Crushing car crashes: WWE Top 10, Oct. 9, 2019

[MUSIC]>>The Rattlesnake is back!>>Look out!>>And The Rattlesnake putting the hurting on Triple H!>>And listen to this capacity crowd!>>[NOISE] >>No, no! [SOUND] >>Woo! [SOUND] >>Triple H is in that ambulance.>>[APPLAUSE] [SOUND]>>[CROSSTALK] Go, go.>>Go, go, go! [SOUND] [SOUND]>>Starting the car up, he’s revving the car up now. [SOUND] >>[APPLAUSE]>>No.>>My god. >>No, no, no, don’t do it!>>No! No! […]

Superstars getting buried: WWE Top 10, March 12, 2018

[MUSIC]>>[APPLAUSE]>>[MUSIC] Looks like a real Phantom of the Opera. >>Hey it needs to work but hey, what else can’t the guy do? >>[APPLAUSE]>>Look at all those extra plunder laying around Strowman’s [LAUGH] got a conflict, he doesn’t know what to hit Elias with next. >>Yeah, It’s like a big playroom for Braun. >>[NOISE] Wait a […]

Emotional Intercontinental Title victories: WWE Top 10, Sept. 2, 2019

[MUSIC] [SOUND] Who wants to get into the ring with Umaga? Who does?>>Come on.>>Talk of our Italian fans that you’ve been insulting out here?>>That guy right here in a brown shirt?>>No, no, come on.>>You can’t be serious.>>Let the guy in, okay?>>[APPLAUSE] >>Lashley with a powerful spear, three chair shots, and a spear. And Lashley putting […]

SummerSlam’s greatest betrayals: WWE Top 10, Aug. 10, 2019

[MUSIC] And remember, Stewart’s had major issues with Rollins on his old Daily Show. No, come on! What the hell did he do that for? No. No, no.>>Jon Stewart, what have you done?>>Pedigree on the chair! A pedigree on the chair! Rollins is gonna win the US title.>>The hell does Jon Stewart do that for?>>One, […]

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