Akok Akok – UConn Men’s Basketball vs. Iona preview

Speaker 1: Has coach been emphasizing rebounding any more? Obviously it wasn’t [crosstalk 00:00:05]. Speaker 2: Akok Akok. Speaker 1: The main rebounder, you want that to pick up the next few weeks? Akok Akok: Yeah, big time you’ve been locking on defense, we’ve got to rebound more as a team. We just got to […]

Amy Poehler Is Obsessed with the Trapped Thai Soccer Team Story

-We have to talk about those boys in the cave, dude. -Now, these are the Thai boys in the cave? -Yes. Did you guys talk about that at all? Can you believe that story? Ask me anything about that story. -Oh, are you fully up to date? -I can’t stop reading about that story, and […]

Malaysia Shuts Down OG’s Questions About Jackie | Basketball Wives

– Hey-hey. Thank you. Oh, how cute. Pink. – I need a glass of wine. – Hi! – Hi! – Hello, hello, hello. – Jackie asked me to hang out with O.G. to get to know her.I’ll do what I can for Jackie.And her friends are very interesting, so this should be fun. – Yes, […]

Jennifer & Tami Say Evelyn Slept with Shaunie’s Ex | Basketball Wives

– So, you know, she’s talking about the situation where you said that… That’s what she’s talking about it. – I didn’t say that. I was asked that. – Okay, so just… – There’s a difference.[tense hip-hop music][sighs] [bleep] – Why don’t you just say it so then you just get it out?♪ ♪Think she […]

Rage Quit – Virtua Tennis 3 | Rooster Teeth

*Achievement Hunter and Rage Quit intro* We gonna do men or women? We gonna do dicks? We got dicks and balls and we got titties and va jay jay’s. We’re going dicks. All right, Pecker, we’re gonna toughen you up. We’re gonna give you a whole new look. We’re gonna give you a new head, […]

Jimmy Shoots Free-Throws with Senator Bernie Sanders

-We were just talking about Medicare, and you actually needed some medical attention yourself a few weeks ago. Tell me a little bit about that. -I was in Las Vegas. We had an event, and for the first time in my life, I had to sit down. I was just feeling very, very tired, and […]

Gabrielle Union Was the Draymond Green of Her High School Basketball Team

-How are you? -I’m fantastic. But I got to talk to you about — You have so much going on right now. -A lot. -Two giant projects. -Yeah. -But then the biggest thing to happen to you — You have a beautiful little baby with you. [ Cheers and applause ] How old is your […]

Sagittarius Be Like… ♐ ft. Love & Hip Hop, Basketball Wives & More! | VH1

– Is the wedding ring real? – Nothing that I buy for you is real. – Is the love real? (swoop) (lively music) – If Akbar thinks that he can attack me and get away with it, he’s got the wrong bitch. I know a lawyer who’s a hell of a lot tougher than he […]

RWBY Volume 5: Chapter 7 – Rest and Resolutions | Rooster Teeth

[RWBY Volume 5 opening – Triumph] Yang: How do you lose your map at a time like that?! Jaune: Believe me, I’ve asked myself the same thing ever since. [Laughter] Nora: Hey, but you made up for it, Mister Muscles! You shoulda seen this guy take a giant Grimm head on! Jaune: I couldn’t have […]