iPhone 11 Pro review: the BEST camera on a phone

– Alright, it’s iPhone time. Apple released three new iPhones all at once this year. The iPhone 11, the iPhone 11 Pro, and the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Now, I honestly think the iPhone 11 is the phone most people in the iOS ecosystem should get if they’re upgrading. So we’ve got a whole other […]

This algorithm decodes rat squeaks and could revolutionize animal research

– [Narrator] For 100 plus years, rodents have been a priceless proxy for humans in medical experiments. By one tally, mouse and rat studies have earned around 75 Nobel prizes in health and physiology. Scientists routinely map rodent genes, alter their brains, and measure every inch of their behavior for the sake of experiments. But […]

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 hands-on: bezel control is back

(techno music) – Hey this is Dan from The Verge and this the new Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2. It’s the latest smart watch from Samsung and it actually joins the Galaxy Watch Active that was released earlier this year. Samsung is going to be selling both of these at the same time so you […]

YouTube TV Hands-on & First Look – Can you FINALLY cut the cord? (Full Review)

– I have your access to YouTube TV versus DirecTV versus Sling TV verses PlayStation Vue versus Hulu versus Amazon Prime as I help you make the right decision and cut the cord. (soft tune) The average cable or satellite bill for a lot of people watching right now is more than $110 dollars per […]

Top 10 Wireless Sports Headphones

yo what's up everybody it's your boy floss back again with another video and today we're gonna take a look at my top 10 wireless sports headphones now all it is you could get from Amazon I'll put the links up in the description the prices range from 20 to 150 bucks so everything that […]

Tesla Arcade hands-on: the Model 3 is your video game console

– It's Nick Statt with The Verge, and we're checking out TeslaArcade on a Tesla Model 3. It's the company's new video game hub built right into its touch screen. So Tesla has actually had video games built into their centerscreen here since last August. They used to hide it ina secret Easter egg menu […]

The best virtual reality game we played at GDC 2015

hi I'm Chris planned I'm from french comic is to keep talking in nobody explodes the first game was still great games I'm here with my pal Jimmy a video fame festive being behind the camera jay is going to try to defuse a bomb and probably fail miserably the way it works is he […]

PaMu Slide: The Best AirPod Competitor You Never Heard Of

Oh so have you ever wanted air pods wanted better battery life better sound quality come in a color that's other than white today we're talking about the pom who slides like you I've prized that I'm reaching out never heard of him they're a company that's been around for 2010 making headphones or wireless […]

Top 10 Truly Wireless Earphones

yo what's up everybody should boy floss back again with another video and today we're gonna take a look at my top 10 truly wireless earphones now all of these you could get from Amazon I'll throw the links up in the description the prices range from 70 to 180 bucks so everything that you're […]

Elon Musk’s Hyperloop competition comes to Texas