Madonna is the worst kind of soccer mom now | The Graham Norton Show – BBC

So, Madame X, she is all these things, but one of the things we didn’t expect Madame X to be was a soccer mum. That just…do you know what I mean? I think genuinely, people were kind of, like, “She’s done what now?” Yeah. It was surprising that you upped sticks and moved to Lisbon. […]

Tom Hanks tests Tom Holland’s acting! | The Graham Norton Show – BBC

You know, it’s one of those jobs where you kinda think, “Oh, how hard can that be.” But they really do put you through it. Oh, oh dear. I have never begun a recording session without wishing it was already over. Because understand, Woody is clenched, all the time. He’s clenched. There is something he’s […]

Will & Jaden Smith, DJ Jazzy Jeff and Alfonso Ribeiro Rap! – The Graham Norton Show – BBC One

Another passion you share those music new video haven’t how you have you collaborated to music together? No real no, no, we never done that before yeah, you know It’s like is you know he we have a studio that he works in he out. You know He’s a very good rapper, and thank you. […]

Will Mr. Bean be back? – BBC

What about Mr. Bean, have you drawn a line under him no more Mr. Bean? I You know, I doubt that he will reappear but um, but you never know you must never The people have spoken yeah, quite quiet But you know, you must never say never again film, as Jeff mentioned So you […]

The BEST of Game Of Thrones On The Graham Norton Show Part 2

you're free Cersei Ilyn Payne the mountain beric Dondarrion Sarris of man the red woman Tom Hanks congratulations on the finale which Rock called it drove people crazy yes you must have read that script with some trepidation I did yeah you must have been shocked no a lot of people know they were going […]

When Game of Thrones met Graham Norton – BBC

Immediately really gamy tones, which is everywhere. It sits like a topper. It's in every country, but Friends or friends of you, but I believe your parents Amelia We're bit worried because you didn't have that much to do in the first few episodes. No No, yes. Yes Maybe they're like, no it was great […]

The O'Donovan Brothers on Olympic success – The Graham Norton Show 2016: New Years Eve – BBC

The Best Of Sport Stars On The Graham Norton Show!

but now I've seen you do a thing and I like your on a suit but can you do the deadlift thing space [Applause] okay so don't now slam me on my yes so the takeoffs we're gonna set you down Jenna thank you thank you let me tell you so gentle [Applause] [Applause] five […]