How To Block Heavy Topspin Loops – Table Tennis University

When you block against a heavy topspin loop you need ten minutes you can return it. For that ten minutes you need to find a partner who’s loop is very spinny lots of topspin. So you just push to him then block. When you block remember okay your racket don’t go forward no, just stay […]

How To Third Ball Attack Instead Of Pushing – Table Tennis University

You ask if there’s any drill to help you serve and loop. Ya we have a drill there. So you serve, now you’re… thinking after serve you want to attack and but most time happen no good chance so you just push back. Now when you practice this one you have to know serve and […]

UNK Advances in the NCAA Tournament

I could not be happier for our players. Especially in the early going, we just kind of went blow for blow with a pretty good team and found a way to kind of wrestled control away from them. The start of the game, there’s a lot of nerves. So just being able to come out […]


There’s no place that I’ve visited in the 3 1/2 years I’ve been at the University that means more in terms of that confluence of opportunity and spirit and hope and inspiration than this place right here. We could make a list of what’s negative all day long, or you can be thankful for small […]

Akok Akok – UConn Men’s Basketball vs. Iona preview

Speaker 1: Has coach been emphasizing rebounding any more? Obviously it wasn’t [crosstalk 00:00:05]. Speaker 2: Akok Akok. Speaker 1: The main rebounder, you want that to pick up the next few weeks? Akok Akok: Yeah, big time you’ve been locking on defense, we’ve got to rebound more as a team. We just got to […]

Brandeis Men’s Soccer NCAA Highlights

Left-footed shot stopped by Mullen, coming in with the head and a score! Mullen with the initial shot, and Brandeis able to score on a header looked like it was Mike Lynch. Lynch, goes in motion from the top, it’ll go over his head There’s a header and another chance Into the corner, Looking to […]

UWM women’s basketball captain leads on and off the court

So, I grew up in Manitowoc on a small family farm and we grew up with 500 cattle. It was so fun. It taught me hard work and nitty-gritty getting down in the mud. Moving to Milwaukee was definitely a lot different. The biggest city that I’d been to, other than Milwaukee, would be Green […]