Locked Military Trunks from Abandoned Storage Wars Auction BIG SCORE

bingo Roland Rene that’s how we do it I’m just saying watch the channel take note subscribe there’s a lot of haters on our channel a lot of people with good comments a lot of people love calling me fat but you know what I’m fat with money why cuz I got knowledge and what’s […]

Basketball Age

BASKETBALL age is a basketball simulator for 2 persons that recreates an exciting basketball match. You´re one of the two team coaches facing off. You have to choose your “starting lineup” on the court to win the match. It depends on your strategy to lead your team to victory. As in a normal match, your […]

Mario Tennis Aces (Nintendo Switch) Unboxing!!

hey guys welcome back for another unboxing with popngames, today we are going to be unboxing Mario Tennis aces for the Nintendo switch. so we’ve got the front cover right here with Mario swinging his racket we’ve got peach right there and the little linesman toads in the background as well as the court here. […]

What’s inside World’s First Self Lacing Basketball Shoes?


My best tennis points | British National Premier League Doubles

Hello everybody its Felix here from the tennis Brothers. In this video I’m going to be showing you some SET 1 highlights from a doubles match I played in the British Tennis Premier Division 1. I played for Duke’s Meadows. I think it was about a week ago. It”s a very good level and I […]

Basketball With Watson

Whoa. You guys have seen this before. It’s called a Sphero. Works with this cool app, you drive it around. You can go off jumps, play games, but believe it or not, this thing is more sophisticated than it looks and today we’re going to test that out. I have teamed up with IBM for […]

SPORTS MEMORABILIA IN TRUNK I found in the locker I bought at the abandoned storage auction

ladies and gentlemen what is that that is a trunk sore whoo ladies and gentlemen boys and girls of all ages look who is this Alex we are here at this moving company we bought two volts to volts 575 v twisted a little bit of money we bought some vaults we’re gonna make some […]

Are Razer’s New Mechanical Keyboards Any Good?

It’s no secret that Razer aren’t the most well received in the mechanical keyboard world, especially amongst enthusiasts, even though we weren’t really the target market in the first place. And it is somewhat warranted. Their staple board, the Blackwidow wasn’t a bad board at all to be honest. From what I could see, it […]

iPhone 11 Pro review: the BEST camera on a phone

– Alright, it’s iPhone time. Apple released three new iPhones all at once this year. The iPhone 11, the iPhone 11 Pro, and the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Now, I honestly think the iPhone 11 is the phone most people in the iOS ecosystem should get if they’re upgrading. So we’ve got a whole other […]