Guide To Greco-Roman Wrestling | Faster Higher Stronger

Wrestling is a playful, educational sport; but is still a combat sport, the golden rules is not to hurt anyone, so there’s no biting in wrestling, strangling is not allowed in this sport; arm blocks are not allowed, so it really is a sport, that you avoid hurting your opponent. So a sport with lots […]


Welcome This is the first episode of hopefully a beautiful, glorious, amazing relationship with YouTube and social media on my new show. I’ve decided to go with ‘World-Beater Wrestling’ so I do apologise to everyone on Twitter who came out with some tremendous puns. I’m gonna keep it simple. This is episode zero, I’m not […]

A Junior Pro’s Off-Season Training

Hello everybody it’s Felix here from the test Brothers in this video you’re going to be seeing a training camp offseason training camp with PMTR Tennis Academy Many thanks Uwe – for making it happen. This camp helps me to get ready for the season. Let’s go So here I am arriving at PMTR tennis […]

Beginner Triathlon Training Tips | Help For New Triathletes

– Are you new to triathlon? If so, you might well be struggling to know where to start when it comes to putting three, very different sports together. Well I’ve recently had a few friends who’ve done their first event and they’ve had so many questions, and understandably so. So I thought I’d put together […]

Introducing the Basketball Practice Planner – Coachbase

Introducing the Practice Planner App for Basketball The time saving coaching app “Basketball Practice” Prepare your practice at lightspeed need the replay? Practice ready in just a few tap Hundreds of drills Practice plans from leading coaches for iPhone and Apple Watch Make the most of your time

Hoop House Basketball 2.0

Cory Joseph (Toronto Raptors)

FULL Stretching Routine for Soccer & Football Players ⚽️ Increase Your Flexibility

Hey guys here we are again. Today we’re gonna do a little bit of stretching. So you just need a space in your home, a little space and yeah, it will be cool. I hope you enjoy. So you can do this before your training or maybe when you finish your training as well, okay. […]

MSAT student hones training skills with women’s basketball team

My name is Lynn Meyerhoff, I’m a first year graduate student in the Masters of Athletic Training program, and this semester my clinical placement is here with Temple women’s basketball. I’m usually here every day of the week and I’ll do anything from taping ankles, to doing electrical simulation, to helping out put together rehab […]