Stereotypes: Tennis | try not to laugh | do you know them?

Music So before we start this video quick thanks to Tennis-Point for giving us these rackets Links below Hello everybody its Felix here from tennis brothers and in this video we are doing another Stereotypes video. We haven’t done one for a while but we thought it would be very fun to do another one. […]

5 Types of Roblox Players 2

lalalala I ship Spencer and the ostrich new black wood yeah Oh baby is the best icarly girl and don't you forget it hey yo you can't go around beating people up or calling them ruled names you know oh wise guy huh let me teach you oh you though Spencer is clearly the best […]

5 Types of Roblox Players

today uses morally speaking – dates only music you're allowed to listen to is exploding hey hey you a super busy can't talk must kill all the chickens simulators suck uh-huh did you just insult chicken simulator more like waste my life waiting simulator simulators are God's creations and all that is holding in this […]

The Types of Players in Warframe

The Division | Bullying the Most Toxic Player Ever | Stream Highlights #16

I'm just gonna flag rogue again I know it's gonna leave the server oh yeah I'm sorry dude cozy cat Catholics might be it's the HyperX guy in the back yeah oh the no myth it's not gonna use this buff it's just gonna run away woods okay okay mark your family motherfucker cheater fuck […]

Types of Players ★ CS:GO