Baby Baller: 6-Year-Old Basketball Star Aiming For The NBA

JEREMIAH BARJOLO JR: I practice in the snow, I practice in the rain, I practice everywhere whatever weather. DOROTHY DOHANICS: He could make it in the big leagues someday. INTERVIEWER: What do you want to be when you grow up? JEREMIAH BARJOLO JR: Basketball player. COMM: Jeremiah Barjolo Jr might be just 6 years old, […]

Brandi Chastain And World Cup Players Surprise Chicago Girls’ Soccer Team

– I am so fortunate to live in this time where we’re celebrating young girls like Elizabeth – [Kelly] Yeah. (applause) – And we have, we have women like yourselves being role models and mentors. And myself, Julie Foudy and the US Women’s national team players, we played with some girls in the Development Academy […]

Kyrie Irving Protection Move: Basketball Moves

I get buckets….. Hi I’m coach Collin Castellaw and this is how to use the rim to protect your shot. As a scorer one of the best things you can do is use the rim to protect your shot from eager shot blockers. Now a lot of the time you are going up for a […]

3 Basketball Moves To Break Ankles! How To: Best Crossover Moves

3 Basketball Moves To Break Ankles! How To: Best Crossover Moves | Snake what’s up guys close just eventually get handles I constant got three more of the best basketball moves you can use to break ankles so we’re talking about breaking ankles there’s two things you always want to keep in mind with pretty […]

Best Table Tennis Serves Tutorial. (Pt 1: backspin, hook) — TOMORROW TABLE TENNIS

hello my name is shashwat r3er i live in mubai Now if you would pardon me I need to set the tone right for this video Because thie video is very important! Let me ask you a few questions Do you want to beat the person you’ve never beat before hello guys how are you