawa! [Michelle Beauchamp] Honestly, I don’t think anyone expected us to do as well as we did. It was a bit of a fairy tale. Like […]

[Stardom] Special interview with Hana Kimura (English subtitles)

What sort of life did you have before you became a wrestler? I danced. – You danced? – When I was in high school. While I was attending an evening high school, I studied dance the whole time. I wanted to be a dancer. When I thought about doing it to put food on the […]

Floyd Patterson – Complete Championship Profile

This is Rummy’s Corner. Floyd Patterson got his first opportunity to fight for a championship on November 30, 1956 when he squared off against Archie Moore for the vacant heavyweight world championship. Right from the start Patterson’s faster hands and overall quickness were giving the Old Mongoose a lot of trouble. Patterson was exhibiting great […]

Liv Morgan RESPONDS To Fans Saying That Her RETURN WAS WASTED! Backstage HEAT On Liv Morgan & Lana

What’s going on guys and welcome back to wrestling world Well you can finally put every single theory and speculation you had about Liv Morgan’s return to rest We finally got Liv Morgan’s long awaited return, but we can honesty say it was something that no one in the entire wwe universe predicted So was […]

Toe wrestling contest held in China

it was a case of putting your best foot forward for these contestants in a toe wrestling competition dozens of contestants went toe-to-toe at a water park in Chongqing city China more than 80 participants including children fought hard to win the unusual and smelly contests footage of the competition was released by China News […]