[two handed backhand]How to make a strong spin [tennis answers]

I would like to explain how to make a top spin with a two-handed backhand This is targeting the players who are struggling to improve a backhand It’s not stable Trying to make a spin but unable to do it Using a spin but it’s not strong enough The goal of this lesson is To […]

Big Ant Dev Diary #5: AO International Tennis Developer Diary: Overview

AO International Tennis is international because it has the international super stars of tennis. AO International Tennis has multiple locations and stadiums around the world, so we’ve got London, New York, Paris. We’ve got Rod Laver Arena, we have some of the short courts over there at Melbourne Park. You can also make your own […]

Tsukasa Super Tennis [Decade]

【FOREHAND】Where is the Contact Zone [tennis answers]

Today I will be explaining from where to where is a good contact point. This video is for those of you who have started to understand where to make contact with the ball but you aren ft sure exactly from where to where will be a good contact point. Or, for those of you who […]

No Point – Episode 1 – New British tennis sitcom

Now, we’re going for the blue. Now, we’re going for the green.Now, we’re going for the red. Excellent. You’re doing very well here. Yeah, you feel that burn? – Yes, coach. – Wipe on, wipe off, wipe on, wipe off, wipe on, wipe off, wipe on. It’s like wax. Yeah? [lighter clicks] I got one […]

TENNIS SERVE TIP | How Can Djokovic Serve Better

Hey everyone. Jeff Salzenstein here. And, really happy to connect with you again. I know it’s been about a week, and, we’ve got a lot of stuff going on at Jeff Salzenstein Tennis Headquarters and last time we spoke, we talked about the world championships, and a great finale with Nadal and Federer and now […]

Tennis Übungsform Hosenträger – Schlagsicherheit und Schlagrhytmus für Jung & Alt – Tennis Spielform

You are looking a game system for the perfect change from… …winter to summer or summer to winter season? Or are you searching for a game system… …how to practice rythm feeling and hit-safety? Stay tuned, because here comes my “all-purpose-weapon” – the suspender! Hi, nice to have you back! I´,m Martin and today we […]

How to Find Sponsors To Fund Your Pro Tennis Career

Finding sponsors to fund your professional tennis career is an essential ingredient for a successful tennis career because you need to pay for travel and hospitality, training, equipment, food and much more. Therefore, you should play an active role in providing a platform for your potential sponsors because that allows them to make money and […]

Chelsea Doll Learns About Being a Tennis Player | Barbie Careers | Barbie