Arm Wrestling TO THE DEATH

You’re going down, brother! Oh, yeah! SHUT UP! Ian: Loser has to massage the other person’s back. Anthony: No, that’s gay. Ian: Fine. Loser has to massage the other person’s…feet. Anthony: That’s even gay-er. Ian: Alright…uh…the loser has to…lube the other person’s dichroscope. Anthony: Dichro- Ian: It’s an instrument for examining the color properties of […]

Arm Wrestling.Offense – girl scandals!!! / Во скандалит!!!

what I did? FOUL!!! fingers no longer iterate do not move I’m sorry I accidentally NO-NO I accidentally!!! she also fingered !!! just said-not to touch Kindergarten some


Warning the following video contains stupid and dangerous activities. (YEAH) Do not attempt to reenact to recreate any of the following stunts or fails performed in this video… (YEAH) …and don’t forget to give this video a like. (NO!) I’ve been waiting for this one. OOH! It was at this moment Derrick knew he messed […]

World War Nerf

Sir come on, lets go lets go OMG Medic,Medic Yes sir, *ah* YOU HOLD STILL, Yes sir Kid whats the plan, just scope out the area, YES SIR! Captain *blows up* Is it bad, we got you bro come on come on *bugle in back round* Get to cover, *tank blows up* Hey Andrew here […]

Why Do Some People Hate Cyclists? | GCN Show Ep. 344

– Live from Loveland Pass. – Welcome! – [Both] To the GCN show! – Welcome to the GCN show brought to you by Wiggle. – This week we answer the question, why do some people hate cyclists? – [Daniel] Plus we take a look at the world’s most expensive saddle bag, roadies beating mountain bikers […]

War Thunder: Gladiators 4×4 Tournament

What makes a good dogfight? The skill of the pilot? or the performance of the plane? the suspense mounts…… your fate on the line, no second chances. Heart beat increases every muscle in motion. you can hear the engines roar, the propelors spin, the planes vibrate, as they push them to the very edge time […]

The Tournament – 18 DAYS

So this is Hastinapura? I will make you proud, father. This isn’t a place for the likes of us, Karna. Let’s turn back home. This is a tournament, father. I want to compete. I am equal to any prince here. I will show them. And what do you think will happen? That they will thank […]

Godfather – Improve Your Attacks – Tournament of War Tips

Hey! What is up guys it is me Flavio here back with another godfather video. And in this video I’m gonna be telling you how you can increase your attack efficiency Which basically means how you can do more damage and take less damage, both at the same time in your attacks. Now before I […]

Airsoft Battle Royale | Dude Perfect

Oh yeah. What’s up guys? We’re Dude Perfect. Welcome to Airsoft Battle Royale. Here we go! Woo! Dude Perfect. Today’s battle is simple. Each of us will be scattered throughout the map to scavenge for weapons and eliminate opponents by popping their balloons. Last man standing wins. Purple Hoser here. What’s up, guys? Cor here. […]