WWE The Undertaker vs Batista TLC 2009

should in DC weighing in at 299 and from Death Valley weighing in at 299 pounds he is the World Heavyweight Champion you know I don’t see any fear in those eyes so again this is a trick Chairs match for the World Championship in there are some unique things about this match I think […]

The Undertaker VS Edge – Edge Almost Died – SmackDown – WWE Fans

I stand out here and I feel naked wait a minute SEC devastating semester ho losing to the Undertaker I feel like I’d let myself down but most importantly maybe I feel like I let you down but I want to promise to you on our passion on our love that very soon once again […]

5 rare Batista matches you need to see: WWE List This!

Bachpan Aur WWE | The Timeliners

What are you doing? Go there! Brush your teeth there Floor is all wet Rank 1 Brock Lesnar! Height 6’6 Height 6’6 clash! Yes! Chest- 56! Throw it! Brother the card shows no chest What? Show me? What is this ‘breast’? Let’s go and ask mom! Mumma! This Smack Down is no fun at all […]

Top 10 Raw moments: WWE Top 10, January 22, 2018

[MUSIC] [APPLAUSE] >>With a pin of missle, my God->>Break right through the table.>>[APPLAUSE] >>[SOUND]>>Look out, my gosh, Sister Abigail.>>Two, One.>>With a huge thud, and a [SOUND] split of Mac Hardy’s spine, on the canvas. And on this night- >>Here is your winner.>>In the Manhattan Center >>Ray White.>>He is tonight over Wilken, Matt Hardy. Elias is […]

Crushing car crashes: WWE Top 10, Oct. 9, 2019

[MUSIC]>>The Rattlesnake is back!>>Look out!>>And The Rattlesnake putting the hurting on Triple H!>>And listen to this capacity crowd!>>[NOISE] >>No, no! [SOUND] >>Woo! [SOUND] >>Triple H is in that ambulance.>>[APPLAUSE] [SOUND]>>[CROSSTALK] Go, go.>>Go, go, go! [SOUND] [SOUND]>>Starting the car up, he’s revving the car up now. [SOUND] >>[APPLAUSE]>>No.>>My god. >>No, no, no, don’t do it!>>No! No! […]

FULL MATCH – The Undertaker vs. Triple H – Hell in a Cell Match: WrestleMania XXVIII

[APPLAUSE] >>The Game has won more Hell in a Cell matches than any man in history.>>Yeah, he’s won six [SOUND] in his career, Undertaker’s been involved in 11, and here we go, end of an era. Triple H and The Undertaker.>>How will we start this match up? We’re seeing it.>>Yeah.>>Physically, intimidatingly. This match can end […]

The Rock’s biggest SmackDown moments: WWE Playlist

[APPLAUSE] >>Now what?>>He’s doing things his way.>>[APPLAUSE] >>The Rock is doing things his way in Richmond.>>I cannot, no.>>[APPLAUSE] >>And here it goes. Don’t tell me. [INAUDIBLE] There go the sunglasses, the people’s sunglasses. It’s the most electrifying move in sports entertainment today.>>[APPLAUSE] >>The people’s elbow.>>An exclamation point! [LAUGH] The people’s elbow. And The Rock has […]

Take a look back at the haunting legacy of The Undertaker on Raw

[MUSIC] Welcome, everyone, to Monday Night Raw. [MUSIC]>>And take a look, ladies and gentlemen, The Undertaker. [MUSIC] For whom the bell tolls. The Phenom. >>The Prince of Darkness. [MUSIC]>>The Undertaker, now with the Tombstone. That could be it. [MUSIC] He is truly superhuman. [MUSIC]>>Yeah! He’s terrified Undertaker. And I wonder why! [MUSIC]>>With our Ministry of […]