Little Mix – Love Me Like You (Official Video)

This is the last dance So grab your partner and dance to Love Me Like You But no canoodling I’m watching you Sha-la-la-la Sha-la-la-la Sha-la-la-la You might got the biggest car Don’t mean he can drive me wild or he can go for miles Said he got a lot of cash Darling he can’t buy […]


Warning the following video contains stupid and dangerous activities. (YEAH) Do not attempt to reenact to recreate any of the following stunts or fails performed in this video… (YEAH) …and don’t forget to give this video a like. (NO!) I’ve been waiting for this one. OOH! It was at this moment Derrick knew he messed […]

Do High Fives Help Sports Teams Win?

[Do high fives help sports teams win] You know, non-human primates — the closest ones to us — they touch each other all the time to spread goodwill and to build up friendships, right Touch is this very old system by which we communicate to other people and we’re finding in our lab that, wow, […]

DOFUS Touch: 1st Interserver Tournament!

Para sobreviver à luta… é preciso tornar-se a luta. Ditado Iop Responda ao chamado do PvP! Prove o seu valor! Participe do torneio! A Justa dos Abismos O primeiro torneio entre servidores abre as portas em abril!

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My Mom Playing Beat Saber

okay now luckily with this there are no buttons however it is good to your hands so if you want me to put the straps on no armed it alright so so I'm just hitting them with the sabers alright and then pull the trigger on the on your right hand welcome put your seizures […]