CGRundertow TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2 for PlayStation 3 Video Game Review

We’ve come a long way as a species. Space travel, cloning, the seedless watermelon. But there are still inventions yet to be made and questions yet to be answered. Case in point, what would it look like if Dr. Wily had to slap a bitch? Then fart on her chest? Fortunately, for pressing matters such […]


– Please! No! – Let’s go! – Aw, man. – (laughs) – Oh my god! – Oh, fumble! NO! ♪ (upbeat video game music) ♪ – (FBE) All right, guys. Well, today you’re going to be playing a game, and it’s gonna be this one. – Oh, no! – Oh, no. – Okay. – I […]

Gold Cup Tournament: Become the Tank Football Champion

A football tournament in World of Tanks begins! Registration for the Gold Cup tournament starts on July 2nd. Gather a team and fight for the title of European Tank Football champion! Win gold, Premium vehicles, Premium Account days, bonds, a unique style, and medals! The more participants there are— the more impressive the prize pool […]

CGR Undertow – WINTER OLYMPIC GAMES review for Sega Genesis

Hey, winter’s almost over, you guys. Which means we’re at the point where we can look back and just laugh at it. Ha, ha, look at winter. Gasping for air, barely surviving—aww, f*ck off and die, winter. See, you can laugh at things when they’re dying. And nothing’s more deserving of your callous and unfeeling […]

MARIO KART 8 (Teens React: Gaming)

♪ (old-school video game music) ♪ (Finebros) Today, you’re playing this. Mario Kart. I don’t think I’ve ever played Mario Kart 8. All right, Mario Kart 8. This is the newest one, right? I was the Mario Kart champion on the N64. I think I could wreck some fools on Wii U. I don’t feel […]

CGRundertow MARIO & SONIC AT THE LONDON 2012 OLYMPIC GAMES for Nintendo 3DS Video Game Review

Ugh, and thus perished Toad. It’s Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games. What a title! And actually, it might be fair to say, “Thus perished this game.” This is the 3DS version of the latest entry in the unlikely duo’s series of interactive Olympics commercials—I’m sorry, Olympic-themed minigame compilations. And I guess […]

1-on-1 Basketball Tournament – Red Bull King of The Rock 2013 Kuwait

Thank god I just won and I hope I qualify for the finals and win. I would like to welcome the audience to the final of the Red Bull King of the Rock in Kuwait. My name is Khaled Sulaiman, I won and qualified for the finals and hopefully I can win. Thank God I […]


♪ (upbeat video game music) ♪ – (FBE) Today, you’re playing this. – What? Soccer? – FIFA 17. Oh god, I suck at sports games. – (gasping) Yes! Oh my god, yes. Dude, I love FIFA. – I played FIFA 15 and 16. I’m not that great. If I play it, I’ll be extremely rusty. […]

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 – E3 2019 előzetes – Nintendo Switch

Idén novemberben Csatlakozz Mariohoz és Sonichoz és a többi kedvencedhez! Új és klasszikus Olimpiai sportágakban Versenyezz online Az olimpiai dicsőségért! Kizárólag Nintendo Switch konzolon! Kapható 2019. novemberében! A 2020-as Tokió-i Olimpia hivatalos videojátéka

World of Tanks PIO Olympic Games 1. Tour de LTraktor!

Legend 1,2,3: Check Points, Green- Goal (gate in the wall), Blue- Starting Line Rules: – only stock gun is allowed – one tank can use only 5 shells – every Consumables and Equipment are allowed – for killing teammate – punishment from sky or quick death – two lap race 3 2 1 GO! First […]