Kid Professional Challenges 6’3 Adult In Basketball

[Music] my name is Isabel Oscar Bono my nickname is Izzy I’m 11 years old and I’m 410 I think the strongest thing I have been doing right now is my handling and my passing my name is Brendan I am 33 years old and I am 6 foot 3 my basketball skill level comes […]


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💥The Ronaldo Jump!💥 (CR7 scores incredble header – what a jump!) Parody Juventus vs Sampdoria

– Sandro crosses the ball! – Don’t worry – I got this! CR7! Jump around! Jump around! Jump up, stay up don’t come down! – Jump! Jump! Jump! – It’s a Ronny Jump! I leap up, head it in! I get us the win! Thighs of steel! Coz I live in my gym – Is […]

FlipTop – Apekz vs G-Clown @ Isabuhay 2019 Semi-Finals

Naoya Ogawa vs Toshiaki Kawada Fire Pro Wrestling World

The match should end here… But the fight still continue…

💙Neymar LOVES Cavani!💙 (PSG vs Galatasary 5-0 Penalty Parody Goals Highlights)

During PSG vs Galatasaray – Neymar had a penalty… but did this! – Hey Edison! – Yes Neymar! – You can have it! – Hecky-wecky-thump – really? – Really! It’s all yours! – Wahoo!… Wahoo x 10! A genuine bit of class or a Champions League Conspiracy?! The Secret Plan Theory – Hecky-wecky-thump – really? […]

► Halo Reach KontrolFreek Tournament, Finals Match – Epos & Chu

trip sounds like i said it comes up anathema what is going on this is a lovely fantasies point-of-view verses andrew decades here in the finals match standing on top of the polls for sale thankfully it appears my power is holding out of my house i don’t know about them no large sadness because […]

Let’s Play Minecraft: Ep. 221 – Creeper Soccer X

G: NOOOO! J: Hey guys! We’re doing creeper soccer! G: I don’t want to play it again. M: C’mon Gavin! C’mon Gavin you’re coming with us! G: I don’t want to play it again! M: Get outside! G: Alright… M: Get outside you fuck. R: Come out now! G: Alright. I guess we- (Collectively) Oh […]

DON’T QUIT, IT’S POSSIBLE ! – Football Motivation – Inspirational Video – Nihaldinho Official

2-3! 🎤THE SHAPE OF MESSI🎤! Real Madrid vs Barcelona (El Clasico 2017 Parody Goals and Highlights)

Uno, Dos, Tres, Quatro! This club is the best-placed to win La Liga But we’re Barca- let’s give it a go! Me and my friend Lionel Messi taking shots- SAY HI TO HIS ELBOW! ASSHOLE! Casemiro got a way with a foul or three? And now he’s got a simple chance…NO! STOP! Leo’s danced into […]