Soccer for Kids! ~ Ryu’s Soccer Journal ~ L.A. Galaxy Soccer camp & Christmas fun! #FilmoraVlogmas

Welcome to my Holiday Special episode! Welcome to L.A. Galaxy camp! There are many famous players that played for L.A. Galaxy. Ibrahimovic David Beckham And Robbie Keane. I was the youngest kid at the soccer camp. The coach was teaching us how to control the ball. He asked who can do it. I was the […]

One-Man Sumo: Japanese Wrestler vs. the Local God

Back in the 700s most Japanese were Shinto and worshipped kami spirits that lived in mountains, trees, and waterfalls. It’s a belief that’s still popular today. …As I soon discover a nearby Omishima Island. Oyamazumi Shrine has a rather unusual way to honor its local spirit – Hitori Zumo. “Hitori” means one person. “Zumo” means […]

How To Finish Like Harry Kane | Soccer Shooting Drill | You Ask, We Answer

Hello there and welcome to the latest episode of You Ask, We Answer. This is the show where we put your questions to the game’s best players and coaches so you can give your game an upgrade. Today, we’re going to be helping out Ayush Bhauwala who wants to know how he can find the […]

Ice Hockey Champion vs Fitness YouTuber – Buff Dude Tries an Olympian’s Workout | Hitting the Wall

I don’t know about this. Got to learn the brakes. (HITTING THE WALL) Hey, my name’s Brandon White. I just came into Calgary, and as you can tell, a nice warm welcome. I’m here to meet Rebecca Johnston, Olympic gold medallist hockey player, which is kind of intimidating, really. Gold medallist, hockey player, she’s probably […]

Snowpiercer Official US Release Trailer #1 (2014) – Chris Evans Movie HD

This chaos Thousand people in an iron box. 18 years I’ve hated the train 18 years I’ve waited for this moment This is a world A train saves humanity. The engine lasts forever. The population must always be kept at balance. I said “sit down.” Passengers, eternal order. I You belong to the tail.

Cyclist Vs Soccer Player – Who Is The Fittest?

(Ball hitting net) – How do you move fast enough to get over there? (laughing) By the time I’ve realized where the ball’s going my brain hasn’t told me to move. (thunderous zooming) – I have just arrived at the training ground for Premier League soccer club Watford FC for something really exciting. I’m about […]

5 Videos on the Science of Memory

Do you smell that? It smells like…cinnamon? And … evergreen trees. It reminds me of something. It reminds me of…this video Hank made about how smells trigger memories! You’re walking through the hardware store one day when all of a sudden you catch a whiff of something you haven’t smelled in years. Somehow, the scent […]

Japanese Sumo: How To Become a Champion Wrestler

I need to understand these ancient sports not just because they’re popular, but because they reflect the kind of values that the Japanese themselves hold dear. Though it won’t be easy when it comes to sumo. They don’t think much of women around here. The rules are quite straightforward: A player loses if he steps […]

We Trained With WWE For A Week (Feat. Charlotte Flair & Naomi)

(rock music) – This week we are training to become WWE superstars. – I know that there’s a lot of backstabbing, changes in momentum. – Today is our first day of training, and we are at the WWE Performance Center Headquarters. – I am fully anticipating it being very difficult to perform at a top […]

Born This Way: Can Anyone Become A Pro Cyclist? | GCN Show Ep. 345

– From Atlixco, Puebla in Mexico, – [Both] Welcome to the GCN Show! – Welcome to the GCN Show brought to you by Wiggle. – This week, nature versus nurture. Are cycling’s biggest stars born or are they made? – We’ve also got a brand new cycling speed record, some incredible stats about Mathieu Van […]