Metal Detector Battle 2 | Dude Perfect

Just like the first video, each dude will travel to their own location and metal detect for treasure. May the best find win. Today is Metal Detector 2. Woo. It’s time to detect. We’re at the lake going island hopping, and we’re finding treasures. The adventure starts now. You’ll see where we’re going when we […]

FOUND GAME MASTER SECRET HIDEOUT & Searching PROJECT ZORGO Abandoned Clues (Escape Room Challenge)

what is up ninjas in the last video we found clues that led us here to Florida we've got our luggage with us we just flew in here and you have arrived at this really strange house right here yeah it looks like a normal house from the outside but there's like some weird like […]

Lucky Bait WON All The Money!! (EPIC TOURNAMENT)

welcome back to the RepA soda my name is Sam so be tonight I'm doing some extremely awesome I am fishing at Derby with one of my good pals the dude I started fishing tournaments with Adam bar to check I'm sure you've seen him on the channel before he's a freaking icon on the […]

Stickman Tournament – #2 [PART 1/2]

Charles Barkley Didn’t Give a Crap at the 1992 Olympics (Creating The Best Fictional Sports Team)