Men’s Basketball Highlights at Duke 10-27-18

125 43 that 30 is answered on the other end by Andrew Meacham O’Connell to the bucket as that one turned away by add way 15 points 8 rebounds in 17 minutes no Duke players played more than 20 other than RJ Barrett with 25 finish inside from add way all the W’s afterwards just […]

Hirooki Goto is the new NEVER champ! #njwk14

Well, GOTO HIRO won and I lost. I have nothing else to say about tonight’s match. Only for today, he was better than me. But I always said I never cared about the NEVER title. It’s upsetting that I lost to him. I didn’t think that I would be missing the title after it’s gone… […]

Elmira College Men’s Basketball 2019-20 Season Preview

Guys are working hard there’s a lot of new faces a lot of old faces we have a big roster this year so been challenging making sure everyone gets enough reps but we’re finding ways to get it done and I like our spirit right now you know we’re a week away so we’re very […]

CM Punk And Miz Heat! Chris Jericho Vs Jon Moxley! AEW NEWS! Wrestling News!

Here is your news for January 9, 2020 We’re starting off today by looking at the latest edition of WWE Backstage, as things have been getting pretty heated between CM Punk and The Miz. The beef between the two started back when the WWE on FOX Twitter account posted a video of The Miz after […]

Tennis Match Interrupted By Couple Having Very Loud Sex

once again love-15 Kruger as Stan phone Tennis Match Interrupted By Couple Having Very Loud Sex It’s not uncommon for sporting events to be delayed by the weather or even technical difficulties. What is out of the ordinary, however, is a game or match being interrupted by sex. On Tuesday night, a Sarasota Open match […]

Young @ Heart | India Plays – S1E08

We are the people who are zipping across life. Say ‘Hello’ to the zipper club. They are all over 50 years old. Reclaiming their youth are they the oldest person in that group is 73. Senior citizens jogging, what’s the big deal? They are not just jogging, they run marathons ! Marathons ? Okay now, […]

Chris Jericho Injured During His Match With Hiroshi Tanahashi At NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 14

Hi Friends welcome to C4E Wrestling News Chris Jericho Injured During His Match With Hiroshi Tanahashi At NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 14 AEW World Champion Chris Jericho may have suffered at least one injury during his match with Hiroshi Tanahashi at NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 14 on Sunday Jericho spoke with The Wrestling Observer’s Jim Valley after […]

$1,000 Trick Shot H.O.R.S.E. vs former HARLEM GLOBETROTTER!

what does if everybody welcome back to the channel today i’m gonna be playing trickshot force against this guy you know him you love him chris staples what’s up guys Chris just got back from winning a dunk competition show what you won look at that beast of a belt discount double check you know […]

WRESTLE KINGDOM 14 in TOKYO DOME Night 2 (Jan 5) Post match comments: 1st match[日本語字幕・English sub]

In the first Tokyo Dome of the Heisei Era, the wrestler Jyushin Thunder Liger was born. And today, in the Tokyo Dome, the wrestler Jyushin Thunder Liger is no more. For these past 31 years… Thank you very much for your support! Job well done. Although he will be leaving the ring for good, he’s […]

From Flat Hit To Topspin | Table Tennis | PingSkills

Hi, I’m Alois Rosario from PingSkills. Behruz has asked us about how he’s going to change his mindset to be able to play topspins instead of flat hits. Behruz has been playing for a long time. He started playing when he was 10, he’s now 44, and he’s got really used to hitting the ball […]