Practical Session with Pairing (Beginners Chess Tournament) 2020

We had earlier mentioned that we wont be giving any trophies or medals for this tournament But on spot i am announcing 4 Trophies and 4 Medals that is 1 to 8 places will be rewarded okay Thank You Yes sir, that is important because anything we do we must do out of happiness some […]


It feels nice to get a drink because Philippe made me run a lot I am thrilled to be at the Chavril today it’s very rare to see clubs with such soul it’s almost a museum Yeah it’s a family story since 1926 My grand father had this crazy idea To buy an old military […]

See highlights from the 2020 Doc Buchanan Invitational wrestling tournament

Unreal Tournament’s Split Timeline | A Line Through Time

Welcome to A LINE THROUGH T⌛ME, where I take the time to look through your favourite franchises and work out how it all lines up. Twenty years ago today, Unreal released on the PC. …What do you mean you’ve never heard of it? Everyone’s heard of Unreal. …No, not the game engine! Unreal Tournament? Yeah, […]

CommandPost December 2019 Tournament — $10 Random Giveaways

Hi there‼ This is CommandPost December Tournament random prizes raffle. It`s me, M3tro. Well. 14 users. Something went wrong. Huh? Different people every time, hmm. Hmm, okay!.. 0kay. Something went wrong. And we don`t know what is this. Hmmm… Ah‼ holy fukci№g sh!t. 0kay!.. 10 members. And our winners are Ctpayc, 0neVision, and Haruspex. Well… […]

Armscorer 3.2: программа для проведения турниров по армрестлингу / Arm Wrestling Tournament Software

Hello to all arm wrestling fans! Armwrestling Federation of the Tver region (Russia) is pleased to present you a new version of the program for holding arm wrestling tournaments. Version 3.2. The new version includes: – Improved design; – Command protocol in case of WAF rules (not Double-Event); – No need to enter weight in […]