Razer Mamba Tournament Edition (2015) Review | Unboxholics

Unboxholics returned from Hamburg, where the Razer press tour took place and we have a great surprise. I am Sakis Karpas, you are watching Unboxholics and this is the brand new Razer Mamba Tournament Edition, which was unveiled during E3 and is expected to find its way to the shelves in the coming months. Unboxholics […]

Top 10 Wireless Sports Headphones

yo what's up everybody it's your boy floss back again with another video and today we're gonna take a look at my top 10 wireless sports headphones now all it is you could get from Amazon I'll put the links up in the description the prices range from 20 to 150 bucks so everything that […]

Fortnite on an INSANE $20,000 Gaming PC

holy no let me come on no we're not round like that we're gonna kill all right we might be here all night they're gonna kill la la la la la this is exciting this thing is like 200 pounds 250 how heavy is this well ladies and gentlemen Hayley who now the reason this […]

The Redmi K20 Pro Is The New Value Champion

so this is the most requested smartphone in a while it's in the comment section I'm publishing videos people are like Lu where is the K 20 probe the red meat K 20 pro people telling me it's the next polka phone it's kind of crazy action when you look at the spec list and […]

Gaming On The Samsung Galaxy Fold

so of course it's all about this galaxy fold still I mean I haven't been this interested in a smartphone for a very long time as I'm sure you can tell there's so many changes to the day to day adjustments that you make as a user and of course the questions they're all flowing […]

The Gaming Smartphone Of Your Dreams…

so will tells me this is a very special smartphone this smartphone in front of me is for gamers it's made specifically for intense mobile gamers and the thing that I'm interested in with this product specifically is the fact that this is the first smartphone I've looked at that has a built-in fan like […]

DON'T Buy The iPhone X

是时候做这个备受期待的视频了 我一直都在思考一些想法 当然我指的是做这个视频 因为前一阵子我做了个视频,叫做“换iPhone X用用” 而你可能已经注意到了,我面前就摆着一部iPhone X 当我拿到一部新手机的时候,我也不是每次都会特意去把它作为我的主力机,我不是每次都会把自己的手机卡插到新手机里使用 但是这部手机,它是旗舰机,很受关注 刘海,Home键没了,指纹识别也没了 综上所述,我得认真的去使用它 只有这样,我才能告诉大家我最真实的感受,让大家知道这款手机适不适合自己 我必须要让你们知道,这世界上没有完美的手机 没有哪一部手机是绝对完美,绝对适合每个人的 所以我不久后要送一次手机 送大家想要的手机,不管是安卓设备还是iOS设备 你来选你想要的手机,我送给你 所以现在就去Twitter上关注我吧,然后耐心等待我推送活动的具体细节 好,咱们回到iPhone上 首先,我很开心,因为苹果很有野心 苹果说:嘿,我觉得终于是时候做点不一样的东西了 不是说因为苹果觉得做点不一样的东西很好玩,他们就这么做了 而是因为手机市场现在就是这个趋势 现在智能手机市场上几乎每一个主流厂商的手机,边框都越来越窄 我们想要更大的屏幕,但不希望机身也变得更大 每次做出的改变,都是伴随着风险的 你把Home键去掉了,就会有用户说:"等等,我喜欢Home键" 控制中心移到了手机的右上角 因为要给“Home键手势”挪位置 而多任务手势也包括在“Home键手势”里 我觉得现在很多关于iPhone X交互方式的讨论有点不着调 很多人的观点都基于他们对iPhone X不充分的了解之上 你以为某件事会以你以为的方式运作,而当他不是这样时,你就需要时间去适应 面部解锁,有用,但是解锁的过程我觉得不够享受 而我在使用的过程中有遇到过在发布会上展示时出现的问题 有时候我躺在床上,伸手拿手机想快速解锁 我眼镜没戴,帽子没戴,他都没办法解锁 指纹识别?没有! 然后你解锁手机方式会变得有点奇怪,就像向你的手机鞠躬 正襟危坐,调整姿势 就像这样 有时候你要调整一下才能解锁手机 就算你看到那个小锁打开了,还没完呢! 你得先解锁,然后再上滑,这是一个两步操作的过程 我喜欢科技,所以这个进步值得肯定 但然后我拿起了一加5T 解锁就像(拿起,开了,BANG!) 我这就有一台 我把他对着你,没开 棒! 这才叫爽! 这么爽也就用了个前置摄像头而已 看到没?想用指纹用指纹,0.2秒解锁,也是不错的选择 […]

Top 10 Truly Wireless Earphones

yo what's up everybody should boy floss back again with another video and today we're gonna take a look at my top 10 truly wireless earphones now all of these you could get from Amazon I'll throw the links up in the description the prices range from 70 to 180 bucks so everything that you're […]

The ULTIMATE $30,000 Gaming PC Setup

I am very aware of the preciousness of time he's a moment act now I have spent my life traveling across the universe inside my mind I hope that science and technology will provide the answers but it will take people human beings with knowledge and understanding to implement these solutions we are all time […]