Outrageous bathroom incidents: WWE Top 10, July 7, 2018

[MUSIC] What do we get cameras in the lobby!>>[INAUDIBLE] First to the right the persuade continue. Back in the concession area!>>This is bad. Wait, he’s going in the bathroom.>>That’s the ladies room King.>>[INAUDIBLE] Mister McMahon the ladies room.>>Hey! It was a trap. The Cobra Team has ambushed Stone Cold. Mister McMahon laid the perfect trap […]

Top 10 BEST WWE WWF ECW WCW Professional Wrestlers of ALL TIME [HD]

Welcom to top 10 eagle eye enjoy top 10 best professional wrestlers of all time 10 the rock 9 stone cold steve austin 8 the ultimate warrior 7 bret hart the hitman 6 sabu 5 rey mysterio 4 john morison 3 owen hart 2 rob van dam rvd 1 Goldberg thank you very much for […]

10 WWE Releases: Where Are They Now?

hey guys thank you for watching the slat rock channel if you’re new here don’t forget to subscribe and hit that Bell icon to get notified every time we post a new video and if you’ve already done so just make sure that it’s still active today we present you with 10 WWE releases where […]

10 Best Wrestling Matches of 2018! | WrestleTalk

In 2017, Dave Meltzer awarded an incredible ten matches the hallowed five stars and above rating. Well someone hold 2018’s beer, because we got 14 Meltzer-approved 5 starrers and above this year. But what about our philistine thoughts here at WrestleTalk? Luke, Laurie and I – Oli Davis – argued lots, drank beer, argued some […]

6 Wrestling Couples You Didn’t Know Were Together

Though you’d think professionalism would keep WWE talent from dating co-workers, you’d be surprised how many wrestlers have got together through work. There are some famous couples, Paige and Del Rio come to mind, but others have tried to keep their relationships a secret. This video will cover 6 wrestling couples you probably didn’t know […]

Raw’s most extreme moments: WWE Top 10, Jan. 15, 2018

[MUSIC] [SOUND]>Oh no, no, no! Don’t do this! Sabu on the top rope! [SOUND] >>No, no, no! God!>>[SOUND] >>Dear God, Almighty! [SOUND] >>There’s Shane!>>There’s Shane McMahon!>>What’s he doing?!>>Shane McMahon climbing up, and Rodney going up to be seen. And Shane just knocked Rodney off the top of the cage. What is Ed McMahon doing?>>Look out. […]

Female Superstars overpowering male rivals: WWE Top 10, March 5, 2018

[MUSIC] [SOUND]. >>[APPLAUSE]>>Wait a minute, wait a minute, woah, woah, woah. >>No, no.>>My goodness. Trying for chin music? >>[APPLAUSE]>>[LAUGH] Man, that’s my greatest WrestleMania moment ever [SOUND].>>[APPLAUSE]>>German Suplex, one, two, three.>>[INAUDIBLE]>>[APPLAUSE]>>Medusa is going to be the new Cruiserweight champion of the world. The first, a woman has won a title by a man, I guess […]

The $50 Million Esports Tournament? – No Playing Field

TI winner $10 milion. Holy hell. (Music)>>It’s absolutely, I think, something that no one would have predicted.>>It will see if team (Inaudible) can be the first team in all these sports to successfully open the champange. (Applause) >>You don’t need to open your own champagne any more. You can afford someone else to do it […]

10 WWE Wrestlers Who Came Back from the Grave

In wrestling storylines anything is possible including the resurrection of the deceased here are 10 wrestlers who came back from the dead? Abdullah the butcher the Fiasco Dubs the chamber of Horrors at WCW, Halloween Havoc 1999 was a tag team match in which the winning team needed to get one of their opponents in […]