HOW TO CLOSE OUT ON DEFENSE! Basketball Tutorial from Shot Science

Close out… to Shut Down! Hey Team Shot Science! Coach Tom here and today I want to show you how to close out on defense. When you’re playing off of your man in help defense and they receive the pass on a ball reversal, you need to be able to close the gap between the […]

How To Forehand Drive & Backhand Chop in Table Tennis | Olympians’ Tips

FOREHAND DRIVE To drive well, first, you need to lower your centre of gravity. Move your weight to the right and then shift it to your left as you swing through. TIP 1: LOWER YOUR CENTRE OF GRAVITY AND MOVE YOUR WEIGHT FROM ONE LEG TO THE OTHER AS YOU SWING THROUGH To put a […]

Tips To Lower Your Scores | My Golf Background

wintery wet rainy conditions what is up you all hope y’all having a great day and hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving I did very thankful for the time I got spend with the family we’re out here at Nashville golf today we’re gonna be playing the front nine and answering some questions that y’all […]

How To Develop An Aggressive Backhand – Table Tennis University

Okay you ask backhand, you want to try to attack. You said you only know push and block. Maybe you have good control already. So if you already have good control this is easy to add more power. So first thing I want to talk about topspin You already know the block. Here control and […]

Tennis Serve & Return Tips : Tennis Kick Serve

In this clip what we’re going to show you is the kick serve or the top spin serve and how to use this effectively to be more consistent. Also, to use it sometimes for a first serve. It’s just that spin serve that gives you more margin of error. Also, makes the ball jump up […]

Tennis Footwork : Tennis Footwork: Open Stance Forehand

The next clip we’re going to show you the open stance. And when to use this, what kind of ball to use this on and how to recover there off that. So you’re open stance, you know, the ball is forward on you and if you have to go forward, you’re not going to use […]

How to do Off Spin |How to spin tennis ball | Bowling Technique | cricket |

So hi friends , welcome to my channel so today I will tell you about how to do off spin so lets start and friends in this video I will also tell you about how to grip the ball for off-spin and you must have heard that when you are bowling off-spin your hand must […]

Soccer Tips : How to Coach Young Soccer Players on Positions

Hi, my name is Guillermo Gomez. I coach youth soccer in the U10 category. And today I’ll be talking to you about a coach, players and positions. First what I look to do with the players is to explain to them what are the roles of each play on the field is. Like, when they […]

Soccer Tips : How to Do a Rainbow Kick in Soccer

Hi, my name is Guillermo Gomez. I coach youth soccer. Have you ever seen someone do a rainbow kick? A rainbow kick is actually when somebody puts the ball behind, when the ball is right between your legs and you kick it behind you, kicking the ball over you. It’s called rainbow because it actually, […]