The Minecraft Life of Alex and Steve | MOVIE 2 | Minecraft Animation

Steve: I’m just saying I find it crazy how you say that ghosts aren’t real! Alex: Heh, heh. Yeah, and I’m just saying that I’ve never seen something that can’t be explained by, like: “That was just the wind.” or “Someone must’ve moved that there! Steve: Pssht. Okay. I think you’re just too scared to […]

Daniel Bryan’s dominating moves: WWE Top 10, April 2, 2018

[MUSIC] [SOUND] Air go. >>Whoa.>>Missile dropkick takes down Bautista. Kickout by Bryan. >>He is exited.>>[APPLAUSE] [SOUND]>>Woah, nice move.>>Daniel Bryan up over the top, using his quickness here. Take that to Sheamus and Daniel Bryan’s trying to build up some momentum. [SOUND]>>Daniel Bryan sending Wyatt flying. [SOUND] >>Bryan in control now of Dolph Ziegler. >>Whoa, whoa, […]

10 Wrestlers You Didn’t Know Were Criminals

As fans, we usually only get to see the sides of superstars that the WWE allows for. We see things like charity events and outreach programs which paint these men and women in a positive light, which is great, but not all wrestlers are upstanding citizens. Here are 10 wrestlers you won’t believe are criminals. […]

13 Scariest Things Caught on Dashcam

Dash cams are mainly used to protect drivers in court, but every once in a while, they record things that seem to border on the realm of the impossible. Many of the people on this list have stories so outrageous that they would never be believed without some form of video evidence. 13. Two friends […]

Top 10 Hilarious Friends Bloopers

For 10 seasons our favorite group of friends never failed to make us, or each other laugh Is everything okay? Everything’s fine Welcome to Ms Mojo and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 friends bloopers. Are you saying that you don’t wanna get with this? You see i don’t say- *erupts […]

Top 5 Luckiest Poker Tournament Hands of All Time

Poker at its best, is a thrilling mix of probability and skill, with players trying to outsmart one another and chase the numbers to victory. But much like how a broken clock can be right twice a day, so too can a terrible play win a game every now and again. In these next 5 […]

Top 5 Nastiest Rivalries in Sports – EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains the Top 5 Nastiest Rivalries in All of Sports Everyone has witnessed some heated rivalries in their favourite sports. But there are some that are more than just mutual disdain. In some cases, these particular rivals go out of their way to hurt their opponents in one form or another. Here are the […]

Top 10 Most Unfortunate Names in Sports History

Not all athletes have great careers, but some leave a lasting impression all the same. Welcome to, and today, today we’re counting down our picks, for the top 10 unfortunate names in sports. For this list, we’re looking at names from the sports world that are just downright troubling. Either for their inherent silliness, […]

TOP 5 Sports Cars 2017

hey everyone test all new Porsche 911 Turbo S one of the fastest sports cars ever this one is the new model two faced it with new headlights taillights and interior upgrades just beautiful keyless go frameless horse this one has a carbon package beautiful carp indoors with the eliminate turbo S logo Burmaster sound […]


Already there have been a number of painful injuries at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games and in this list we take a look at some of them. Please note that there are graphic images in this video so viewer discretion is advised. Number 5 – Annemiek Van Vleuten Dutch cyclist, Annemiek Van Vleuten suffered a […]