Yousuf Mo Soccer Highlights

Commentator: He is not seeing any options Commentator: Fancy cut by Padilha Commentator: Padilha to Van Aarle Commentator: sets off Mohammad. Nice little play with Dylan Van Aarle. Commentator: Yousuf Mohammad wants some space in the middle, makes a cut, and takes a shot … and he scores! Yousuf Mohammad… Commentator: On a far side […]

Soccer – Defending Against the Dribble : Soccer Defense: Do Not Stab at the Ball

So what I want to talk about now is defending and why taking a stab at the ball is the last thing you want to do. Now what I mean by taking a stab at the ball is, when the dribbler is dribbling at you and he’s got the ball close to him and you […]

Sean Garnier Back Pass – Street Soccer Tricks and Football Freestyle skills

Hello, i am Guido from Football Tricks Online and today we will teach you the following trick we will do the following… the first step is… to preassure the ball between your ankles for this you will drag the ball with your dominant foot to your non dominant and then just preassure the ball placing […]

F2Freestylers CRAZY basketball shots LIVE!

Yes guys! We’re back on set for L’Oréal Men Expert! And today, we’ve got the basketball net, we’ve got half an hour, let’s see how many shots we can do Jez, start us off That’s one! That’s one! So the crowd is already gathering. We’ve hardly even kicked the ball or warmed up. The pressure’s […]

How to Play Indoor Soccer : Indoor Vs. Outdoor Soccer

In this clip we are going to show you the difference between indoor and outdoor soccer. Basically the game is still played with the same soccer ball with most of the same rules with just a couple of slight variations. First off is it quit obvious there is a wall encasing the field here. Now […]

Tutorial: Dodge Jump (Delayed) (Unreal Tournament 2004/UT2004)

(Subtitels can be disabled by pressing the “CC” button) Welcome to yet another Unreal Tournament 2004 training session. In the last episode we learned the Dodge-Shield Gun-Jump and how to perform jumps like this one: But today we will only have a look at the “delayed” Dodge-Jump. The technique is quite simple, and that is […]

How To Juggle A Soccer Ball | Tutorial For Beginners – Part 1

Hey guys, this is Mark Lavery with Spila Soccer Services. Thanks so much for checking out the video. Today we’re going to be teaching you guys how to juggle. I just want to point out that this is a video for beginners. If you’re advanced, you know, or already know how to juggle, then this […]


Sean Johnson ● Skills, Saves, Highlights MLS 2014/15 ● US Soccer Soul | HD

This your boy Dlow, Bop King And I’m about to get with something new for ya’ll You know everybody dance and do their thing, but this that bet you can’t do it like me challenge Let’s go like Ooh, oh Ah, ah Hey, hey, turn up Bet you can’t Whip like me Can’t Milly Rock […]