Jackie Wants To Fight After Feby Talks About Her Daughter! | Basketball Wives

– Well, on a lighter note I heard that Feby was a crack-head. – Pfffffffffft! – I heard that too. – Child! Where’s the check?! – Malaysia! I understand trying to deflect the conversation away from Byron, but messing with me? Oh hell no. – No, actually not a crack-head, a dope-fiend crack-head. (beep) And […]

Soccer Without Borders

The word refugee has become a political word in 2015 the global displacement crisis really became top of mind across 60 million people 30 million children, I mean this is One of the most pressing issues of our generation Right here with your coaches at this bowl Please Soccer Without Borders aims to use soccer […]

TENNIS SERVE TIP | How Can Djokovic Serve Better

Hey everyone. Jeff Salzenstein here. And, really happy to connect with you again. I know it’s been about a week, and, we’ve got a lot of stuff going on at Jeff Salzenstein Tennis Headquarters and last time we spoke, we talked about the world championships, and a great finale with Nadal and Federer and now […]

Sakshi Malik The wrestling star defying stereotypes in India | Shakti

Again going for the leg this time. Malik is quick to defend it. (MOKHRA VILLAGE HARYANA, INDIA) She’s going to try and convert this into an attacking position here. And it is an extra point added for the failed challenge. Last few seconds here. Can she manage to get something here? And she’s got it! […]

Tennis Instruction: Key Technical Aspects of the Serve

Hello! Today I’d like to talk to you about the serve fundamentals. The easiest way to think about the serve is as two actions, the first action is tossing the ball in the right place so that you can accelerate the racket towards the ball. in order to toss, what you need to do is […]

Why Do American Men Suck At Soccer?

No other sport in the world garners international attention like soccer does, but as an American who grew up playing soccer, I’ve always wondered why the US men’s team kinda just sucked, at least compared to the rest of the world. For the first time in nearly 30 years, the US men’s team has failed […]

Triangular Ping Pong

What’s up everybody! We are Pongfinity And today we have come up with a new way of table tennis. Triangle table tennis! The rules are the same as in table tennis but with two exceptions You’re not allowed to hit the ball back twice to the same player And first serve to the left, second […]

Choosing a Training Focus | Table Tennis | PingSkills

Hi, I’m Alois Rosario from PingSkills. Kristian has asked us a question about how he should choose his focus for his training session. Kristian, the first step is to analyse your game. Start to work out firstly what you win points with and also what you lose points with. By starting to do that then […]

Godha Scenes W/Subtitles | Innalekalil Song |Tovino Returns to Wrestling | Wamiqa Becomes Ineligible

Continue. I want to come back! I agreed when you wanted to come to Kolhapur as a viewer. This is not a place which you can enter or leave at your own will! It is my Akhara! When you stand on this ground, you are not my son. – You are someone else. – What […]