The Rules of 3 on 3 Basketball (FIBA 3×3 – The Big3) – EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains – The Rules of 3 on 3 Basketball The object of the game is for your team to score more points than the opposing team. 3 on 3 Basketball is a variation to the game of Basketball, but played with only half a court. Before you carry on watching, it might be helpful […]

Top Fuel Dragster Drag Racing World’s Fastest US 131 Motorsports Park 2017

(top fuel dragster sound) (US 131 Motorsports Park) (top fuel burnout car) (Bobby Lagana brings Dom into the staging beams) (top end drag racing) (crowd cheering) (crowd now roaring!) (fastest top fuel speed in the 1/4 mile) (Bobby Lagana , who is also crew chief for Steve Torrence, running toward track manager) (world’s fastest 1/4 […]

10 Hottest Female Wrestlers

In the world of female wrestling entertainment: spandex, big boobs, and high flying skills, are necessary to compete at the highest level. So these hottie wrestler babes are not just ring side distractions, but instead, they hold their own and they hold their tits…With that being said, Welcome to our list, of the 10 hottest […]

What Makes a Character TOP TIER Smash Ultimate??

Almost every top player that gets notable results sits behind a top tier character. While the concept of tiers defines top tiers as being the best, characters in other tiers are certainly not without strong attributes, so what really makes a character a top tier? To understand Smash better in general, you should check out […]

TENNIS MANAGER 2019 – feat. Serena Williams & Patrick Mouratoglou – Trailer VO

To become a pro player You need practice endurance and hard work To become a champion You need discipline courage and support to push the limits To become a legend You need all of it That’s the key to enter the game Serena… You still playing that game? Let’s go Tennis Manager Shape your Champion […]

The Wrestler – The Top 10 Bad Business Handshakes

The Top 10 Bad Business Handshakes. ‘The Wrestler’. He flips his hand on top of yours to assert his dominance. Rumour has it this is the guy who put the “I” in team.

The Rules of Racquetball – EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains – The Rules of Racquetball The object of the game is to score more points than your opponent. Racquetball, sometimes referred to as ‘American Racquetball’, is played indoors on a court with these measurements. This is similar to the games of Squash and British Racketball, but with a few significant differences. Players play […]

Blue Span Immortal Dota 2 ROAD TO TOP 500

Top 10 People Getting TRIGGERED! 💢

I don’t know if your wife didn’t f♥ck you this morning, while leaving her vehicle on, You could have asked nicely, and I will be reporting you to head manager! You did the same sh♥t to him! …and Tweez fits it in there to the 46; and be just shy of the sticks! -What’s very […]